November 16, 2010

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Sugar Skull Perfume Oil Review

With so much chatter about Holiday Collections, I had almost forgotten that it’s still very much Fall! In honor of my favorite season I slapped on a little Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Sugar Skull this morning and proceeded to inhale deeply, reminding myself about all the good things that the Fall brings.

Sugar Skull happens to be one of my very favorite blends and I’m always so delighted when it makes its reappearance each year. If this is your first time reading about the Lab and their Perfume Oils I urge you to read my introduction so you can learn more!

Jump ahead to read my review on Sugar Skull!

About the only thing that changes about Sugar Skull year to year would be its label and the fact that it becomes more subtle or bolder each year, or at least I think so.

This year’s version sports a bolder formula that kicks up quite a good throw and plenty of linger, just the way I like my fragrance oils. The label is quite fitting with skeletons and the likes but the scent really has nothing to do with the dead or bones.

I don’t quite know what to deem Sugar Skull. Is it foody? Is it sweet? Candy-ish perhaps? It’s unique that much is true. The lab deems it a blend of five sugars, lightly dusted with candied fruits. I don’t get the candied fruit but do get a syrupy, sweetness much like sugar being boiled. It’s not a sweetness nor is it fruity so it doesn’t lean towards being candy-like but might be in the realms of some sort of exotic European candy scent. Sugary yes but not toothache sweet.

Sugar Skull is something you have to experience for yourself. Too bad I don’t have scratch and sniff technology here at Musings headquarters as I’d give you a sniff if I could.

Put it this way, it’s a must have scent in my opinion particularly for those who relish the unique and unusual.

My favorite from the Lab, purchased religiously ever year, and savored.


Very Muse Approved for purchase.

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