March 25, 2011

Benefit B.Right Remove It Makeup Remover Review

Benefit B.Right Remove It Makeup Remover is a brand new gentle eye makeup remover. This is a hefty 6 oz size for $21 so count me excited that it’s so large .

Is it any good?

Let’s see!

A makeup remover that effectively removes eye makeup, including long-wearing and waterproof formulas, with an oil-free, no-rinse formula.

I was quite relieved about the packaging on this as unlike Benefit’s new moisturizer it does not come in a glass bottle. The bottle is a fun affair kinda one part message in a bottle and one part old style apothecary. Although it has a glass look it’s actually a heavier plastic so no worries about it surviving a fall over, it’ll bounce right back without an issue, wish I could say the same for the moisturizer.

I do think they did a rather great job with the packaging, it’s fun, it’s fresh, and it looks oh so pretty laying out on your vanity or bathroom counter.

One of the main appeals of the remover was the hefty 6 oz size for $21 versus many other brands I enjoy which range around $26 at 4 oz, hey lancome, I’m talking to you! Mind you a hundred people will reply and say that $21 is too high for makeup remover but I tend to not mind since any and all drugstore removers I’ve tried do a rather poor job of getting my waterproof makeup off.

Interestingly enough the very gentle almost water-like formula does a good job of removing makeup. It’s not a dual phase formula and feels more like water mixed in with a bit of a mild soap of some kind but it still manages to ease off waterproof mascara and eyeshadow exceptionally well. I did notice a wee bit of mascara left over after but this isn’t a big issue since alot of my removers prove the same results and my oil cleanser will do the trick at removing any left overs.

It feels gentle to my eyes so no stinging, no oily residue, no trippy cloudy vision, and no red eyes after use. I soak a cotton pad, press it to my eye for a few, and gently wipe.

It’s a tip and pour jar which I dislike. Benefit didn’t include a smaller spout so the flow of the product can get dangerous and you can easily over do it. The best way to use is to press your cotton pad over the opening and tip onto it but it’s still a tad too much, some sort of strainer or spout would have proved better.

  • Those with sensitive eyes (the formula feels extra gentle to me).
  • Those who aren’t keen on oily residue after using a makeup remover (the formula is light and feels just like water yet still manages to do an excellent clean up job).
  • Those wanting more for less (6 oz is a generous size at $21).

  • Those who are a bit clumsy (the tip and pour design is a bit dangerous if you’re heavy handed).
  • Those unwilling to buy makeup remover outside a drugstore (if drugstore remover is your thing this will probably feel too expensive for you).

Overall, Benefit B.Right Remove It Makeup Remover proved itself well. I liked the gentle formula and thought it did a fairly good job of getting my eye makeup off with minimal fuss or drama. I think the size and price are quite good compared to other high end brands who offer alot less for alot more. I’d definitely repurchase this one and think it makes an excellant remover for those with sensitive eyes.


Anyone try?

Do share!

You can learn more about the B.Right line at however as CJ, reader kindly pointed out, this isn’t available from Benefit yet but it can be purchased

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Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment.

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  • winni

    Hey girl, have you tried olive oil? It removes all my waterproof/budgeproof/apocalypseproof eyemakeup. And talk about cheap! But I love the packaging on these new benefit skincare products. Also, I don’t know what size this is, but u could probably get a pour spout (like the kind they use on liquor bottles) for cheap and it might help control the amount dispensed.

  • Katie

    I’ve been waiting for a review of this to see how it would hold up. You’re right– no drugstore brand has been able to work magic like Lancome. I was glad to see that it’s a lot more product for less than the Lancome, which was my only problem with them, so I’ll have to check it out!

    • the Muse

      Absolutely not Katie. I think alot of folks will beg to disagree but I’ve never tried a ds brand that actually worked well at removing eye makeup :-/

  • Barb

    I usually just use Olay cleaning cloths to remove my makeup but this bottle is so pretty! Thanks 🙂

  • Nunuiviet

    I use maybeline eye makeup remover waterproof it’s gentle cheap what else do we want more? I think it’s a waste to spend too much on this kind of product .

  • Cj

    I totally did a fangirl squeal when I saw my name in the post 😛 I can’t wait to get my 2 sample kits!

    • the Muse

      LOL ;-D it was you that mentioned that, at first I thought hey wait it’s on benefit’s site but than I noticed no wait CJ is right some of it is missing!

      • Cj

        Yep, the toning lotion and hydrating mist (they were in the video) are also missing from both the website and sephora, but I think their just coming out on a later date.

        • the Muse

          damn slow release cj ;-D I didn’t get the mist and wants it :-/

  • Sarah

    I like MAC remover wipes or CVS makeup remover wipes… they have worked better than Lancome for me. CVS comes at about $6 for 25 and MAC at $26 for 100 so they’re actually close to each other in price.

    • the Muse

      hi sarah mac wipes are awesome but I don’t like rubbing my eye area too much and always find that I do with wipes ;-/

  • Liz!

    The packaging is soooooo pretty! And I’ll totally be out of eyemakeup remover soon….looks like a trip to the Benefit counter is in my near future 😀

  • ainat

    I’m soo excited about the packaging! I’ve also used their previous makeup remover “You clean up nice” and really liked it.

    Glad to hear good reviews!

  • GreenTeaHoney

    This is SO CUTE!!! I am a sucker when it comes to cute packages! ^.^
    I must say that I like the tip and pour style w/ this bottle because it goes w/ the design. Plus, I will definitely keep the bottle and refill it w/ something else, like another remover or… a toner, because the package is freakin’ CUTE ^_^ hehe

    I have the Laneige skincare line and their toner & emulsion bottles are made out of glass. I like the idea of glass container, especially for skin care product cuz it feels… classy-er and I

    • the Muse

      me too greentea 🙂 really enjoying the packaging but always worry I’ll be clumsy and drop it. many of my skin food items are glass bottles 🙂

  • GreenTeaHoney

    I have the Laneige skincare line and their toner & emulsion bottles are made out of glass. I didn’t think they’re too cumbersome =P
    I like the idea of glass container, especially for skin care product cuz it feels… classy-er. Maybe it’s just in my little head, but my products feel “safer” in glass bottles hehe.

  • BeckyJo

    Hi there, Muse,

    Have you ever tried theBalms’ Balms Away eye makeup remover?!

    It is AMAZING. I’ve never found a makeup remover that works so well. The best way to use it is to rub it on (it’s an emollient-based remover) and then wipe it away with a face cleaning wipe. No traces of any makeup left, including the hardest-to-budge waterproof, caked on mascara.

    I’d strongly recommend testing it out, if you haven’t yet tried it!


  • Melissa

    ty – i want this whole line for the packaging – im gonna get some samples tho make sure im not allergic and I might use it all summer long

    • the Muse

      melissa they have the free sampler at Sephora 🙂 if you spend $35

  • dina

    love that this isn’t dual phase and that you said its kind of like soap and water! not a fan of the oily fil feeling some leave behind. can’t wait to try it & love the pacakaging on these 😀

  • Saanjh

    Hey Muse, you should try Biore cleansing oil. It’s the freakin’ best makeup remover I have ever tried, my waterproof mascara literally cowers before it.
    I’m not sure if it’s called anything but “cleansing oil” but it’s in a purple bottle with a PUMP!
    The size of it lasts a while because you only need two pumps for face and eye makeup combined. It’s amazing. Wonder stuff. And pretty darn inexpensive here in Singapore too.
    You. Must. Try.

    • the Muse

      hi saan I have the biore one, it’s quite good 🙂 It’s not my fav cleansing oil but it’s def nice :D!

  • Nunuiviet

    Ho I read too fast thought it was about eye makeup remover lol.anyway I prefer using Mac cleansing oil or for days when I’m lazy I’ll go with my larocheposay miscellar lotion for sensitive skin which can be use on lips and eyes, really refreshing and takes it all off while leaving my skin hydrated a msut have really!

  • Lindsey D

    Do you think the formula would work well if it’s put in a spray or pump bottle? Normally when I get stuff like this I try to put some in a mini bottle for everyday use.

    • the Muse

      hi lindsey eye makeup remover in a spray bottle would prob be a bit messy to use, or at least I thinks so.

      • Lindsey D

        Um, you’ve never had a cleanser or anything that came in a spray bottle before? You spray it on whatever you use to take off the makeup/whatever, but it doesn’t spill and has more control that that bottle up there. I wanted to know if the consistency would work in a bottle with a spray or pump top? Since a lot of eye makeup removers are thickish.

        • the Muse

          nope Lindsey never had an eye makeup remover that came in a spray bottle. I have brush cleansers than do. I think it would be a bit messy spraying cleanser on a cotton pad plus you wouldn’t get it saturated enough to remove your eye makeup but I haven’t tried it like that before…this isn’t thick at all, it’s much like water. Hope this helps? :-/ most eye makeup removers I’ve used are normally liquids.

          • the Muse

            PS i have an old boots makeup remover pump that works great for this, so pumps def work but wouldn’t decant into a mister/spray bottle.

  • elaine

    did you like this remover more or the my beauty diary peach makeup remover more? let me know, i’m trying to find something other than my lancome remover!

  • Bethany

    So.. I know where your Sephora/Ulta loyalty is.. but for $6 I bought the Ulta brand eye makeup remover today. It is absolutely amazing!! I compared it with this Benefit’s, just cause I love Benefit with my entire heart. But they really felt equal. : )

  • Marina Ho

    Thank you so much for reviewing this product. I live in Toronto and I work at a shoppers in the cosmetics department. We have this product in for 24 dollars (I honestly don’t know why it’s so much more expensive in Canada), however since I work there I get a 30% discount and including our %1.13 tax, it only comes out to be 19 dollars. I was thinking of trying it, since I have played with it at Sephora and the store, but I hadn’t yet found a review on it.

    So thank you for this good review of the product. I really love the bottle, it’s so cute. The lancome remover is amazing, I had one given to me as a gift and I loved it, but it is definitely pricey.. So it’s nice to know that this one is good as well.

    • the Muse

      it’s my pleasure marina I’m so glad it was helpful for you! Canada is quite costly so it’s nice to see you’ll be getting it at such a nicer price tag! Do update me and lmk what you think after you tried!