November 12, 2010

Philosophy The Gingerbread House Review

Philosophy plays an interesting little game of deception with us when it comes to The Gingerbread Man. I bet you’ve all gone into a purchase of that little guy and thought how delightfully spicy, warm, and cookie-like he’d smell. Admit, you have!

And BAM!

You get him home and you realize there’s a conspiracy going on here and something is not quite right. Wait, what? You mean he doesn’t smell like Gingerbread cookies?! How, why?! What happened?!


A set of two ginger spice-scented bubble bath and shower gels packaged in a gingerbread house gift box.

Nope, the Gingerbread Man and the new Gingerbread Girl sadly do not smell like gingerbread. Sorry guys! But they do sport an sparkling effervescent ginger ale kinda scent. I kinda have a love, hate relationship with the little guy as I harbor a bit of resentment that he doesn’t smell like a warm, spicy cookie but I also kinda dig that he’s fresh, citrusy, and tickles my nose as if I’m sipping a glass of bubbly or some sort of soda. He’s never really appealed to me on a whole however…


Gingerbread Girl is rockin’!

It feels like they took everything great about the Man and doubled it with the girl. She’s really sparkly both in scent and in formula (the gel is a glittery amber shade) and has hints of citrus, ginger ale, and plenty of bubbly goodness to back her up. It’s really hard to describe the scent of Gingerbread Girl but if you’ve never felt the love for Gingerbread Man, chances are you’ll adore her! Funny as first sniff of the bottle and I thought she smelled like some sort of weird, morphed up Lush Snowcake scent, anyone get that or am I nuts?

The duo comes in a really sweet little gingerbread house. Pop the top and fold back the edges to reveal the bottles. The entire packaging is decorated like a gingerbread house and features a his and her seating area with portraits of each other over the chairs, awwww, sweet! The happy couple!

At $20 they make the perfect little gift!

Can be a little disappointing if you aren’t familiar with Philosophy and go into the purchase assuming you’re getting gingerbread cookie scented shower gel! These are sparkling, citrus-y fragrances with misleading names.

Can we name her Gingerbread Woman? How come he gets the man title and we get the girl one? Reverse it. Gingerbread Boy and Gingerbread Woman! Ha!

  • Anyone who likes light, bubbly scents!
  • Anyone who wants to multitask their shower experience (use these on your hair, your body, and even as a bubble bath)!
  • Anyone who adores cute packaging (the packaging is sturdy, detailed, and sweet)!

  • Anyone expecting a gingerbread cookie scent!

Although not a crazy fan of The Gingerbread Man (he’s been around for years but this Philosophy girl never quite got on board with him) I absolutely adored the gift set particularly because Gingerbread Girl is such an interesting scent and a new take on an old favorite. If you’ve never really gotten the allure of The Gingerbread Man I urge you to try the Gingerbread Girl, she’ll surprise you! As a gift set for just about any girl or woman of any age, this is delightful! Very sweet packaging plus great shower gels to get you in a festive mood!

Loves it!

What are your thoughts on the Philosophy Gingerbread Couple?

Next year maybe we can get a Gingerbread Baby!

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  • Leah

    I’m with you Muse, never really dug GM as it doesnt smell of gingerbread!! I love GG body lotion though so guess I would enjoy the bubblebath/shampoo/shower stuff… might haul the White Pear trio box instead…

    • the Muse

      leah wants the dreaming of trio ;-D that has white pear ;-D GG is awesome, not really a fan of GM either though meh! Did you get a weird snowcake vibe from GG or am I nuts?!

      • Leah

        I did! So now I’m layering with snowcake on the face, Snow Fairy in the shower, and the GG… I smell pretty good LOL 😀

  • Julianna

    I LOVE this scent. I have the body scrub and I still can’t get over how amazing it smells (and thankfully it DOESN’T smell like gingerbread). It’s just delicious.

  • katrosado5

    I got a chance to check this out this week. No likey. To my nose, and everyone is different this was unpleasant. I did smell Creme Brulee and I’m going to pick that up next time I run up to the PX. The creme brulee reminded me of the scent of the same name (I can’t remember if it was exactly the same name but it was similar) that Bath and Body had out more than a few years ago. I have been digging on The Body Shop lately too. They have a sparkle holiday dust in an atomizer that is amazing. Limited time though. 😀

    • the Muse

      peri they def aren’t for everyone ;-D I think it’s an in shower experience 😀

  • Alexa

    I have to say, I wasn’t thrilled with Gingerbread Girl when I first smelled it – it almost was gross. But after using it in the shower.. I love it!

    • the Muse

      hey lex! Hugs! mmmm gg smells like some strange form of snowcake to me!? I agree in the shower the scent really comes out!

  • Carrie

    If you’re looking for a yummy gingerbread cookie scent, check out philosophy’s gingersnap!

  • Valerie

    I LOVE this set! I was so pleased they included two 3-in-1s rather than a lotion and gel. (I go through philosophy’s 3-in-1s like crazy and love them). The packaging is THE CUTEST. I love both Gingerbread Girl and Man. Perfect all the way around.

  • Cat

    When i went to sephora the other day i was originally going to buy this set but i was completly turned off of gingerbread man and loved gingerbread girl….so i just bought the set that had the gingerbread girl shower gel and the lotion to go with it! I am glad i bought it!

  • Lisa

    I took a whiff of this at Sephora a couple weeks ago…no bueno. I really was expecting a warm, gingerbread smell and instead was disappointed. Just smelled off in general. Totally in love with the apple trio though!!!

  • Kate Hollifield

    I am so glad you reviewed this! I’ve been contemplating making my first Philosophy purchase ever, and I wanted a holiday smell. But my husband and I’s allergies are so bad we can’t smell anything! Thanks for letting me know!