January 31, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Pigments Review, Swatches, Photos

I find I have a little too many pigments so I don’t get as excited as I used to over new shades. With the MAC Wonder Woman Collection we get a few shades of pigment and some loose glitter as well.

Let’s have a look!

Looking at the swatches below you can easily get a very Wonder Woman from the shades. The gold of her lasso, the red and blue of her costume, yes the theme runs strong here however…..

The shades are kinda hard to pull off even for those who like bolder shades.

You’re looking at two pigments and two Reflects Glitter shades. None of the shades are new but merely repackaged MAC Pro shades and worst still would be the fact that none aside from Marine Blue are eye safe. I was loving Reflects Bronze out of the lot of four and proceeded to feel so let down I could not use it in an eye look.

Sad sign.

Marine Ultra is a vivid navy blue which applies smoothly but sadly is a tad too bold for me so I may have to brainstorm with this one and think of the best way to use it.

Bright Fuchsia is a louder shade of magenta, Reflects Bronze is a rich, bronze-y gold, and Reflects Pearl is a white, golden glitter.

If you’re wanting to use the shades in your hair or on face and lips I guess they would be a solid purchase or if you simply must own everything from the MAC Wonder Woman release you might want to pick these up.

Personally, since they can’t be used on my eyes, I do find them a tad wasteful.

Your thoughts?

Will you haul any?

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  • Mel

    Although the whole line is “cute”, it doesn’t seem very realistic. What I don’t understand wich MAC, is they’re always introducing new items and rotating their products, but they tend to remove good strong “mainstays” for items like this. I agree, it seems wasteful and a little ridiculous.

    • the Muse

      you have to def find some joy in LE’s mel ;-D it’s one reason alot of people like MAC, the endless variety ;D!

  • Courtney

    None of these shades really wow me unfortunately. I’m also a bit pigment scarred at the moment. I was using some blue-green pigment this morning and was putting the little plastic thing back on before I put the lid on and pushed too hard and WOOSH! half a jar of blue green pigment all over me, my train case, and my white down comforter (serves me right for doing my makeup in bed I guess). Needless to say, I was not pleased. I think I may go back to pressed eyeshadow for a bit as I’m obviously too clumsy to use these lol

    • the Muse

      oh no courtney sorry to hear it particularly on the comforter girl omg 🙁

    • LorraineER

      I dropped a pigment recently myself. It was a sample and it was my first time using it too…plus, talk about making a mess! Dropping pigments and loose shadows really sucks!

  • MC

    These observations are based on the swatch picks. The blue reminds me of blue chalk, the glitter reminds me of crafting glitter, and this pink just…no..not into it.

    I dunno, I usually work well with loose powders and pigments, but these don’t look like they blend well..(again, based off your swatches..I could be wrong)

    • the Muse

      smooth application mc but most can’t be used on eyes so it’s kinda crummy ;(

  • p

    hmmm…possibly dumb question, but why are they not eye-safe? i’ve never heard of this before and i have quite a few MAC and non-MAC pigments…how can i tell if they are all eyesafe?

    also is the gold more of a glitter or sparkly pigment?? and the fushia swatch loooooks like the exact shade of red i’ve been seeearching for….is it just the picture?

    • the Muse

      not sure P but mac dubs that not eye safe so I def listen ;-D I don’t believe MAC lists if they are or are not eye safe on the packaging but don’t quote me, in most cases you’d have to ask or look at on the mac pro site. Reflects Glitter are loose glitter in a piggie-like formula, less chunkier than traditional glitter.

      I can’t really say if the swatch is exactly as you see we both have diff monitors so what might look one shade to you on your screen might entirely look diff to me. I get more of a fuchsia pink than red.

      • Fembot

        What I don’t get is if they’re not eye-safe, then were the eff are you supposed to put them???

        • the Muse

          lips, nails, face body fembot 🙂 although I believe the blue is not lip safe, not that you’d want to sport that deep a blue on lips :D!

  • Mel

    Maybe I’m just being stodgy about it, I think this is a waste of money – reminds of me of kindergarten chalk.

  • Alessandra

    Really? Heck, some colors should be used with more caution, but the others are beautiful.
    You use these products that makes Swatches?
    If not use, send to Brazil … : D
    You buy or is gifted?

    Kisses and good weekend!