November 18, 2010

Clarins Instant Light Brush-On Perfector Pen Review, Swatches, Photo

Clarins has a lovely new Instant Light Brush-On Perfector Pen. This is a lightweight illuminator slash concealer to not only perfect skin and give a more flawless finish but it supposedly tightens, smoothes, and diminishes the appearance of fine lines.

Let’s have a lookiee!

A click pen lightweight perfector to smooth fine lines and give skin a more flawless look!

Clarins Instant Light Brush-On Perfector Pen is the first product of its kind that I’ve tried on my face. I normally stick to using pens like this under my eyes but I was intrigued by the allure of using it on the sides of my nose and blending out. It actually works a treat. I’m starting to see expression line around the sides of my mouth and this is genius for simply erasing them.

The formula is extremely lightweight but still manages to have a creamy, decently pigmented formula. You can brush it gently under eyes, pat in place, and reveal a more flawless, fresher, less tired look. It doesn’t hide major dark circles nor does it conceal problems it does however blur imperfections and creates a more fresher look. I can honestly get away with using it alone, without concealer in place if I’ve had a good eight hours of sleep however on days I’m working on less I do need to conceal and can follow up with this to brighten my eyes up a fair bit.

As mentioned above you can also use on areas of the face as well. I use it on areas that I have shadowing, these areas can use some brightening so I simply swipe on for a more flawless canvas.

The formula doesn’t crease nor does it cake up plus it has an extra hydrating finish so it blends easily under my dry eyes. It wears well throughout the day too when set properly.

Sadly, it’s limited to three shades so it won’t fit every tone out there.

It’s not nearly as pigmented as my Dior Booster Pen however it’s ideal for tucking into my purse for quickie touch ups throughout the day or when I’m doing a minimal makeup look!

  • Anyone looking for a lightweight pen perfecter to erase signs of fatigue under their eyes and on their face.
  • Anyone who doesn’t need concealer but still wants something to make them more flawless and fresher (if you’re lucky enough to not have to wear concealer under your eyes this is a great one to get things looking fresher).
  • Anyone looking for a hydrating, quickie concealer to tote around with them (this is great to freshen up with)

  • Anyone who doesn’t fit into the fair or medium skin tone area (this only has three shades available so darker skin tones or olive/tanned complexions might have a problem getting a good fit).
  • Anyone with major woe to conceal (if your eyes are puffy, lined, or have dark circles this is a great pick me up but not a full on concealer).

If you’ve wanted to try YSL version or Dior I’d grab this at a cheaper cost as it is highly similar to both. Where as they can run you $36 and $40 this has a bit of a lower price tag at $32. The product is fantastic for keeping tucked into your purse to use as a fresher up or on more minimal makeup days. As per it’s name, it perfects, and creates a more flawless appearance.

Available from Clarins.