January 24, 2011

Too Faced Candlelight Shadow Insurance Review, Swatches, Photos

Too Faced takes a note from Urban Decay and releases a golden shade of their popular Shadow Insurance Primer. Too Faced Candelight Shadow Insurance has a soft focused golden finish with a subtle metallic sheen whether worn as a base for color or alone.

Let’s have a peek!

An eyeshadow primer in a golden candlelight color!

I will put it out there and say I’m not a fond fan of Shadow Insurance due to the formula separating and feeling greasy on my lids however somehow, someway, Too Faced has improved on the formula when they created Candlelight Shadow Insurance.

This formula remains intact and has no issues with separation plus it feels a bit creamier compared to the original. The texture runs thin and applies subtly however it can be built up easily if you want a better color pay off. The effect is a golden metallic shimmer on lids that’s very subtle however easily detectable if you’re really looking close enough. If you’re wanting to use it simply as a wash of color on lids or as a cream shadow you can easily due so by squeezing a tiny amount onto your finger and smoothing on, building up slowly for more intensity.

For using as a base, apply the same way and top with your favorite eye shadow. It doesn’t deepen shadows or make them bolder in my opinion however it makes an ideal base that holds shadow in place without fading or creasing something I didn’t experience when trying the original Shadow Insurance.

Both of Urban Decay’s color primers, Sin and Greed, fall a bit short in terms of creating a nicely colored lid and acting as a primer in some cases however Candelight seems to not suffer any of the same problems and multitasks well as either prepping and priming or as a simple shadow for a minimal makeup loook!

Nothing bad here…!

  • Those who already use and love Shadow Insurance (it’s novel having another shade option available from your fav primer).
  • Anyone who wants two products in one tube (use it as an eyeshadow primer or use it as a cream shadow).
  • Anyone who looks fab in light, metallic golden shades!
  • Anyone who had issues with Too Faced Shadow Insurance’s formula in the past (this feels like the formula is considerably better than Shadow Insurance’s original one).

  • Those who aren’t particularly interested in owning a color primer and already own a shadow primer they use and like (you don’t really need it if you already own a primer you love already however if you like the idea of owning a colored one this is a great pick).

I guess it does beg to wonder why we need a colored eyeshadow primer and personally I guess it would best be answered as the fact that it multitasks so well as either a cream eyeshadow or a primer for your eyeshadow. Technically, as mentioned above, I don’t notice a bolder look from my eyeshadows when applied over Candlelight which is why I didn’t even bother doing comparison swatches as you’d not see much difference however as a cream shadow it looks quite lovely on my lids and gives a soft focused pretty glow to lids. The shade does mimic that of the highlighter by the same name that Too Faced has available however with a bit more of a subtle golden pay off. I thought Candlelight improved on the overall formula of Shadow Insurance as I’ve always felt the original was greasy and the separation issue really made it worst. I experienced neither issue with Candlelight. Overall, I like the multitasking ability here and find it’s a rather nice little primer to have in your beauty arsenal particularly if you look fab in softer shades of gold. It won’t take the place of Urban Decay Primer Potion for me however it still has it’s rightful place in my train case.

Likey lots!

Muse Approved for purchase!

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Available now from Sephora and www.toofaced.com

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  • Gloria

    I knew I forgot to buy something from work today! As I was leaving, I kept thinking, “there was something I should buy,” but I just could not remember!

    I’m getting this, their eye glitter glue, and their new loose glitter. My store director wore them today and it’s soooo cute!!

    • the Muse

      I really need to try the new loose glitter gloria, they have a beige shade I really wants ;D!

  • Phyrra

    I’ve been waiting for you to review this! Since TFSI is my holy grail eye shadow primer (no creasing on me <3) I definitely want to give this a try.

    • the Muse

      you’ll love it dd ;-D particularly b/c you like TFSI, it’s a given girl :D!

  • Sara

    Aww….I like Sin a lot. It really does show up well on my lids (maybe because I’m super pale?) as a pretty light champagney/beigey color. Totally wearable on its own. Sometimes I’ve forgotten to use a highlighter on my browbone because Sin shines it up real nice. Granted….I don’t use it on its own if only because I’ve got a ton of eyeshadows and if I’m going to the trouble of priming, I’m sure as hell going to finish the job.

    Never used TFSS, though, maybe I should check out UDPP’s competition. 🙂 I love a primer that’s a light, neutral color that won’t compete with shadows or darken the eye area.

    • the Muse

      hey sara sin isn’t bad at all ;-D I like it too but it feels alot diff than regular UDPP ;D sin beefs up shadows nicely too! ;-D

      I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this :D!

  • Andrea

    TFSI is the only primer I use and I use it every day of my life without fail…quite possibly my only HG product. Anyway…This looks like something I’d really enjoy since I can’t find a cream eye shadow I like and I know this wouldn’t crease on me. Primer and light cream shadow – gotta love those multipurpose products!

  • Ru

    It’s great to hear they improved their formula. I’ve still got a whole tube which so I prob wont be getting this anytime soon. Is it permanent? Also, does it add sheen to eyeshadows?

    • the Muse

      hi ru yup perm hun and as I mentioned in the review no change in shadows when worn with.

  • Misato-san

    I’ll buy this one for SURE when it will hit Italy. I really want it and your review is making me thirsty for it!
    Are you going to review also the other new primer?

    • the Muse

      will do misato ;-D shortly will have it up! I didn’t know you were in Italy, how cool!

  • BeautyMaven

    The color is very pretty! Apologies if this was mentioned in your review and I missed it, but it doesn’t change the color of the shadow on top? For some reason it just seems a little odd to me to have a colored primer if it doesn’t do anything color-wise– do you know of people who wear the primer on it’s own?
    Side note- as far as primers, I have always been in love with Mary Kay’s Triple Action Eye Enhancer~ it’s the best I’ve tried so far!!

    • the Muse

      hi beautymaven when worn with eyeshadow on top of the primer I noticed no change that’s why I didn’t swatch comparison as I didn’t seen much different in my shadow 🙂 I’m wearing the primer on its own in the picture here as a color wash but when I put an eyeshadow on top of it I really see no difference. This is a very subtle golden shade so it really doesn’t do much to change eyeshadow in my experience with it. Hope this helps!? I kinda explained all that in the review ;-D

      Haven’t tried the Mary kay one but a few people have rec’ed that must check it out!

      • BeautyMaven

        That really does help, haha! My brain just stops working when I see colored primers b/c I’m like, wait… you just put color on top of it?!? Thanks for clarifying =D

  • Becky

    I have it and really like it! I’m VERY loyal to UD and regular TFSI creases on me but this does not.

    I DO have some fading with the shadow intensity but it seems to give everything a bit of a metallic sheen and a diffused kind of a glow after a few hours of wear.. looks very cool. I’d say the name is very appropriate. I’m happy!

    • the Muse

      same experience becky. loyal UDPP user and found that TFSI creases on me but not this ;-D

      Didn’t notice the sheen though sadly….I really didn’t feel like it did anything for my shadows as in intensity and the likes. glad to hear it girl :D!

  • kiwikiwidragon

    sometimes these items can be subjective. UD is great but once dry, it feels like its pulling on my lids, plus I have gotten so many freebies of the TFSI, i have begun to use only it. I have no issues with creasing only when i use KVD eyeshadows. I got the greatest deal ever the other day from the TF website, the new Romantic palette + candle light, glitter glue, glamour dust, lashgasm and a cute pink bag, all for $45! I went back to see it was still there and I guess they pulled it down. there was also a free gift at $50 so I got a lip gloss and another sample of SI!

  • Stefi

    Oh man, this is the last thing I need (I have a full tube of the mega-size UDPP that I’ll get started on after I finish my TFSI tube) but I WANT IT TO BE MINE!!!

  • angie twe

    Yea this prdt is awesome. Btw, hav u tried etude house primer? Do share your opinions on that! 🙂

  • Michelle

    Picked up this past weekend & used today…. a bit too heavy-handedly! LOL!

    Love the shimmer-effect it gives without a ‘glitter-ball’ look…. last thing this 40+ yr old wants is glitter all over the place.

    Since I applied a bit too heavily, was rather difficult to color-over with my lighter day-time eye shadows, but can def. see using this again. Esp. to add a touch of ‘drama’ to a night-time (heavier make-up) look.

    • the Muse

      ha michelle story of my life girl ;-D I use everything heavy handed ;-D just a touch will do it!

  • Lila

    I so much prefer the UDPP. Seriously, its the better product. My eyelids dont crease at all. TFSI its and average one, unfortunately it didn’t do much for me:(