January 26, 2011

Trouble Applying Concealer Under Your Dry Eyes? Solution, Mally Beauty Perfect Prep Eye Primer!

Ugh the bane of my existence. Dry under eyes! As I’ve grown older, gulp, I’ve noticed my eyes have started to become drier and drier and drier!

The skin around the eye area is a very thin, delicate area and it’s one of the first places you might notice the signs of aging. Of course, to erase those signs of aging as well as dark circles, puffiness, and just general aging, we reach for our trusty concealer. But what happens when your concealer starts aging you instead of de-aging you. I know I depend on concealer with my life to make me look fresher, more awake plus I need it to conceal pesky problems such as puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles. But when your eyes are dry this isn’t always the case.

Sometimes applying concealer under your eyes leads to creasing, caking, and just general woe all due to dry eyes. I know I have a hell of a hard time getting my concealer to look flawless when my eyes are busy being terribly dry. Most folks will recommend good eye cream which of course is the first step in getting the dryness under control but honestly, sometimes, you need to even go steps further.


I should start out by saying once I dislike a product I rarely change my mind about it. This has only happened in a few rare instances however this past Winter my eyes have been having all sorts of dryness going on. I use eye cream daily one for PM and one for AM however I do switch around alot due to the blog and testing new products so it could be what’s causing my current issues.

Eye cream just doesn’t cut it lately to get my eyes in order for concealer application and I find I’m creasing alot more and caking. Now, the first step in any makeup regime is obviously, without a doubt, prepping your work area well. Primers, lotions, potions, etc…are all necessary evils for a good, flawless canvas for your makeup.

In the case of eye prepping it normally involves a good AM eye cream for me, followed up by Cover FX Eye Prep, a bit of Clarins Instant Smooth, followed up finally by my concealer of choice and setting powder.

Lately I’ve implemented Mally Perfect Prep Eye Primer more and more into my regime. At my first review I sincerely did not like this product however this Winter it became a god sent and if you too suffer from drier under eyes and find your eye cream simply isn’t cutting it, I highly urge you to make this one a part of your prep and prime regime.

I find that even the driest concealer will apply with ease when using this prior to concealer. There are some concealers in my Makeup Graveyard that simply would never see the light of day due to their drier formulas however Mally Perfect Prep Eye Primer actually makes them wearable.

I find a quick swipe of this after my eye cream and Cover FX Eye Prep has set creates a smooth, hydrated finish for my concealer. I do warn you however to follow up by setting your concealer well with a fine powder (I suggest Skin Food Salmon Dark Circle Powder) to avoid concealer sliding around as Perfect Prep is very emollient and hydrating.

The formula is silicone in nature which I’m not particularly keen on however once under my eyes I can’t help but feel the benefits of such easy application of my concealer. Concealer just glides on beautifully or even slides might I say.

If you suffer from really dry under eyes and are in need of something to hydrate and prep with I highly suggest checking out Perfect Prep Eye Primer or if you have a ton of FAILED concealers with a dry formula, this will instantly make them wearable.

Indeed, I do take back anything bad I said about the product in my prior review as it’s been a real life saver this Winter!

Check it out for yourself, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how well it solves the drama of dry under eyes.

Good Luck!

Feel free to share your thoughts on the product if you tried it before!

My original thoughts of the product can be located here.

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  • Haley

    Oh yay yay yay it’s like you heard my thoughts as I was doing my makeup this morning haha, my under eyes have been verrry dry lately.. I will definately be trying me some of this. Thank youuuu! 😀

    • the Muse

      same here haley. Normally my eye creams do the trick but must be over testing or the really bad winter we’ve had because DAMN I’m dry as hell! my pleasure!

  • Nia

    Oh, that sounds *very* interesting. Heading over to ebay now to check if it’s available there.
    Thanks for your tip, you are my gal for concealer and dry skin around my eyes issues. 🙂

  • Alexa

    Um.. I need this 🙁 The current look I’ve been rocking at work is “flakey under-eye!” and it’s not a good one lol. Hard to sell concealer that way.

  • Tigress

    I’ve recently had this problem as well, and my eyelids themselves get dry too. I purchased my first eye cream ever (L’Oreal Eye Defense) and it seems to be helping a little. I think I’m gonna need to step it up a notch though.

    Where can you purchase Mally products? I’ve not heard of the brand.

  • Jonnie

    Ditto on the dry, flaky under eye! I may look for this too. I mostly blamed aging… sigh!

  • Jojo

    Hi Muse,

    I have the same exact experience! I have dry eye areas like you so I particular like to read your blog about eye saving products! I didn’t think I would like this silicony product at first, but it really makes a difference for me that nothing else does. One thing is I have to be careful not too use too much. With the right amount, my eyes feels hydrated, look less lined and concealers goes on easier. But if I use too much (the first few times when I didn’t know the product well enough), everything just slided on top and made things worse. Now I am loving this and I would recommend this to people who has very dry skin around the eyes.

    • the Muse

      jojo my thoughts and experiences exactly my dear ;-D too much def causes woe but just the right amount is ideal for getting concealer in place and keep my eye nicely hydrated so glad you’re loving this hun!

  • Bethany

    I’m undereye have been a dry, flakey creasey dessert with concealer on! I’m really wanting to try this! Does this help with creasing also? Like does it fill in the fine lines?