February 14, 2011

Emma Watson New Face of Lancome

With modeling gigs like Burberry under her belt is it any wonder that Emma Watson is the new face of Lancome?

Check it!

Beauty Packaging reports that Emma will be the latest ambassador, spokeswomen for Lancome Paris. Interesting as Emma has to be the youngest actress to take on the position thus far and an obviously great marketing strategy by Lancome to gain a younger market interest.

Emma is quoted as saying she’s very excited and can’t wait to shoot but also confesses she doesn’t wear much makeup but loves Lancome products particularly their mascara. At least she’s honest because indeed Emma looks flawless without the use of heavy makeup in my humblest.

What do you think of Emma Watson as the new Face of Lancome?

Would it make the brand more appealing to you?

Do you like the idea of her in new ads that will pop up soon?

I’m torn myself. Lancome has some great products although I don’t count myself a hardcore fan and absolutely do believe that the brand is universally known as a more “mature” makeup line due to its collections, skincare, and packaging so the idea of Emma taking all this on will just age her a little more as Lancome, I doubt, will create anything fresh, fun, and fabulous just because Emma is on board.

However, I also think Emma is very classic in both her beauty, intelligence, and just generally how she holds herself so perhaps Lancome is a perfect fit for someone who has an ageless personality although she most definitely has the looks of a lovely young women even if her personality is on a more mature level.

What do you think?


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  • ndoodles

    I have a feeling once ads come out girls will be pouring over to the Lancome counter (all those HP fans!) – she is such a beauty icon now! And even I admire her style from time to time – I think she’d make a great spokesperson for Lancome!

  • Liz!

    Love Emma, she’s gorgeous, but I think I’m in the same boat as you. I had the same thoughts the second I saw her picture with the headline announcing her as Lancome’s new face. I don’t really see Lancome creating products for a younger market, so I don’t really understand that they feel the need to market to them? Idk, guess we’ll see!

    • the Muse

      Liz I doubt Lancome will market anything in the realms of youthful b/c of Emma joining up either, totally agree with ya but it would be nice if they did ;-D

  • Melody

    I love Emma, so I think I would be more interested in the brand if they came out with some new products =D

  • origami

    I think this is definitely an interesting move on the part of LancΓ΄me.

    I would consider myself a long time user of their products since I started off with their makeup in my early teens – with a healthy dose of wet and wild products – and still use it now in my twenties (in combo with UD, MUFE, Tarte, Rimmel, etc). That said it is likely true that if my mother hadn’t been such a fan I probably never would have tried much, if anything at all, in their product line. But her purchases had a nice trickle-down effect (re: gift with purchase FTW, and for the daughter, haha). And eventually I found myself taking advantage of their GWP and buying bifacil, various cleansers, and a number of palettes and liners I probably never would have considered** and absolutely adore(d).

    **Not because their products aren’t good, but because it never would have occurred to me and they’re higher end.

    Anyhow, I think it will prove interesting to see what they come up with in 2011/2012 given their “new face”. They’re unlikely to do a complete 180 and come up with a Graffitti style green Γ  la Urban Decay, but my feeling is that Emma will lend herself nicely to LancΓ΄me’s brand of standard colors and maybe we’ll see a rise in their particular interpretation of “edgier” cosmetics that we have seen historically (ethereal, fairy like colors/ bold purples and iridescent finishes, etc). Blunted edginess, could we call it? πŸ˜›

  • Nunuiviet

    Lancome is trying to give a “lift” to its brand, because frankly speaking I have always associated the brand with older women, my mum used to use lancome a long time ago. With hiring Emma who is world famous thanks to the Harry potter series, they’re trying to give their brand a image of youth and thus trying to take another market share in which they’re totally absent.but still I wonder if young people (except those born from rich family) will buy products from the brand because their stuff is quite pricey…

  • joopah

    I, too, thought that Lancome was for for the mature market, but I started paying more attention when they had Devon Aoki in their promo pictures several seasons ago. And now, Emma Watson, whom I adore. So, yes, their marketing strategy works on me πŸ˜›

  • Mary the Muse Militant

    Wow, I wouldn’t never have guessed Lancome would choose someone like Emma Watson.
    Emma is a fabulous girl and all that but working for Lancome?!?
    I can’t help thinking of Emma as a child still although she has now grown up.
    I would have thought Lancome would use a well established beauty.
    I loved Isabella Rossilini’s time on Lancome. So chic !
    I prefer Emma with her long thick hair rather than the boys cut.
    Is she mad ??
    But, anyhow I hope she does well and good for her as she seems like a well grounded decent person !!

    • the Muse

      mary I think I admire how well Emma holds herself. Very adult-like, grounded, very mature for her age so Lancome choosing her for their younger adverts was a solid choice, I think it’ll sway alot of younger ladies to Lancome’s way ;-D I like her pixie cut, it flatters the angle of her face wonderfully ;D!

  • Krys

    Not a big fan of Lancome, but a really really really big fan of Emma Watson. I’ve never tried Lancome because I sort of think of it as a the expensive version of L’Oreal, which never worked well for my skin. Surprisingly, hearing the news that Emma is the new Lancome model suddenly improved their status in my eyes. Talk about susceptibility to advertising LOL πŸ™‚

    • the Muse

      krys ;-D I think Emma will cash in on some sales for Lancome. She’s a beautiful girl and I think if we get a chance to see some her ads here in the US it could sway alot of people πŸ™‚

  • Cj

    I really like her! I loved when she started working with Burberry (Totally got me into the brand lol) She always comes off very grounded and mature like everyones been saying. I think having her as Lancome’s new face will definately help get more young people around my age interested in the brand. I wouldn’t say I’m a huge lancome fan but the few products I have, I love πŸ™‚

    Btw I’m loving her short hair, She looks beautiful πŸ˜›

    • the Muse

      god yes cj she looks amazing ;-D love the hair and totally agree with everything you said ;D!

  • Cassie

    I really enjoy Lancome products despite it being typically for a mature woman. Hydrazen in particular is for stressed skin and is simply gorgeous.

    I quite like Emma but have started to find celebrity endorsements a bit galling now. It seems like they are trying to take on everything – acting, modelling, beauty and even singing… Vogue features more actresses than actual supermodels and I find this fixation quite sad.

    Of course, I’m not trying to attach Lancome/Emma personally but simply stating the general trend that’s shifting towards the popularity culture is something which makes me annoyed.

    • the Muse

      cassie I wasn’t too annoyed by emma at all but I understand what you mean. Truly it is weird. For example Leighton Meester taking on a singing career kinda had me saying ha? eh? It’s true though. A show leads to a music deal leads to a perfume and makeup collection leads to a modeling gig, etc…please people stick with one thing ha πŸ˜€ dont’ confused me πŸ˜€

  • Chill-seeker

    I am very excited to see Emma become the new face of lancome. Honestly, I was very surprised when she was not chosen for Burberry beauty because I thought she was much more fitting. Even though she is young I think that Emma falls right in line with lancome’s previous spokeswomen (ie. Timeless, chic yet grounded). I’m 22 and although I am not a huge Lancome fan myself, I am now quite interested in what they have to offer. I actually think Emma is hoping this contract will age her a bit in the eyes of the public because many still see her as Hermoine.


    • Chill-seeker

      I think her pixie cut is stunning. Hell, if I had a face like hers I might just shave my head.

    • the Muse

      I think she’d be fab as the Burberry girl chill ;-D how very fitting. Gosh I surely hope not as I find she’s so much more than merely Hermoine. She really stands out compared to all the other actors in the Potter series as someone that really has come full circle.

  • Marina

    Well, I adore Emma Watson. I really do. In fact, I recently cut my hair like hers (though not solely because she has it, of course).
    That said, I’m not a huge fan of Lancome. I don’t feel like she’s going to attract younger people in droves to the Lancome counter…As someone who is younger herself (18 now! Woot!), I’ve never been attracted to their selections. I’ve tried a couple eyeshadows, and my mother uses their mascara…I was never ‘wowed’ by anything, but they do make a good product. I just don’t think that Emma (though she is so adorable and very marketable) is going to change Lancome’s position in the industry.

    • the Muse

      Marina I think she’s darling too! Mmm I dunno Marina it really depends on the ads they do with her, it might attract some of the younger audience out there but it def won’t be for everyone ;D!

  • pamela

    hello Muse! emma is as cute as can be, and i hope that lancome will be able to update the line and bring us beauty lovers some updated, and fun new products! i used to love shopping for the Juicy Tube lipgloss but whatever happened to them? they were so fun and my lips loved them! after lancome seemed to stop making new colors i did move on to Philosophy lip shines, tho! they are fab! oh how i likey those yummy tubes of glittery happiness!

  • Ryan

    Hmm… I love Emma Watson but Lancome? The bitches who man the local counter here totally ruined the brand for me. Sad really. It is nice to see Emma mature into such a fine young woman though.

  • Jean

    I don’t know, really nice fresh-faced girl and all but it’s just last year that I saw her as a wee little Freshman at college walking around campus sipping on Starbucks and rocking the casual T-shirt jeans thing without a lick of makeup so it’s a little jarring for me to see her as the face of a brand that’s more mature like Lancome… 0_0 Then again it’s probably just me and my little cognitive dissonance talking here. Lovely, polite girl at any rate though.