February 15, 2011

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue Review

Imagine a world where fall out from your shimmery, glittery shades of shadow didn’t exist. Wait, I’m closing my eyes now, I’m picturing it….um nope, can’t imagine dat!

I have so much sparkle crack for my eyes it’s surreal. I love me some shimmer. However, I do hate the fall out drama that occurs with the application of such products. Cheeks, face, no place is safe from sparkly shadow during application and it pretty much falls anywhere and any place it damn well pleases.

Too Face Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue Glitter Bonding Eye Shadow Primer promises to seal glitter on my lids and hey maybe it’ll take up sword and do battle with the fall out these shades create.

Check it!

An eye primer specially created for glittery, sparkle eye shadows.

I dislike Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer with a passion because it has this strange formula that feels greasy and separates easily in the tube. I suspected but hoped that Glitter Glue would not fall victim to the same formula and I’m happy to say Too Faced got it right. This comes across tacky and a bit glue-like in texture (think harmless school glue you’d get for your very young child) but it doesn’t have a greasy, silicone-feel like Shadow Insurance nor does it separate. The primer remains dense and creamy and suffers none of the same downfalls as Shadow Insurance. It blends easily onto my eye and although tacky and a tad sticky on my finger tip it doesn’t feel that way on my eye at all.

Too Faced suggests using this by applying on top of your eyeshadow and topping with your favorite loose pigment, sparkle, or glitter. I personally felt this was way messy. I suppose if you have matte shadows and want to dab a little of this on and follow up with your loose sparkly shadow that would work fine however I do think it creates a bit of creasing action and drama so I avoid doing this.

I personally use it on a bare lid and follow up with a sparkle shadow or glittery shade of my choosing. It easily holds these shades in place and creates a smooth canvas for application while preventing creasing or fading.

Does it help with fall out?

Not really but it doesn’t promise to do that either, I was just hopeful. If you press shades into place on your lid you can easily deal with less fall out and this will minimize that drama as well but not so much so to buy it exclusively for that reason.

I couldn’t help but ask myself do I really need another primer exclusively for different shadow finishes?

  • Anyone with alot of loose pigments, eyeshadows, or glitters in their stash that need a primer to lock these products in place.
  • Those who favor loose mineral shadows.

  • Anyone with shimmer shades of shadow (you probably don’t need a primer like this just because you have one too many shimmery finishes in your stash).
  • Those already happy with Urban Decay Primer Potion or your other primers of choice.
  • Those expecting this to minimize fall out.

I’m not sure I really need another primer. I think Urban Decay Primer Potion does just fine and it keeps my shadow in place all day without any problems. If Too Faced Glitter Glue minimized fall out I think it would turn into a solid must have for me however it merely did the same thing that UDPP already does which is keep shadows in place all day long without creasing. Unless you’re literally using glitter on your lids and in need of something to lock it in place or perhaps you’re a loose mineral eye shadow girl this might be a worth your while purchase however if you’re just simply a girl with a bunch of shimmery shades of solid shadow, well, you probably won’t need Glitter Glue.

Anyone try it?

Dubbing it a must have for your train case?

Do share it!

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  • meghan

    My favorite trick for glittery shadow: when you are completely finished with your make-up, close your eyes, and very lightly, from about 12″ away mist on some hairspray. It makes a huge difference, you just have to be careful!

      • Harleigh

        We used this trick back when I was studying Drama in Uni. I can assure you that this works after doing intense physical workout while a harsh light was shining down on me.

        Though, I would have to recommend you keep your eyes closed twenty seconds after you sprayed it on your face or you would end up burning your eyes. Had to learn that the hard way.

  • Christina

    Oh Muse, you dont like the Shadow Insurance??
    Strange, it’s my favorite!! I also did not find it greasy – the UD Primer Potion seems to dry my lids. Sometimes they are almost painfully dry when I remove the eye makeup after the PP.. does this mean I have rather dry lids? Paintpots, f.e. work just fine.. Dunno?
    Anyways, I can see this work very well with the Makeup Forever or Laura Mercier glitter which I have been wanting to try forever! 🙂 thanks, Muse!

    • the Muse

      noooo christina not my fav sadly 🙂 I find there are two types of primer lovers, the UD ones and the TF ones ;-D could be dry lids!? it’ll work great with MUFE ;D! my pleasure!

  • Ricci

    Oooh I need this I got a ton of MAC Glitters! Thanks Muse ! I been looking for something like this.

  • Miss PK

    I just recently got this, I am still on the fence. Still reaching and loving LASplash eyeshadow sealer/base for glitter.

    • the Muse

      miss ok the base LASplash included with a recent kit I purchased was pretty damn nice ;D!

  • Becky

    I am having such a hard time with this product while using their new glitter! If I apply too much it seems to get cakey or not enough and the glitter doesn’t seem to stay on, kind of like it just blends all in. I don’t get what I’m doing wrong. I try on my arm and it’s amazing.. eye? Nope. Totally didn’t work for me when I’ve tried over a shadow. I’m not ready to give up yet but grrr.. it’s frustrating!

    ANYWAY, I’m a fan of Too Faced on facebook and they say you’re supposed to use it over your regular primer.. it’s just a glue and NOT a primer. Just thought I’d mention. :o)

    • the Muse

      Aw sorry Becky. I used it on a bare lid without a prob but when I used with a shadow and applied on top of I got really bad results. Nope, not a primer but can be used as one easily however I don’t feel like I absolutely need it since UDPP does pretty much the same as TFGG to me. if it minimized fall out or if I used alot of loose minerals and glitters I’d be more inclined to rave it ;D

  • Jen

    I think this is a pass for me. I don’t feel like I need anything extra for my pigments. I’ll just stick to my normal primer.

    • Syd

      Jen, it’s specifically for glitter, not just loose pigments. It’s made for the glitter that TF came out with as a binding agent since their new glitter is made to NOT stick so it doesn’t get and STAY all over your clothes.

  • Shayne A

    Musey, I am of the TFSI camp….but that’s ok, I still love ya!!
    I am curious how this compares to Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy. I use PE quite frequently & love how it not only helps my pigment stick, but intensifies it. I recently used it with Bare Escentuals’ Brave glimmer, and it looked like molten golden metal with liquid iridescence. So beautiful. Have you ever tried Pixie Epoxy?? It’s a clear gel-like consistency that is slightly tacky once it dries on your lids & I pat on the pigment for maximum effect.

  • Lee

    when I tried this out at sephora it kept all of the glitter i had on my eyelids ON my lids(: sorry it didn’t really work out for you! I heard the LA splash base was good for glitter/pigments, though!

    • the Muse

      hey lee glad it worked for you hun! ;-D I haven’t tried their base, might have to give it a whirl!