August 18, 2010

MAC Fabulous Felines Review and Swatches

Rawrrr! Crazy cat people take note, MAC Fabulous Felines launches next week (August 26th) or in some areas you have been privy to a pre-launch.

Anyone see this collection up close and personal yet? I got a few pieces to play with but haven’t seen it all as of yet. I called MAC today and asked if they are pre-launching and I got some dippy on the phone telling me, “Oh yeah, that collection is out in September…” Obviously she’s on another planet that takes one month to travel to…Jebus who educates these people. Please for the love of the Makeup Gods, don’t let your MAC stores or counters tell you this is launching in September….set your calenders for next week.

MAC Fabulous Felines launches in three collections that are themed around three different cats. Minds you, some of the looks MAC did with the collection aren’t cat-like but more along the lines of mimicking the colors of the different types of cats. So if you happen to be a crazy cat lady that’s expecting some sort of cat looks, you might be disappointed. I know cat people, I own a cat but I don’t consider myself a cat person, I like ragging on you weirdos. Kiddin’, kiddin’!

Moral of this story is here’s a little sneaky peek of MAC Fabulous Felines and later when the collection launches in September (HA, little joke there) ahem…next WEEK…I’ll show you the rest of my purchases.


A liquid liner is just a liquid liner…..

First off the new MAC Superslick Liquid Eye Liners are taking center stage with not only Fabulous Felines but also Venomous Villains. It’s a brand new product from MAC that features a precise point for application.

Fact is no matter how your dress this shiz up it’s still a liquid liner thus making it near impossible to apply if you don’t have super liquid liner skillz.

Like LiquidLast this stuff doesn’t budge. You can swim, you can travel to a tropical, humid climate, you can do battle at WWF, and your liner will last through it all like a pro and in most cases won’t come off until you scrub yourself raw with oil cleanser of some sort. Benefits of such a formula? All day wearin’ and tearin’. Party like it’s 1999 kids because it’s NOT moving!

But as I said if you’re skills aren’t so fabulous with liquid liner you may struggle some. Formula is a thin consistency with great pigmentation but in some cases you may have to go back over your line and reline due to the thinner formula of the product. Granted the awesome pointed felt tip makes application easier than a brush applicator but still liquid liners can be challenging to apply. I’ve been messing about with it and I can’t really get that winged look down pat but hey I never give up.

A few shades are releasing with MAC Fabulous Felines and they are 1. worth picking up because the colors are rather unique and different 2. worth getting if you’re a liquid liner kinda gal. I fall into the realms of 1. simply because some of the shades are unique enough for me to warrant a purchase. I know you’re wondering my logic at splurging when I can’t liquid line worth a damn. I figure when my skills do get better, I can whip out some great shades at some later date right?

I got my hands on Smoky Heir and Definitely Feline. Definitely Feline is a gorgeous golden brown with a shimmery look and Smoky Heir is a dark purple. With purple being so pop at the moment this might be worthy of a look at.

One of my favorite pieces I got to try out was the MAC Pigment in Lithe. I haven’t been this excited about piggies since Balloonacy. What a pretty shade and so wearable. It seems like something I’d use quite often so it might be one to double up on. It’s a warm golden nude that can work as an all over color wash it as a high brow highlighter. It’s very pretty!

Wildly Refined Lipglass should appeal to those who like warmer shades for lips. It’s a golden coral shade that’s quite pigmented, nothing opaque about this one.

And finally the MAC Palace Pedigree Eyeshadow Quad. This was my least favorite product since the shades are a tad too dank. I’ll definitely haul the other two palettes releasing as they seem more me.

Shades included are:

  • Prized (yellow beige satin)
  • Skintone 2 (dirty gold frost)
  • Burmese Beauty (brown green lustre)
  • Showstopper (blackened brown matte)

All the shades come across matte to me although they do have various finishes. Those with skill will be able to create an elegant look with this but I sadly lack the application techniques to get these formulas down correctly.

MAC Fabulous Felines is an exciting release and I’m looking forward to checking out the rest of it.

Hope you enjoyed the little sneak peek!

Anything here you think you might haul?

Do share!

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  • Becky

    Hi there! I just went into Nordies today, and the counter there let me swatch/play with EVERYTHING in the collection. I’m a huge liquid liner fan, and I’m so happy these are going to be permanent. I went in expecting to preorder certain things, and ended up getting items I was SURE I was going to hate. I ordered the dark grey, black, and gold liners. The gold is GORGEOUS. Normally I can’t pull off gold liners (I end up looking like a bad version of a 70’s disco queen), but this color is shimmery and lovely. The black liner looks like patent leather. So divine!! I also got Cunning lipstick (I thought for sure I would get Kittenish, but Cunning is great). I also purchased the Mauvement pigment. I went in not even wanting to swatch pigments because I have far to many eyeshadows and such, but this was so beautiful I had to try it!

    Phew!! I love preordering!! Now I get to wait patiently for Venomous Villains!! Woohoo!!

  • Amalee

    I really want to see the new eyeliners! I’m super excited for those πŸ˜€ i love MAC’s liquidlast.

  • Marina

    That purple liner looks so beautiful :O Buuuut I just bought some liquid liners, and it’s hands-off buying anything until BoS Vol III.

  • Comrade_Garlic

    Use the brush that you would use with a gel liner to apply the liquid. It will give you more control.

  • Scifi

    Um, that’s actually the Palace Pedigreed quad. Thanks for the swatches!

  • Lindsay

    I’m salavating right now over the piggie and the quad. Nom nom nom!

  • Stephanie

    I don’t know if I’ll get anything shown here (Sorry, lol!), but this collection might make me buy MAC for the first time since getting it years and years ago when I first started playing around with makeup. !!!

    • the Muse

      they are awesome chib! must be saying something b/c I’m so bad with LL πŸ˜€

  • β˜†Lola A♏ β˜…

    Hmm…I might grab a couple eye liners, but that’s about it from this collection.

  • Tracy

    Thanks for the little preview Muse! I’m looking forward to those eyeliners!

  • Florence

    what if im a crazy dog lady ;)? i wonder if i find anything i like….

  • laura r

    oh man….i love liquid liners…..but i dunno when i can get over to the store to check ’em out! j’adore these! you’re right about the shadows though. not my cuppa. i gotta go check out the Russian Blue one!

    • the Muse

      mine either laura. def want the other two quads though πŸ˜€ the liners are rockin’! I can’t wait to hear what Christine thinks about them

  • G

    Are these the colors for the Burmese Quad? I was at Nordies yesterday & think the names belong to Burmese? Maybe I’m wrong?

    Prized (yellow beige satin)
    Skintone 2 (dirty gold frost)
    Burmese Beauty (brown green lustre)
    Showstopper (blackened brown matte)

    • the Muse

      nope you’re right g. I was sipping the crazy kool aid when I wrote the post I guess. I’ll make corrections shortly I’m sorry πŸ™

  • Rosalie

    I’m a liquid liner lover, so those look real appealing to me. The eye shadow quad also looks great πŸ™‚

  • G

    I preordered the Burmese quad & I got the black liner – have blue eyes/blonde hair – do you think i should get the brown also? And I’m getting the blush called Utterly Game – think it comes close to one of my Chanel faves that has been discontinued called Reflex. Nordies is also releasing some polishes next Thurs. 6 new cool colors.

    Thanks for all your great posts – Now back to work – LOL

  • mochamishmash

    The purple eyeliner is nice and I’m considering the Burmese quad…all the other quads look like colors I already own. Thanks for the sneak peek!!fab

  • Robyn

    that purple liner is beyond gorgeous but are these like a felt pen liner or one i can dip in ? i have a thing against pen liners dislikes big time

    ps i say you can use the excuse that colours are more forgiving than black so you need to buy lots of cool coloured eyelner to practice with cause you cant do black

    • the Muse

      robyn felt tip but dip into the pot πŸ˜€

      ha! ;_D great excuse hun!

  • spifftiff88

    Smokey Heir is beautiful and I like that lip gloss too..thanks as always for the swatches!

  • pirate captain

    “Benefits of such a formula? All day wearin’ and tearin’. Party like it’s 1999 kids because it’s NOT moving!”

    If you are always this funny I will be visiting this blog more often…..

    • the Muse

      ha pirate πŸ˜€ glad you’re as easily as amused as I am. I like to think I’m funny but I’m probably not hehe!

  • Telle

    Ugh, i find SO many people in the industry having NO idea what they are talking about-ist that apart of their job to know about product launches?! ):<
    I am MAD excited for this collection! Thanks for the swatches Muse!! πŸ™‚