January 24, 2011

What Are Sleeping Packs? What Are Sleeping Masks?

I recently had a reader e-mail to ask me about sleeping packs. Let’s dive into the mail bag and see what she had to say!

Dear Muse,

I <3 your blog so much! Thanks for bringing such great reviews to us all. I seen some talk about a sleeping pack on a forum and I wasn’t sure what it was, how it was used, and if I needed to use one?

Have you heard of this?

I hope you can tell me some more info.


Dear Heather!

Thanks so much for the great e-mail.

It’s honestly not a surprise you’ve never heard of a sleeping pack or rather a better term of use would be sleeping mask. Sleeping mask brings to mind a cloth or silk-like mask that we cover our eyes with to block on the daylight or lights as we sleep. Sleeping packs (masks) are commonly associated with actually beauty masks in the Eastern market.

The Western market hasn’t quite caught on to this fade so it’s probably not something you’d commonly see in drugstores or at counters.

What is it?

It’s a cream mask which you massage on in a thin layer or “paint” on using a brush. You leave it on overnight and as you sleep it does any number of supposedly miraculous things for your skin such as ones that contain anti-aging ingredients, whitening ones, plus obviously it hydrates and moisturizers skin. In the morning, you simply wash it off and poof! Instantly gorgeous skin!

I’ve used alot of various ones and the promises are all big however the actual results aren’t necessarily all that amazing.

As a moisturizing treatment they work a treat but for whitening, brightening, or easing fine lines, well, I’ve never seen major results in that area and the results I have seen are more temporary than long term.

Do you need a sleeping pack?

Not really.

It’s just a fun extra to add to your skincare regime if your skin needs a little pick up in the middle of the week! In most cases results are temporary but still even temporary results are worth it sometimes!

Hope this helps Heather!

Good Luck!

Have you used Sleeping Packs?

Found them helpful?

Do share your experience.

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  • JoElla

    Glad I don’t ‘need’ these. My kids are still recovering from when they saw me with my Lumene Arctic Peat mask on. LOL!

    They sound fun and I wish I had somewhere local to buy some.

  • shusheshe

    It can be nice I guess but isn’t it messy smearing a thin layer of stuff on your face and leaving it on while you sleep? There’s so much stuff you can get it on that’s not your face…like pillows, PJs, bedcovers…

    • the Muse

      mm not so messy shush. You massage it in a fair bit prior to going to bed.

    • Li

      Hi! I’ve tried sleeping pack and the key to use it is to apply a very thin layer and it will dries up quickly just like moisturizers but a slightly thicker feeling.

      Also, I am looking for a face hilighter. I have combination to dry skin. Any recommendations? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Coco

    I bought the Skin Food pomegranate sleeping pack after reading your review, and I’m totally loving it! I don’t use so much that my face is wet (I think it absorbs pretty fast anyway); it’s more of a night cream or lotion to me. In the morning, my skin feels softer and looks brighter. But of course, the effects are not as instant and noticeable as sheet masks.

    • the Muse

      sheet masks all the way coco ;-D I agree nice effect but instant results with sheet masks rock!

  • Annabella Freeman

    I’ve used a Biotherm mask that said you can use it overnight and it did feel nice but I think you can get the same effect from a thick moisturiser!

  • jbrobeck

    I don’t have any sleep packs, but I do the same thing with my favorite Lancome mask, the Hydra-Intense Masque. I put it on at night, and then wash it off in the morning!

  • Teleria

    TonyMoly! I haven’t seen that brand since I left Korea. I had the blueberry moisturizer and loved it. Sorry kind of random, but I recognized the packaging from 2+ years ago, wow. Ahem. Have to go look at pictures of my students and be nostalgic now. Another teacher gave it to me because I ran the “blueberry” (5 year old) class.

  • anonymous

    almost like a eastern version of a nightcream & serum in one

    the korres yogurt mask can be left on overnight as a mask/nightcream. I think I like it better than just a regular mask because the lactic acid works all night & I wake up with really smooth skin. I’ll have to buy another jar actually– one of the few beauty items I managed to finish off in timely manner lately. just really feels so nice and not any of the usual grit & mess of masks.

  • jac-kie

    so instead of using night creme you use this ‘sleep pack’ instead? can you use this nightly instead of night creme for added potency & results? =p

    • the Muse

      noooooo jackie. I use maybe once a week, twice if I wanna whiten dramatically but not as a regular night cream. it’s a treatment not a moisturizer hun. skip your night cream once maybe twce a week and use this but not skipping night cream all the time and proceeding to use this daily ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nagini

    Yes, I’ve used the Laneige water sleeping pack a couple of times. The only thing it did for my skin was moisturize, not really worth the money if you ask me. Maybe people with dry skin will benefit from it.

    • the Muse

      same here mostly I get a hydrated finish to my skin but never notice much else ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Martha

    Do we wash our face with foam the next morning after using sleeping pack, or only with warm water?

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mediterranean Maven

    I love Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Pack. I use this nightly over my the Green Tea Pure Cream and I wake up to the softest most hydrated even toned skin I’ve ever had. This step alone has made a huge difference in curbing the dryness and dehydration that my skin gets so easily. A thick moisturizer alone just sits on top of my skin and does not do it for me at all. I’ve noticed that none of the sleeping pack gets on my pillow. Instead, my skin completely absorbs it. I like the layering effect of using the different products in the Innisfree Green Tea line and it has made a big difference in just the few days that I have been using the line. My skin is much more hydrated and stays that way throughout the day and it looks more even toned and creamy. So far, so good.

  • Morgana

    I’m really keen to add a sleeping pack to my regimen, I always wake up with such gross oily skin in the morning! Do you think a sleeping pack might help with that? (If so, recommendations?)

  • Lou

    Can you use different types of sleeping packs on different days of the week? Like the laneige water sleeping pack on Monday and thursday, the innisfree green tea sleeping pack on Tues and Sat etc etc etc ? Or even face masks some days, sleeping packs other days?

    • Isabella Muse

      Sure, so long as your skin isn’t too sensitive or prone to break outs it is fine to switch up using different masks!

  • Tessa

    Hi there

    Have you ever tried the Malissa Kiss white me up sleeping pack? Its a collagen cream with only natural ingredients in it.