March 9, 2011

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit Review, Swatches, Photos

Have you seen Bobbi’s new concealer video? Check it out at

I love how Bobbi makes everything look so incredibly easy!

The new Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit is a new breed of Bobbi’s popular concealer. The formula is improved and not only conceals your under eye woes but also maintains your skin’s moisture levels so your concealer always looks fresh.

Here are my thoughts on her new concealer!

A creamy concealer and setting powder duo!

I started out my concealer life hating Bobbi’s concealer. I purchased one of her palettes and felt like it creased rather badly and that the formula was a tad too heavy.

I tossed it aside.

And suddenly it got a new lean on life when I tried it again. The more you use her concealer, the more you’ll appreciate it and that’s what happened to me. At first it feels a little too thick, a little too creamy, a little too heavy…but you have to use it a few times to understand how the formula works.

The Creamy Concealer Kit pretty much mimics any concealer you’d find at your local Bobbi Brown counter. It’s thick, it’s emollient, it’s extra creamy, and it’s pigmented. The formula is ideal for those with very dark circles and those who suffer from drier under eyes. It pretty much conceals all my woes without issues. I admit I cheat on it alot but I’ve always come back to it and love it because it simply works.

Part of the appeal of the Creamy Concealer Kit is the size and the setting powder included. I ended up purchasing the shade Sand which includes a yellow based pressed powder, kinda like Skin Food Salmon Powder that I love so much. The size of the palette is kinda fun as it looks like a small contact lenses holder. It’s $32 for .21 oz compared to the normal concealers/correctors at $22 for the same price but you have to take into consideration the fact you’re also getting powder with the compact.

I loved the powder. It’s a pressed version of Skin Food’s Salmon Powder to me. The yellow base does a great job of neutralizing dark circles and setting the concealer for all day wear, literally, seriously, Bobbi’s concealer goes no where when it’s set correctly. It wears long and strong all day long.

If you have serious darkness, finer lines, puffiness, or you’re eyes are just looking very tried, Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer Kit is for you!

Sadly, the kit is a bit messy. I never had any problems with my concealer palette which also has powder but the smaller size of this palette makes for a mess when combing cream and powder in one place. The powder kicks up a fair bit of dust which ends up in the powder and becomes messy.

The palettes features a mirror which I appreciate but I have no place to go with excess concealer. There isn’t any rim on the well to remove excess from my brush nor can I wipe it on the inner lid of the palette (which I prob would have done if the mirror wasn’t there). Since the concealer is extra creamy I prefer having some place to blend it into my brush and a rim of some sort would be ideal for that.

Needless to say after two uses the palette is already starting to become messy.

  • Those with dark circles in need of a pigmented concealer to cover them.
  • Those in need of hydrating concealer.
  • Those who need a heavier concealer for concealing it all!

  • Those who desire a lightweight concealer.
  • Those who do not have major problems under their eyes.
  • Those who aren’t interested in having their powder and cream products in one very small space.

Although packaging has some quirks I’m still happy with this purchase overall. Prior to this a pressed powder has never been available from Bobbi Brown directly or at least not to my knowledge. I’ve only been privy to the powder in a concealer palette that I’ve purchased twice from QVC. I don’t mind loose powder for setting but I find the pressed is easier use.

Overall, if you’re still searching for your HG concealer still, this might be one to check out.

Raves from me!

Muse Approved for purchase!

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  • jackieg02

    I’m not a fan of this Bobbi Brown concealer, yet. I say yet because I feel that I just need to use it more. I find that it settles into the creases under my eyes.

    • the Muse

      same here jackie, it takes a little bit of a trick and a flick tog get it right so it doesn’t crease ;-D well worth the extra time to apply as in the end it wears really long and strong!

  • BeautyMaven

    I still have never tried ANYthing Bobbi Brown! This duo seems great though~ might be my first, haha! I’m also dying to play with the corrector. Must find my nearest counter!

  • xin

    ah i have always loved BB corrector/concealer. and one small pan lasts forever!

  • annie

    Muse, have you tried the Everyday Minerals Powder yet that I told you about?!

  • Linda

    SA said that the formula was a bit drier and colors ran darker then before. Did you find this to be the case?

    • the Muse

      Hi Linda you might have missed it hun but went over how creamy and hydrating the formula was in this post….!? hope that helps! I’m not familiar with all the colors in the range but the sand actually appeared lighter to me rather than darker this time around!

  • Val

    I was really interested in this concealer kit because at first I thought it was a corrector/concealer kit but then when I found out instead of corrector it was the yellow powder I was less interested. Anyhow, I went to a Bobbi Brown counter because I really need something to cover my dark circles and I have heard a lot of good comments on Bobbi Brown concealers. I asked the MUA to help me choose the right corrector and concealer but she chose the pink corrector and slightly paler concealer for me making my dark circles appear very very gray with a reverse panda effect below my bags…i asked the MUA if she thinks the concealer was too light for me and if I should use a peach color corrector and she said it’s perfect, so I end up didn’t getting anything….

    • the Muse

      sorry to hear your bad experience val 🙁 I normally try to select my own shades as MA’s are always wanting to give me really muddy shades of concealer :-/

      • Nunuiviet

        The MA always choose the wrong colours! I had a very bad experience when they choose my colour foundation or concealer. They always choose 2-3 shades darker than my skin so I never trust them since and make my own choice.

        • the Muse

          Nunu this is problem for me as well. They always give me 2 shades or more darker on concealer and shades like that make my eyes look tired!

          • Lisa

            I had the same problem with a BB make up artist at some fancy event. Supposedly she’s well known…Well I’m usually porcelain/alabaster…and she chose colors WAY TOO DARK for me. I got in my car and couldn’t get it off fast enough. Let alone I looked like some make up caked on beauty pageant contestant….Hell noooo

          • the Muse

            ugh Lisa that sounds HORRIBLE! I try never to let MA’s touch my face they normally give me shades that are way too dark and really cake it on :-/ when I go to a counter I try to stick to swatching on my arm only as they get a little crazy on my face 😛

  • Nunuiviet

    If the powder side gets into the cream side that’s a bit annoying… Does this stuff is also for hiding other blemishes such as acne scar or freckles?

    • the Muse

      nunu it’s an undereye concealer hun, bit too rich and thick for using as spot coverage.

  • Fey

    …And when the concealer runs out, you can keep your contact lenses in it!

  • Delyteful Speaks

    I wrote a review on the BB concealer kit and it wasn’t a Rave for sure.. I liked the formula heaps but hated the face that it creased on me!

    I’ll check this one out and hopefully i won’t have the same problem.. Thanks so much for the lovely review =)

    • the Muse

      delyteful I had the same problem with the concealer palette I purchased. I hated it but I slowly started using it and now I can’t love it enough ;-D! BUT don’t buy this if you had issues with the kit hun b/c it’s the same gooey, thick formula as the kit!

      • Delyteful Speaks

        Thanks heaps for tellin me.. I went and purschased Mac’s Studio Finish concealer last night so we’ll see how that goes =)

        Thanks again hun

    • the Muse

      really depends k. I have minimal puffiness that I use concealer to cover and this works however major aging baggage, well, no.

      • K

        Well puffiness from when you cried or annoying allergies, but not major sagging…..I’m not there yet lol.

        • the Muse

          it’ll do the trick k ;D! major sagging haven’t gotten there yet either lol but best safe to ask 1st hehe!

  • Lisa

    I love BB concealer, it does wonders on making you look awake. But I haven’t figured out how to kick the creasing!!! I’ve tried a brush, lightly tapping in on with my fingers….no matter what, I get big ugly creases. And this 23 yr old has no wrinkles right now….How in heck do you not get this stuff to crease?! Maybe I just need to suck it up and accept it…

    • the Muse

      lisa try using the ELF Studio Concealer brush, it’s three bucks? it’s amazing. I take a very small amount of the concealer and “paint” it on using this and proceed to pat it with my ring finger and top with some powder, PERFECT! no creasing ;D!

  • Dalia

    i would love to try Bobbis concealer esp since i suffer from dark genetic circles! but unfortunately, in Lebanon the price is much more expensive than the US..its abt 15 to 20 dollars more expensive than the US that always has me hesitating. esp since so many concealers have failed!

    • the Muse

      aw dalia sorry to hear it! 🙁 Europe is much the same as well as Asian with price jacks :-/ Perhaps if you ever come to the US you can haul ;D!

  • chiqui

    hey muse! I do have the skin food salmon concealer and i absolutely love it, thanks to you! however Im always on the hunt for a really good undereye concealer, so i was wondering which one of them you prefer more? thanks!

    • the Muse

      hi chiqui glad to hear it 😀 I really like both BB and Skin Food ;-D they are both fab concealers and HG for me!

  • Hiddy

    Hi Muse, I have this concealer right now and it creases a lot in my fine lines. Do you have any tips on proper application? I am very new to makeup. I would really appreciate any tips! Do you apply with a brush or your fingers? Do you start off by using a lot or just a tiny dab? Thanks in advance, I hope you can help me =)

    • the Muse

      how old are you hiddy? If you’re 30’s you might be experiencing dryness that is causing the issues of course anyone can have drier eyes but it’s most common to those of us who have aging eyes 🙂 prep prior is highly important, eye cream, fully absorbed prior to application and if you have it a hydrating primer of sort sort dabbed gently on the area. Start off with a tiny little bit applied using a concealer brush, blend with your fingers but gently rolling your ring finger and patting in the same way, build up the color slowly for the best coverage.

      I find prepping prior is the key to a crease-free existence so do use a good eye cream.

  • Brandy

    Can’t wait to try. Totally addicted to your beauty blog; you’re awesome!