December 13, 2010

the Balm Time Balm Face Primer and the Balm Shady Lady Volume 3

I admit, I had high hopes for some stunning new shade of blusher from the Balm but I can deal with a primer and a new eye palette.

I’ll cope…

  • the Balm Time Balm Face Primer $30

Is a new vitamin rich face prime designed to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles for a more flawless looking finish. It has a velvety finish so I’d say it’s safe to say that it probably has a silicone feel, count me curious regardless.

What do you think?

  • the Balm Shady Lady Volume 3 $39.50

Nine shades of the Balm eyeshadows for lining, defining, and shading eyes.

I’ve never been a Shady Lady fan girl and don’t own a single palette from the collection…weird eh? Maybe I need to start indulging.

I admit I’m disappointed that I won’t be chasing down some blusher from the Balm this year but regardless I can get on board with trying out that new primer.

Anything garner your interest?

Share your lems!

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  • cassie

    I am all over the new ShadyLady palette. How can you not own any of their eye shadows? They are soft, amazingly pigmented (primer helps) and they have beautiful colors.

    • the Muse

      cassie I dunno LOL ;-D the colors just always seemed meh to me but I’m primed to try!

  • Lori

    i have the first shady lady palette and love it. i really want to like the 2nd and third one, but for some reason the shade combinations just sorta meh to me :/
    quality’s fantastic though. not the most world class eyeshadows, but still very buttery and pigmented

    • the Muse

      I think that’s why I never indulged lori always felt the shades were just meh but all the raving has me primed to try!

  • jackieg02

    Hey Muse!
    I think I’ll pass on the primer, but that palette has caught my eye.

  • Melissa

    ….awaiting the primer review. Please and thank you. Sincerely, the primer junkie in Phoenix. 🙂

  • Nia

    Not interested in the palette and the primer, but I need to look up those blushes if you are raving so much about them.

  • Andrea

    I might get the palette…I had Voume 2, but I got rid of it for some unknown reason…If I see it at my local Sephora, I’ll give it a glance and see if I want to indulge. I know $39.50 isn’t that much in comparison to other brands, but for some reason I feel it’s a lot to pay for this brand…not sure why…

    • the Muse

      andrea I’ve actually never tried these ;-D whenever I go for the balm I’m always concentrating on their face powders and blush and forgo the shadow…really need to check them out 😀

  • LorraineER

    I just reviewed the Shady Lady vol. @ palette. I looove it. Their shades remind me of Urban Decay’s more neutral shades minus the large glitter particles. I’ve been using it a lot lately for pretty daytime looks.

  • HautePJ

    Shady Lady Vol 1 was the BOMB and I still use it after having it for over 2 years. The shadows are pigmented and very wearable. Sadly, Vol 2 was a bust. The colors were meh. So here’s hoping Vol 3 is good!

  • Kerri

    any chance you have a larger picture of shady lady 3? I own the first two and want to see if there are new shades 🙂 Thanks!

  • Lucy

    I’ve never used this brand. Palettes are always so tempting to me. May have to check this one out. I have tons of primers so I won’t bother looking at this.

  • kali

    O. M. G. I’m a HUGE Shady Lady fan and own both palettes so far. Everything’s been wiped off my to-buy list.. I MUST own that Vol. 3 palette. Honestly, I love this “series” of palettes more than any other.. even more than UD’s Book of Shadows sets. They’re compact, convenient, and great quality and I can’t wait to own this one!

    Ughh.. how am I ever gonna afford everything on my list? =(

    P.S. Where did you get the photo from because I checked Sephora and TheBalm and they don’t have it up yet. I want to know what shades are included -I of course don’t want to buy a palette with a bunch of repeats! Some shades look similar to what I already own (from the 2 previous palettes.) I can’t enlarge the image to look at the shade names.. agh please help Muse!

    • the Muse

      kali seriously need to check these out after all the raving ;-D

      it’s on Sephora hun ;-D just do the list check and it’s right there dear but sadly they don’t list the shades dear!

      • cassie

        Ladies, all the shadows in Vol. 3 are new except Racy Kacy, which you can buy in a single. There are no repeats from the other palettes. If you go to the Sephora website and enlarge the photo, you can see all of the names. They have a new black shade with sparkle that I am really excited for.
        Also, you have to look through the value set/palette section for TheBalm to find it, you will not find it any other way.

  • kali

    OMG.. NEED to buy. I just checked (for some reason it’s not listed on the “main page” when I click on TheBalm -you have to look in the palettes section. Thank you!!

    And I don’t think any of these are repeats. I need to double check but none of these sound familiar. I just bought a Korres Lip Set but I think I might return it to get these instead!! WAY more important than some lip glosses to me.

    And I just wanted to let you know that I’ve had GREAT experiences with both the previous palettes. You know when you buy a palette and a few shades aren’t pigmented or they’re chalky or there’s just SOMETHING wrong with them? Well with Vol. 1 and 2, every single shade was amazing (and I’m pretty critical.) I hope Vol. 3 lives up to my expectations. =P

    OMG thank you again so much.. I’m seriously about to go to sleep and dream about this.

  • Erin

    OMG, the palette WILL be mine! I own both the 1st and the 2nd Shady Ladies and the pigmentation is TDF! Totally underrated in the quality department. Buy one, you won’t regret it!

  • shady junkie

    I have both previous shady lady palettes and if I was running out of the house from a fire, I’d be taking those with me. I use some shades more than others but I use pretty much all of them. renee, jordana and stacey are gorgeous liner shades. jamie, wheezie, marissa, cami, lani and danielle are fab lid shades. tara, jennifer and danielle are great highlights. jane is a gorgeous contour. mary is a mildew dupe and wheezie is pretty close to maryjane. very smooth and payoff is amazing. The palettes don’t do justice, these are so much prettier on than in the pan. unlike other brands they do not do repeats. between the 9 shadows in each palette only 1 was a repeat (courtney) and of the new palette I only know of one that was previously released (kacy). The shadows are much bigger than in other palettes. The mirror is actually really useful and the palettes are very compact, not like UD BOS or TF glamourland. (the only drawback is they are only held closed by a magnet so need to be packaged so they can’t open (like a slot or elastic). I can’t wait to see that teal and the silver and amethyst. if you like rich flattering shades without massive glitter try these (fyi you can glitter up any of the shadows with a special product they make called “overshadow” which turns any of the shades as shimmery as UD). (warning– Just this once Jamie is addictive). IMO palette 1 has the best liner shades, 2 has the best lid and highlighter shades. 3 looks like a nice mix but don’t miss renee, jordana and jamie– they’re just amazingly flattering.

    Hot Mama is a gorgeous blush and I’ve only tried 3 shades but the plump my pucker glosses are awesome too. Crush my grapes is a yummy deep red with some glitter (and it smells yummy) and boyz en my berry is a nice casual gloss.

    One more nice thing on shady lady palettes is versatility– you can combine almost any shades on the palette with any other and it will somehow work so these are great for people who are a little nervous about trying new colors and combos.

    If you check out the reviews on sephora or makeup alley these palettes get HG 5 stars review after review. They aren’t cheap but they’re an amazing value. They even have a balmbini palette which is max function– you get 2 blushes that double as shadows (giant for shadows, big for palette blushes), a luminizer that doubles as a shadow/highlighter, 2 shadows that double as liners, plus a substantial sized lipstick and gloss–which are covered seperately to keep everything from getting mixed together.

    I’m dying to see swatches from SL3.

  • lissa

    Have Shady Lady vol 1 & 2 plus one single (stacey) and love them all. a few of them really work best wet as liners but those are some of the best. they can go casual or more dramatic but so far not bright and glittery (they make a special product called overshadow to transform all the shades into glittery for evening). love the pigmentation and how versatile the shades are. Can’t wait for swatches on the teal and amethyst which seem a little more edgy than their other colors. these aren’t super edgy but they are great, reliable, pigmented, wearable shades. and no annoying repeats palette after palette is new. For a good look at the brand I’d go to sephora and try on just this once jamie with sexy stacey for a sexy smoky look.