February 4, 2011

N.Y.C. New York Color Cosmetics Smooch Proof 16 Hour Lip Stain Review, Swatches, Photos

Awww yeah! 10 shades of 16 hour lip stain coming atcha from New York Color Cosmetics for as little as $3 bucks each at your local evil empire (Walmart).

These aren’t particularly new as by now you’ve tried ’em from a range of brands including Covergirl and Revlon however the budget price tag makes them a top pick.

Wanna have a peek?

A lightweight, transfer-proof lip stain is available in 10 shades.

Ok, so the concept isn’t new but the formula and price might grab you!

For those who never tried this type of stain before they basically come in a felt tip magic marker type packaging. Swipe ’em on your lips for an instant, lasting staining effect.

I purchased four shades and I’ll probably go back for more as I thought the formula wore the longest out of all the brands I already tried and owned including Covergirl and Revlon’s version. I can head into five hours with these wearing strong on my lips sans lipgloss however with gloss on top I find they’ll get through around three to four hours in before nearing a touch up. I guess the gloss makes them slide off easily. Now mind you this is through eating and drinking so that’s quite a nice wear but not nearly 16 hours worth ha….! Regardless, they still wear quite long.

The felt tip marker might now be your bag particularly if you have experienced probs with products like this in the past that dried out. I’ve personally never had that issue with stains of this nature drying up but I have heard the woes. I only own these for a week so can’t tell you if I will or will not run into those problems later on.

Currently I love them hard. Shades seem to range along the lines of berries and roses but some shades were sold out when I got to the display so they possibly have warmer colors available too but I wasn’t privy to those!

I picked up Champagne (berry red), Berry Long Time (warm red berry), Persistent Pink (baby pink), and Berry Red (brilliant red berry). All the shades had great color pay off and gave my lips and burst of brightness. I was partial to Persistent Pink as it merely enhanced my natural lip color and made my lips look pouty and lush.

The benefit of the stains are the long wearing, light weight formula that give a natural color to lips without looking too scary or clown-like. These are great alternative to lipsticks or glosses when you’re wanting a more natural look or if your lips lack pigment and need a pick me up or they make an excellent base for lip gloss to amp color up!

The felt tips seemed to wear down after a mere few uses. They started bending a fair bit and losing their nice tip. A bit of a strange quirk!

  • Those who desire a long wearing lip product.
  • Those who like a more natural look (a little blush, mascara, and stain make for a simple look).
  • Anyone who has less than pigmented lips (these will instantly add color to paler lips).
  • Those wanting to amp up their colored lipglosses (these are a great base for making your glosses POP!).

  • Those with finer lines around their mouth (be aware these may migrate into finer lines).
  • Those with very deeply pigmented lips (stick to choosing lighter shades from the range as some colors are a bit bolder and could make pigmented lips look a little too clown-y).

Overall, I really liked N.Y.C. New York Color Cosmetics Smooch Proof 16 Hour Lip Stains. The price is a real value (I paid $2.97 each) and the long wearing formula makes them a great pick for days I can’t be bothered to touch up. I love using these under my MAC Lipglass as well to add a little extra pop to the shades.

Likey lots!

Great beauty budget price and a Muse Approval for purchase!

Tried ’em?

Love ’em?

Want ’em?

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  • Wendy

    Oooh these look AWESOME! I really want the 2nd one in your pic (the pinky/purple berry color)… I may have to stop by Walmart tonight, haha. Were these on a special display or in the normal NYC area?

      • Wendy

        I checked 1 location, no go… found them @ rite aid but totally not paying $4.99 there haha

          • Wendy

            I finally got some and loooooove them :), you have to get the red (Rock on Ruby, I think). It’s a bit less pigmented but it’s a beautiful red stain and doesn’t dry out my lips at all. This is going with me on my trip to England 😉

          • the Muse

            yay wendy! brilliant glad to hear it ;D will have to pick that shade up!

    • LisaLin

      I bought this in 2 shades. Very disappointing! The stain doesn’t last any longer than normal lipstick and the tubes lasted only a week. I don’t think this product will be on the market long. It’s not worth the price at all.

  • KristyQ

    Def gonna pick some of these up now!! They look really pretty and I’m in love with stains, especially in spring/summer

  • Trenny

    $3? nice. the third swatch is the most natural looking stain I’ve seen- which shade is it?

    I try to store stains etc in ziplocks (snack size are so handy) to minimize dry out.

  • elizabeth

    Wow, $2.97? These were $4.99 at my Rite Aid, which is why i didn’t get them…idk why but i’m incapable of buying drugstore makeup at full price. I certainly don’t have a problem at Sephora tho…

    • the Muse

      mm $4.99 is a bit high for the brand, $2.97 elizabeth at the evil empire chica ;-D LOL you aren’t along girl!

  • Stefi

    How do you think the light pink one on the far right compares to Posietint? I’ve been lemming it for a while but can’t justify almost $30 for a stain atm.


    • the Muse

      umm a little deeper stefi but should be an ok dupe for posietint but won’t multitask on cheeks the way posietint does, only lips.

  • KimmyDarling

    Hey, Muse. What do they smell like? I love the CoverGirl version, but am not wild about the scent.


  • steph b

    I’m definitely going to check these out. My much-loved Palladio in Orchid finally dried out. I love these with a swipe of balm for a soft look.

  • Sara

    Ooh, these are out now?! Sweet! I love NYC’s new stuff they’ve been putting out lately. These excite me. 🙂 Thanks, Muse!

  • Tigress

    Woah, that’s a great deal for a lip stain. I’m gonna have to check these out. Thanks Muse!

  • Amee

    hmmm… interesting 🙂 thanks for the review…
    i dont have even single lip stain in my collection.. i think this is the better start…

  • Brooke

    ooh these look fab..i’m usually a bit meh on lipstains as it is but these def look worth a try especially from nyc as its my fav…i like the lightest pink color it looks gorrrrrgeous n wud probly be good 4 sum1 like me who has kinda reddish lips 2 start with…but yeah these luk greaaattt :]

  • BooBooNinja

    My local Rexall is having a sale on lip products, and I was thinking of trying these. B
    Now that you’ve had these for a while, could you tell me if these dry out?
    Also, do you find yourself reaching for them? Or have you sort of forgotten all about them because they don’t stack up so well against your other lip products?

  • Len Stanley

    I’m SOOOOO disappointed!! I got it to last long — rock on ruby. It doesn’t even last two hours!!! I’ve gotten other long-lasting ones that really DO last — they also cost more, but this doesn’t even come CLOSE to your advertised 16-hr!!

  • Leyla Bikul

    I have had the same three colors since they came out with these and they are still going strong. I do have more naturally pigmented lips and I do tend to navigate more to the darker tones and even having extremely pale skin ( and I mean I wear foundation shades ivory and porcelain to give me some color)they still look really nice on me, even the darkest shade.