September 24, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Cruella de Vil Review and Swatches

Ahhhh MAC Venomous Villains Cruella de Vil coming atcha today. Cruella’s happens to have my very favorite product release in her collection, De-vil Eyeshadow! Oh hello gorgeous.

Let’s take a look!


Aside from the blood red lips that MAC went with Cruella de Vil’s Collection, I can’t say that any of the shades really remind me of the nasty, fur wearing villain but I’m ever so happy about at least two of the shades of shadow in the mix.

This release includes three shadows in De-Vil, SweetJoy, and Carbon. If you’re a MAC junkie you already have Carbon hanging out in your stash for a long time as it’s one of those essential shades that everyone hauls there first time into MAC. Sweetjoy is a frosty creamy pale gold that does well as a highbrow highlighter or all over color wash. And my personal pick as star of the show, De-Vil Eyeshadow which is a rich coppery shade that reminds me of MAC Coppering Eyeshadow. I love this shade as it works well piled on or softly diffused on the eye. It’s just one of those shades that shouts warmth.

I am surprised MAC didn’t favor a black and white theme for Cruella’s eye shadows, her hair and all. I understand Carbon and I can understand Sweetjoy as the color of her fur however De-Vil, well I’m not sure where that comes into place but hey, I’m not complaining, it’s the best of the three anyway!

I thought it deserved mentioning that the character art seems to display best on the lipglasses. As you get full character art that’s really fun and vivid. Wicked Ways definitely screams Cruella’s lips as it’s a bright shade of fuchsia red. Devilishly Stylish is a more subdued lighter nude with golden pearl. Out of the two Wicked Ways is the nicer as Devilishly Stylish doesn’t come across too pigmented on lips and is a barely there shade.

Heartless Lipstick pairs up well with Wicked Ways. Sadly, I can’t wear such a cooler shade on my lips as it’s a truer shade of Cherry Red which gives off a clown vibe on me however when paired up with Wicked Ways it works a treat.

Cruella’s Beauty Powder in Her Own Devices is a nude dirty brown which works fine as a blush however you might want to hit up the Evil Queen for the more flattering shade of Beauty Powder (show you hers soon). This could possibly work as a great contour tool for those with darker skin or as a blush for the lighter tones. I do like the character art on this as well as it comes across considerably nicer than the eyeshadows or lipstick art. It displays a full torso image of Cruella.

And finally the blush in Darkly My Dear is a dirty brown plum which I was a little scared of but turns out it applies quite subtly leaving behind warm, glowy cheeks!

(Left: Beauty Powder, Right: Blush)

Some of the star pieces in Cruella’s Collection, for me, are Darkly my Dear Blush and De-Vil and Sweetjoy Eyeshadow. If you’re on a budget and can’t haul it all you might want to pay special attention to some of these.

The look I created below was using Sweetjoy as a color wash all over my eye followed up with De-Vil softly diffused on the outer v and into the crease. On my cheeks I’m wearing Darkly my Dear and on my lips Devilishly Stylish. This is a really soft look and looks nothing Cruella nor is it supposed to but I thought it was pretty funny that Cruella’s shades are considerably less drama and “evil” than the other female villains in the release, particularly because Cruella’s has such harsh features.

What do you think?

What are you hauling from Cruella’s Collection?

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  • Kristina

    Cruella’s collection didn’t do anything for me. I actually have nothing of hers on my list! The Evil Queen is another story though. Looking forward to your review!

  • Appu

    Sadly, nothing so impressive from Cruella 🙂 I don’t think i’ll get any of these 🙁

      • Appu

        hehe…okay if you say so 😉 btw, wats the point of carbon apart from the pretty packaging?

        • the Muse

          mmm too true appu. totally a rehash. I guess they felt it would make a great cat eye a la Cruella?

  • M

    This is hitting Singapore next weekend! And my to-get list is SOOO LONG ALREADY! Gasp. I am really loving how the Wicked Ways lipglass looks.

    How different is Sweet Joy from Nylon? Both look similar.

    • the Muse

      hey m!

      I likey WW ;-D gorg shade. oh god completely diff. nylon is like a white matte, sweet joy is a golden frosty yellow.

  • Anitacska

    The picture on the eyeshadow pots looks ridiculous! :S I only want Wicked Ways from this collection, the colours are just not for me.

    • the Muse

      I agree anita. I liked the images on the lipglass and beauty powder best but the shadows look a little cheesy ;-D Check out De-vil I thought it was special!

  • jenna

    i’ll definitely be hauling sweetjoy from cruella’s collection! i thought the beauty powder and blush were so bland! but now you’ve got me itching to contour with Darkly My Dear…

    • the Muse

      and de-vil jenna ;-D lol I’m a pimp. the blush looks terribly crummy in the pot but it has such a nice glow-y application ;D

  • Phyrra

    De-Vil does look like Coppering!

    I keep changing my mind on what I want from this collection but I’m limited. Right now I’m thinking Violetta Lipstick, Wrong Spell Lipglass and Bad Fairy nail lacquer ( I already have the Orly versions of the other two polishes).

    • the Muse

      Court don’t buy the nail varnishes. I’ll ship them to you next week if I have the time. I’ve been really swamped so give me a sec 🙂 my mum had knee surgery, plus renewals are my office are cra-zeeeeeeeeeeeeee! but I’ll try to get them to you shortly.

      De-vil does but it applies a bit more subtle as coppering has more of a velvety feel that’s considerably more pigmented imho 😀 but both are nice!

      • Phyrra

        Aww you are too sweet!

        And eek! I hope your mom is recovering quickly, I know that knee surgery sucks 🙁

        Maybe I’ll nab Strange Potion instead of the Bad Fairy then 🙂

        • the Muse

          my pleasure xoxo! It was kinda unexpected tbh. stressed to the max worrying about her. My dad is useless with this stuff so my sis and I have been taking turns with stuff she needs to get done, rehab, etc…..

          well you can mark the lippie and nail polishes off your list ;-D I dunno what else I have for you but check back with me after the reviews are done my friend!

          • Phyrra

            You are far too kind! *hug*

            Btw, you still need to email me dates, so I can make sure and take the days off 😛

            Really excited for HP!

            And eek, that’s never good with the med stuff 🙁 It’s really sweet of you and your sis to be there and helping with all of that. I’m sure it’s overwhelming.

          • the Muse

            You know I love you ;-D

            oh god yes. I’m really behind! EEP! ;-D I am too, can barely wait to see you! hehe HP is exciting but seeing you will be funnier hehe! Very. It’s stressful and draining plus I have such a soft heart it’s difficult to see my mum in so much pain!

      • Phyrra

        Definitely will be fun, especially if you stay with me 😛

        And yeah, I remember when I helped my grandma after her pacemaker was put in, sucked to see her recover.

  • Promise

    The puppies are sooo cute on the lip glasses!!!
    I want the De-Vil eyeshadow for sure!
    One question – how do you do such a good corner shape to your eyelids? Strange question, but I don’t know what else to call it. 😀

    • the Muse

      great pick on de-vil promise ;-D

      mmm I just blend outwards with a brush ;-D the outer V is different for everyone since everyone has different shaped eyes. I normally apply a little shadow above the crease and blend it out into the v area 😀

  • Promise

    Oh, MAC lipglass, how I love thee. I just started using MAC products and bought a lipglass about a month ago, used it once and loved it, but I’m using it today and I looooove it again! It’s the queen of all lipgloss to me right now. lol
    It’s the Lychee Luxe color, and I’m using it with the coppery eyeshadow in Stila’s Indian Jewel Summer eyeshadow quad and Benefit Coralista blush, and all three combined just gives a great peachy, coppery glow!!! LOVE IT!
    So, I know this is off the topic of VV, but I thought I should talk about it.
    Lychee Luxe is the only lipglass I have at the moment, Any other recommendations that I should buy color-wise, next?
    I’ve got my eye on some of the VV’s, but also the Cyndi Lauper lipglass. Thanks!

    • the Muse

      awesome promise, so cool to meet a mac newbie ;-D I always get excited for those who are just now experiencing the brand! fun times. Gorgeous combo with the Indian Jewel Quad! 😀 I don’t really have a ton of rec for lipglass as I have 100’s but most are LE shades haha. So I’m bad at recommending from the general catalog….Cyndi’s glass is awesome, def get it if you can, the lippie is gorg too!

  • Nia

    Heartless and Wicked Ways are on my list, I hope I still like them when I see them next week.
    And Her Own Devices if I can use it for contouring. So far I have not found a shade I can use and not looks too dark and obvious.

    De-Vil is really nice, but unfortunately too warm for me. I just wish the packaging was better and less tacky.

    How are you doing? Hope your mum is ok.

    • the Muse

      hey nia. this is def one of thos collections that needs to be swatched in person imho ;-D

      I’m great. She’s ok, she’s getting there, going to see her after work 😀 thank you for asking hun!


      • Nia

        You are so right! I saw the collection and I was so underwhelmed. I got WW (lot red pink red) and Her Own Devices, the purples MES and a nail polish.
        And I only got them because I had a makeover.

        • the Muse

          Nia there are some gems in the collection but there is also alot of stuff we probably don’t need. Alot of it is hyped up because of the disney aspect. I’m glad to have it all to be honest, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I loved the idea behind it, but it could have been done better in some aspects ;-D

  • chris

    I was suprised with the colors once I saw them in person and ended up with more items then expected! Oh well that was my 12 year anniversary gift from hubby.

  • Rinka

    thanks for the swatches! i do wish they did a little more with the packaging… the theme of ‘evil disney queen’ begs for something dramatic!

    i was wondering… would the beauty powder ‘her own devices’ be suitable as a blush for pale skin, or would it turn kinda orangey?

    • the Muse

      might come across a little muddy rinka on super pale skin but try out a swatch you never know ;-D

      I agree, packaging wasn’t as great as we all hoped for and was a nay with many. Some of the pieces are nice such as the lipglasses…but yes better packaging would have been fab 🙂

  • Danielle F.

    Hey Muse!
    Thanks again for the swatches!

    Does the beauty powder or blush remind you of NARS Douceur?

  • Sofia

    The only thing I got from the V.V. collection was Cruella’s lipstick, Innocence, Beware! It was my first MAC purchase actually.

  • Becca

    The only thing I got from VV was the blush in Darkly my Dear. It is gorgeous and was my first blush and first purchase from a collection!!!! (Although that was back in October…. :))