December 20, 2010

Fusion Virtual Finishing Powder Review, Swatches, Photos

Fusion Beauty has launched its Objects of Desire Holiday Collection. Dontcha just adore that name? Loves it!

The collection includes the new Fusion Beauty Virtual Finishing Powder. Not so special right? I mean we’ve done finishing powder to death eh?

But you haven’t done finishing powder the way Fusion Beauty brings it!


An innovative spray finishing powder in a vintage, perfume style bottle with mister for application!

Part of the appeal of the Virtual Finishing Powder is, without a doubt, the uber feminine packaging. Each of the two powders comes housed in a vintage, perfume style glass bottle with a mister for application across your face. I absolutely love the idea of the packaging as well as the presentation. I put alot of value on my makeup packaging and this just brings a little something extra special to the world of finishing powder.

The powder comes in two finishes one of which is Perfector which is a transparent white formula. Much like many HD powders of its kinda this is great for finishing make up and leaving behind a more matte, flawless finish. The powder blurs fine lines and supposedly has anti-aging properties as well.

Opulent is the other shade and is purely for fun as its more of a glow all over shimmer that can be used on your face, arms, legs, or decollete. Anywhere you want to add a touch of shimmery glow!

Application is pretty simply since you squeeze the atomizer and mist into place. I find Opulent works a bit better in this aspect where as Perfector is best misted on and blended out with a brush or patted in place with your hands.

Perfector kicks up a fair bit of “dust” when in use which I’m not keen on since I begin to kinda choke in a cloud of powder. I find its best to mist it way back from your face.

Perfector also needs a bit of helping hand to get on correctly as you’re not going to want to mist on and leave. Its best misted on and followed up with a pat of your palms to your face or use a fluffy brush to smooth it out!

  • Anyone who loves beautiful packaging (the glass bottles are darling).
  • Anyone looking for an interesting way to apply their finishing powder (I like the idea even though it doesn’t quite work).
  • Anyone wanting to gift a makeup lover with something a touch different and unique (the glass bottle finishing powder is a rather unique idea and gift!).

  • Those with allergies (the kick back from the Perfector might cause issues with allergies or even sneezing so really keep it far back when misting as you’re not going to want to inhale powder as you apply).
  • Anyone who isn’t keen on sparkle or shimmer (Opulent is a very subtle shimmer finish but those who aren’t fans of such a finish might wish to skip).

I though these were rather cute. Actually I thought Perfector was so unique that I went and purchased one for a friend as a stocking stuffer! Seemed like a rather interesting way to apply finishing powder and I thought she’d love it. The glass bottles are refillable so even after your powder is long gone you can unscrew and refill. Overall, I thought the idea and presentation of the product was rather fun and interesting plus Perfector does give a very soft, blurred airbrush effect and Opulent just lends that perfect little amount of festive sparkle.

Likey lots!

Available from, Ulta, Sephora, and other fine retailers!