August 31, 2010

Lush Smitten Hand Cream Review

Marzipan a strange and unusual cake topper in some areas of the world and in others, an art form….

Seriously, have you seen what people create using marzipan? It’s down right strange.

Within the US I don’t think we embrace marzipan as fully as the rest of the world does. We commonly use it to decorate the tops of cakes on occasion but it’s not something we pop into our mouth for the sake of enjoying it. Some might compare it to Turkish Delight but I wouldn’t go so far as I think it’s positively a gross texture and not nearly as delightful as Turkish Delight.

Mind you my dislike of marzipan extends to the actual candy but not to the wonderful things that Lush Cosmetics creates using its scent.

Once a year, during the Holiday season, Lush releases a wonderful soap entitled Snowcake. Some of you are already obsessed with said soap while others may recognize the name from my past obsessive musings….It is truly a gift from the gods above. Snowcake has a creamy almond scent that Lush dubs as the scent of marzipan. If marzipan smelled nearly this great, I’d be eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner yo.


I happen to be a masochist for hang nails. I love peeling back my cuticles and ripping off hang nails to the point I’m simply squirting blood all over the damn place.

Gross, I know.

If you see a piece of dead skin hanging out on your body, I triple dog dare you to not pick it off. If you’re able to withstand the temptation, you, my friend, are my hero. I’m a picker, a popper, and a peeler. Scabs, pimples, dead skin are defenseless against my wraith.

This is why I seriously need to keep my hands super hydrated otherwise I’ll simply sit and chew at my cuticles all day, nasty habit that.

Fav hand cream of all time?

Lush Cosmetics Smitten no doubt!

Missing Lush Snowcake? Want to smell that sweet, creamy comforting scent year round? Grab yourself a pot of Smitten!

Smitten sports the same delightful scent as Snowcake. It’s a rich, creamy almond blend that comes across as sweet as almond marzipan (as unappetizing as that may sound to some, believe me the scent is addicting as hell). Not only is the smell simply incredible and oh so comforting but the formula of the cream is rich and hydrating for hands. It does have a heavier feel than most hand creams so be prepared for an emollient texture that may feel greasy to some or a tad too heavy. I don’t only use it on my hands to be honest, I also go to town on my feet, elbows, and knees as these are always problem spots for dryness.

It’s slightly inconvenient in its pot packaging but the scent will take you so far away to heaven you probably won’t end up minding. I’ve never discussed Smitten much on Musings but I thought it deserved a little review and mention as many haven’t yet discovered its joys.

Grab some.

You’ll adore it.

Very Muse Approved for purchase.

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Snowcake your fav soap?

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