October 12, 2010

NARS Bento Box

Fun fact of the day, I find packing a Bento Box a super relaxing experience. I’m not much of a cooker (can barely boil water ahem…) but I go all out Martha Stewart when packing a Bento lunch. I used to do it in High School, did it daily in College, and on trips to my office I still pull out my collection Bento Boxes on occasion and pack myself a pretty lunch.

What’s better than an elegantly packaged Bento Box lunch? Why a NARS Bento Box of course.


According to NARS, years ago, after traveling to Japan, Francois brought back a small, porcelain pot with a red film of color, Kabuki makeup for the lips thus the inspiration for the new NARS Bento Box releasing for the Holidays.

The new NARS Bento Box Set will be a limited edition set of two Kabuki cups that are hand-poured with new exclusive to NARS lipstick formula in highly pigmented shades containing Vitamin E. Housed in a handmade bento box, the set also comes with a Kabuki lip brush, designed for precise application by dipping the brush into the cup and blending until desired coverage is achieved.

The set will be available as of November 1st for $125 at narscosmetics.com and you can get on the wait list now at narscosmetics.com/bento. Only one thousand sets were created for sale in the United States, and just over two thousand in total were created worldwide.

As a lover of anything Bento, I totally dig on this and love the idea! However, the price tag is a bit ouchie but I’m not minding and I’m even considering placing my name on the wait list.

NARS fans feel free to sound off, what do you think of the new NARS Bento Box?

Will you buy it?

Do share!

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  • jenna

    soooo beautiful i can definitely appreciate it and don’t mind spending a pretty penny in most cases but i have to draw the line here i think!

  • Eve

    Was really digging this then the price scared the bejeezus outta me!
    It is dreamy though….sigh

  • Kairi Yi

    I’d buy it just for the amazingly cool design! I may never use it though… I would treasure it for spending around 60+ dollars a lipcolor lol ๐Ÿ˜€

    • the Muse

      lol same here kairi. only ever taking it out to stroke and pet but never use ;-D

  • Heather

    The design is cute, and I would consider buying it if I could afford it ๐Ÿ™

  • Selenite

    Gorgeous. I think I’ll pass though. Those shades can probably be easily duped and the super limited edition-ness of this is enough to turn me off. Why do we get nearly half of all the sets made worldwide?


    dumb , dumb dumb.

    a nice package and a nice story but 125 for poured lipstick LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • jonnie

    Aww, it’s lovely and I like bento culture (I’m not so hot at making them though… I have cute bento boxes and accessories but I don’t have time to make them before going to work!), but darned if I’m dropping that kind of cash on two lippies! Whoa!

    • the Muse

      Jonnie I’m used to be so stupid silly about bento lunches it was surreal.

  • Ryou

    I totally just read an article about traditional Japanese make-up. Real beni is a lot more expensive than that, since you need A LOT of safflower to create an ounce of it. O.o;

    I totally dig the idea of the traditional sake cup beni, but yeah… It would dry out rather easily, I imagine. >.>; (not to mention the price, which is way out of my league >_< )

      • LorraineER

        I read about this in a magazine- they mentioned that the formula was made specially not to dry out in the cups.I wonder how that would affect the texture and longevity when worn on lips?

        • the Muse

          mmm curious minds Lorraine! ;-D I think it would look fab on a vanity. I am wincing slightly at $125. I’d prob go for it if was around $85 say.

          • LorraineER

            I read a ton of magazines so it could have been Allure, Lucky, Marie Clare, Vogue or Vanity Faire. lol. I wish I remembered which. I hear ya- it is extremely expensive. I think it’s an OK price for a collector’s item, a statement piece or art but not for practical makeup to wear.

          • LorraineER

            omg,Found it! Allure, Oct 2010. “Lip of Luxury” it says he “developed a formula that wouldn’t dry out in the pots and would produce a rich, matte color.” It also says the red expresses passion and the pink represents youth. No other info you didn’t already share!

  • Jessie

    Ouch. It is really expensive. And how the heck is someone going to cover up the cup so that the lip product don’t get contaminated or something?

    • the Muse

      I imagine they have something to cover them up jessie. It comes in a bento box but I imagine they have lids as well ;D

  • Sonia

    How about I just take my NARS Schiap and Jungle red lippies, put them in a container, and pop them in the microwave and melt them? Same thing! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Ruthless

    I think that someone will do something similar to this with a lessened price tag. I’d rather buy that gorgeous Dior compact for 90 then this.

  • Marie

    Beautiful, but too pricey. In not so unrelated news I’ve been loving the latest promotional images for the brand.

  • Tala

    If I got it for free, I wouldn’t mind! XD I agree that it’s gorgeous, but seriously, it’s just two cups of lipstick melted into black cups. =_=

    I’d rather spend on Bobbi Brown’s Modern Eye Lip & Eye Palette. I’d be getting more makeup for much less–something important to graduate students trying to be glamorous on a budget. XD

  • LorraineER

    I think it’s unique and really pretty. I personally won’t be buying it but if I had enough money I would. It’d be a nice piece to have. If I got it I would use it as a centerpiece on the vanity I would also have if I had the money, lol.

  • mochigrrl

    I have placed order today and Francois is coming to Hong Kong to sign the box for whoever ordered the bento box! So excited!!

  • Nia

    Love the idea, love the food, love the implementation and the promo. But price, not really. But a great idea nonetheless.

    But to be honest, the brush is to die for.