September 21, 2010

Weirdest Places You’re Growing Hair

Beauty confession time…

Totally another hairy situation confession here.

Last week I was following a discussion on a forum where someone was confessing to the worst uni-brow ever, sista I feel your pain girl.

Of course, alot of people jumped in proclaiming how hairless they were and how they never had a uni-brow problem in their life or any hair situation for that matter……liars!


So where’s the weird place you have hair growing?


Let’s see I have a few….

Yes, I did once have the biggest nipple hair I ever seen. Did I just type that? I did, didn’t I? Well, let’s keep this shiz real. It’s true. Nipple hair happens, deal with it. But that thing was LONGGGGGGGGGGGGG! Holy cow. So I shaved it off and to this day it never came back, thank god, maybe it was a fluke?!

I also, I hate admitting this, have a hairy big toe. Like Hobbit style going on. I have to wax those bad boys otherwise the situation gets outta hand fast.

How about you?

Weirdest place you have hair growing?

Gone on confess it.

I won’t tell anyone.


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  • Nunu

    Oh gawd, I had a nipple hair once, that thing was long and curly. I pulled it out and it never came back. I pray every day for it to stay that way!
    No hairy toes but I have hair on the proximal phalanges section of my fingers…I went to try on my engagement ring yesterday, and I swear that sales rep recoiled a bit in horror when she saw my finger fingers!
    I guess I shouldn’t talk about bum fluff……it is after all a G rated site!

    • the Muse

      LOL DITTO NUNU! Mine wasn’t curly. Just LONG! Like crazy long. I shaved it off, never came back, pray nightly for it not to lol! LOL but at least you can shave your fingers right haha ;-D LOL oh please do talk about your bum fluff that I must here LOL!

      • Nunu

        Now, I’m not saying this happened to me or any one I know, but you know some times when you don’t have time to go for a professional bush whacking down south? so you take out the trusty razor and you make a quick one of it? So if you’re a bit rushed for time, you just do the fun bits on the front, the sides n then you’re done. However, this often leaves behind….er…patches, on the crappier side of things…then when you do have time to do a thorough job, you’ll find that these missed patches have since grown into the equivalent of those eel gardens in the ocean that you see on Discovery channel.
        Thank god this person did not wear a thong and bend over.
        Whoever, this person was.

        • the Muse

          LMAO Nunu OH GOD. I am rolling around crying here LOL a patchy bush how gorg LOL!

        • Becky

          This is the best thing I’ve ever read. Seriously dying… BAHAHAHA Poor, poor person.. whoever it was….

  • niewniewjen

    oh GOSH bum fluff!! And I feel about the finger hair -_____- it’s up to my first knuckle, but it scares the poop outta me anyhow – gotta shave/wax it off, or it drives me crazy. As for everything else, I think i’m actually okay O: nipple hair would drive me crazy.
    OMG imagine the disaster if you were wearing a bikini and it decided to rear its ugly head D;;;

    • the Muse

      omg jen that’s terrifying bikini and nip hair=GROSSSSSSSSSS lol. I have hairy arms, I’ve come to terms with them b/c I swear I can’t sit around shaving/waxing my arms, no way LOL that’s too much maintenance for me! Sometimes we gotta cope ;-D

      • niewniewjen

        Well I used to be a swimmer, so shaving/waxing was more or less a religious thing D: (…night…MARE)

        i have arm hair…but i dont mind it – it’s only annoying if i touch somebody else’s arm and they has nasty prickly arm hair or, god forbid ARM STUBBLE >O< nastiness. (: i hearts your bloooooog.

        • the Muse

          gosh I can imagine jen. Everyone eyes on you! Must remove all the hairiness! 😀 I see people literally shaving their arms and I just think that is too over the top for me! lol! Aw thanks jen xoxoxoxo!

  • kenzie.

    I have hair on my upper lip….>.> Nair those bad boys!
    I also have hairy fingers. Luckily, the hair is blonde, and it isn’t super-thick.

    And I have hairy arms, but the only reason it’s visible is cause my hair is so dark….stupid nearly-black hair. The ONLY thing I inherit from the Scottish side of my family, of course.

  • Kristina

    Hairy toes! I shave the tops of my big toes every time I shave my legs. There’s like 6 dark hairs on each one that start sprouting if I don’t – which is wierd since my leg hair is pretty sparse and the hair on my arms is all but invisible.
    Chin hair has become the bane of my existance. It started during my second pregnancy. I was hoping it would end along with the leg cramps, heartburn, and other unfortunate effects of pregnancy, but sadly, no.

    • the Muse

      kristina what’s my excuse about chin hair? never had a baby and still chin hair LOL!

  • Gen

    I am a natural blond, so i am lucky that,except for my legs and the bikini, i have almost no hair (or very pale ones). But i have one dark and coarse hair in the middle on my chin. It comes out every now and then and seems to grow half an inch in a night! And he got a cousin on my left wrist. It doesn’t bother me but it’s just weird!

    • the Muse

      gen we hate you lol! ;-D blonds have all the fun! LOL one hair isn’t too bad girl! try several ;-D

  • Gen

    oh i know! I just think its funny. When my little friend on my chin is a few days old, i surprise myself sometimes playing with it like a man’s beard!!!

  • Eli aka NC

    Knuckles, upper lip, chin, nipples, lower back, arms, legs, etc. you name it. Yeah I’m a hairy beast, but not my fault, I was born this way ;-P

  • Daintynymph

    I’ve got a couple of rouge mustache hairs that I swear weren’t there a year or two ago, and a hair growing out of the mole on my cheek. It’s not crazy dark or anything, but it gets loooooong when I forget to cut or tweeze it, and my boyfriend will poke at me and tell me my mole hair’s getting long. I very rarely wear swimsuits and prefer boy-short type underwear, so I don’t even wanna think about the situation down there! I trim myself up whenever it seems like it’s affecting my hygiene and that’s about it.

  • kali

    I’m actually not a really hairy person but sometimes I wish I was! I wish I had fuller, darker brows BAD. I do shave my legs, use a razor or nair for my mustache, and shave down there. I used to feel weird that I never grew hair on my pits -I’ll have like 1 hair once every few months! Oh but I do have nose hairs! Anyone know a good wax, razor, whatever for that? 😉

    I think being blessed with hair is a good thing though. Those who are hairy have nice brows and nice, thick hair!

    • the Muse

      kali gosh I wish I seen it that way, I simply have too much want some? ;-D can’t believe how lucky you are for under arm hair!

      • Andrea

        Kali girl, I have thick hairs all over, EXCEPT on the head! That hair is fine and oily 🙁 Grr.

        So no goddamnit! You don’t want to be hairier.

        It’s a drag and I feel gross with all the hair that need so much maintenance…
        I never feel hot, and never get to have that soft skin, ’cause I’m either shaved(=those little stubby hairs), or furry!

  • roisin

    the wierdest hair I have is in the middle of my forehead and I don’t mean like unibrow (which I also have) it’s right in the middle, like I’m becoming a unicorn because it’s bright white. I have hairy arms but I would rather just leave them than have arm stubble that’s way too much maintenance.

    • the Muse

      omg roisin! I have a stubby little hair growing from between my brows too! totally a unicorn moment LOL!

  • Becky

    I have this random hair that grows under my chin (since I was a teenager) that is super fine and light but i never notice it until it’s over a half inch long. Yikes! Tweeze that sucker on out!

    And a few months ago I found one on my forehead. Random tiny little hair but sticking way out! WTH! Also a few hairs on my chin now.. what is going on, I turned 30 this past summer and suddenly I;m sprouting hairs????


    wow some of these places are so wierd LOL but noone else gets hair on their stomach………

    D:< i must be a werewolf

  • mon

    You know how your entire body is covered in light hairs? There’s this one light hair that grows reeeeaaaly long on my left shoulder. It’s almost see through and it’s 1.5in long! (I just measured.) The weird thing is I’ve plucked it before like 2 or 3 times and it keeps growing back! >.< Other times it was 1in long, so 1.5in is the longest it's ever been. I gave up and just decided to let it grow out of morbid curiosity. My mom calls it my "lucky" hair! lol I also have long stragglers on my big toes and on the 4th toe of my right foot… And the knuckle hair, ohhh yeah, it's there. A few years ago I got sick of shaving my knuckle hairs so I decided to tweeze them. It has gotten to the point where my knuckles don't feel too much pain… Oy, the things us girls do!

    • the Muse

      LOL mon your lucky hair cracking up here ;-D

      damn girl you tweeze your knuckles? that’s religion!

      • mon

        I’m a nail fanatic so dry cuticles and knuckle hair are the bane of my polish fume-sniffin’ existence. You should try more nail polish Muse! Come over to the dark side, we have cookies! And glitter!!! I bet you could start polishing with OPI’s new winter Burlesque collection. It’s jam packed with glitterbombs.

  • Storm

    Oh my gosh, I have the random boobie hairs too. Not nipples, but boobs. Usually off to the side. I just pluck them. :-/ I have to shave my legs every day, the bikini are is maintained religiously (well….more so than Holiday Religious but less than fanatics) and my toes…they get shaved. I have a crazy family background. I do get intense about the eyebrows though. My brows will never again be a unibrow….

  • Ryou

    Okay, imagine a person being part Indonesian, part Dutch, part Chinese, and part Middle Eastern.

    What you get? INSANE amount of dark-DARK hair. EVERYWHERE.

    And top-notch condition for ingrown hairs. Owies. T_____T

    • the Muse

      LOL ryou! whoa ;-D ingrown I never had a prob with but my have larger pores on my ankles that totally drive me bats 😛

  • R

    Oh man, I have hair on my chin. I’ve got a condition, PCOS, that makes me grow more hair than the average female. It’s a bit depressing. Thankfully, there is tweezerman!

    • the Muse

      amen for tweezerman R :-D!!!!!!!!! and wax ;-D I get the occasion crop up of chin hair so don’t feel bad girl!

  • irini

    hey muse,im sorry to be out of topic but i cant seem to open read more in a new tab?i have firefox 3.6

  • Andreea

    I am a brunette and as hairy as one can be. I never shave, I wax everything tho: legs, arms, upper lip, underarm. I swear I even see some pop on my nose and I just pluck them out, even if you can barely see them.
    Nipple hair , yes also. Not long one, but that “puff” kind which I pluck, if it’s necessary
    As for my back, yupppers..lots of it and u can see it, but I’ve done the mistake of waxing it once and I got full of blisters due to .foliculitis, so I just make it blonde lol.
    I wish that the only hair I would have would be on my brows, eyelashes and head. That’s it.
    And the bad part of it is..while your body hair thrives, the one on your head keeps falling and such LOL

    • the Muse

      LOL andreea ;-D your nose eh? 😀 I’m a brunette too totally feel your pain! It’s so much more noticeable on anyone with brown or black hair :P!

      LOL! that’s true! hair on the body will always been around lol!

  • Laura

    can we talk about sideburns for a second? the horrible hairs that seem to be extra visible in sunlight? ugh. thank god for laser hair removal.

  • Wendy

    I am very, very lucky to be relatively hairless, especially coming from Polish and Hungarian roots… I have nearly blonde leg and arm hair (even though my head hair is dark brown). But I do have two odd spots — I get really STRANGE eyebrow hairs! I have barely any brows but I get these weird, random strays going up towards my forehead that are 1,000 shades darker than the rest of my brow. Wtf? Also, I have a medium brown freckle/birthmark (not sure what it is, always had it) on my upper thigh, but it gets 3 itty bitty, skinny black hairs growing out of it every 2-3 weeks. Again, wtf? Where did THAT come from?

    This is kinda off subject… but have any of you ever had freckles appear and then disappear? I got two dark ones on my forearm (right next to each other, looked like little fang marks) and a week later they were completely gone o_0”’

    • the Muse

      LOL wendy cracking up here ;-D

      OMG funny you mention it. I have beauty marks on my arms and such and a few on my face. Just recently I noticed one on my cheek that wasn’t there before but within a week it was gone o_O where did it go!? haha!

  • Sophia

    I have hair growing everywhere! Lol!! Thank goodness for my aesthetician. She is my fairy godmother of hair!

    • the Muse

      ha sophia we all feel your pain girl ;-D and we all need a fairy godmother of hair :D!

  • Tatiana

    I love ranting about being a hairy girl! I have hair everywhere, horrible peach fuzz, hairy toes, nipple hair, the worst is the hair on my knuckles. I’m constantly Nairing and plucking. I’m considering laser hair removal but I’m broke and not sure about how the results will look on tan scan and I scar easily!

    • the Muse

      tatiana laser anywhere near my face has always scared me so I relate totally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you aren’t alone girl ;-D we are all hairy beasts hehe!

  • Kelsey

    you know the hair that connects your hairline to your brows? it’s usually pretty light and fine.. well i swear mine is like three shades darker than the rest of the hair on my body. thank god for threading, or i’d look like a confused wolverine or something!

  • Bri

    I have this tiny patch of a few super long hair on my lower stomach. like and inch at least. I used to freak out about it when I was a kid thinking it would spreak hahaha

    I also have hair on my toes! But for some reason I find them kind of adorable so I don’t pluck them. Hobbit pride!

  • Andrea

    Oh, I have a lot of dark, thick hair…. Everywhere, more or less.
    Just.. Everywhere.
    Don’t hunt me down, I AM civilized, promise.

    Hair on fingers and toes, hell yeah. Arms, legs, (incl. the thighs, especially the backside = PITA to remove) and on the but..!
    Some on my tummy of course, and also..yeah, the boobies.
    Around the nipples. Not just one… Like maybe 7 on each. Black. Gross. TWEEZE!

    What I don’t have is thick pretty hair on the goddamn skull! -.-
    Don’t have unibrow though luckily, just normal bushy brows..!
    Oh yeah, upperlip of course.. And also, some on my chin.

    SIGH! Hate it.

    • the Muse

      LOL Andrea we won’t ;-D

      totally understand! We all need some laser treatments ;-D hehe!

  • Marisa

    I have the opposite problem… I don’t have hair!! I have no eyebrows, eye lashes even HAIR! I have really fine and flat hair… You can always shave or wax but you can’t put it on without spending thousands of euros \: But girls I’m not complaining about not having hair on my legs, arms etc but I think lashes, hair and eye brows are really important!

    • the Muse

      aw marisa! You can have some of mine girl! I have plenty to spare ;-D

  • cocora

    A long thick black hair grew under the skin on the bottom of my foot. It hurt too!

  • Sarah

    I’ve got thick hair everywhere and although having thick lashes and head hair is great, when it comes to shaving, i have a lot to cover. From toe hair to knuckles, I’m furry everywhere! laser surgery here I come!

  • Amanda

    I only wear swim suits with boy shorts when at the beach or pool. Saves me from all that waxing pain. Oh, and they’re stylish too. 😉

  • TashaLee

    Im pretty lucky Im a redhead most of my bodyhair is fine and blond but the hair on my legs is so coarse that its like a mans beard and Ive been noticing all the “weird” hairs lately. I have a small mole on my cheek that sprouts one coarse hair and a few fine ones, I get one random chin hair that likes to dance all over the place, one long “magical” hair that appears in each ear and grows about an inch or two over night. And all the big offenders like tummy, toes, fingers and hands. The big weird ones I pluck and my legs and pits I shave but the rest I dont worry much about. If someone is looking that close at me then the probably love me enough not to care 😛

  • kiko

    Well, I have a black nevo on my upper lip, one of those that is very protudent like verrugs.
    So around the nevo there are allways growing very thich black hairs, I remove it everytime with me reasors. And its get hard to remove them waxing because of the signal.