March 11, 2011

Etude House Miss Tangerine LUCIDarling Fantastic Gradation Eyes Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

Thanks to Etude House I’m on this wicked orange/tangerine kick lately! I’ve been digging all the shades of orange, coral, peach, and tangerine I have in my stash and indulging in many other products in the same shades.

Korean brand, Etude House, has two new palettes released with their Miss Tangerine Collection that features some brilliant shades of tangerine.

Here’s my take on the Etude House Miss Tangerine LUCIDarling Fantastic Gradation Eyes Palette.

A graduating palette featuring contrasting shade of delicious tangerine!

I’ve tried some of the Etude House LUCIDarling Fantastic Gradation Eyes Palettes before but the Miss Tangerine ones are really rocking and rolling! The shades are simply stunning.

The palette itself is a normal range of contrasting shades that are easy to put together and blend. There are two shades available and today I’m reviewing the Miss Tangerine selection, yes, that’s what it’s called, just like the collection’s namesake. The shadows come housed in a cute pink compact with a little faux plastic ribbon closure.

Inside you’ll find two shadows, one base shade, and a liner. This palette is actually a little bit different compared to other palettes of this kind as it contains a cream base. I was actually surprised to see the base and appreciate it greatly since the formula on the main shade is very flaky, crumbly, and much like MAC Kitschmas Pigment so I appreciate a creamy base for the shadow to adhere to.

The main shade is stunning. It’s a popping shade of vibrant tangerine that really lights up my eyes. The cream base is tangerine as well plus you’ll get a creamy beige gold color wash/high brow highlighter and a deep chocolate-y liner. To use simply blend the cream shade on your lids and work into your crease, now top with the powder tangerine, follow up with the creamy beige to highlight your upper brow area, and finish with a bit of the chocolate liner on your upper lash line! Done! Simple and easy kawaii eye look!

I do believe the look is kawaii and perhaps a bit immature but I have a fuller face and I think I pull off that “cute” look decently due to my larger eyes. It’s the way I prefer to wear my makeup. I like bright pink of peach cheeks so I paired up Milani’s Corallina with the shadows and thought it went very well! On my lips I used the Etude House Follow Me Tint, it’s a pretty blush of tangerine that’s super subtle and natural!

The shadows are all very pigmented and smooth, they have a traditional Asian creamy, powder-y formula that wears quite well without creasing or fading. The colors are bright and cheery and oh so Summer-y (or Spring-y).

Both the liner and highlighter have good solid formulas but the main tangerine shade does have a loosely packed formula which causes major fall out woe but using the creamy base does help minimize this.

  • Those who wear warmer, sizzling shades that have a good deal of pop!
  • Those who love peaches, oranges, corals, and tangerines.
  • Those who want a fun, flirty look for Spring/Summer!

  • Those who aren’t interested in dealing with online shopping and airmail charges (this is available exclusively in Korea and a few select Asian countries so online ordering is necessary).
  • Those who do not like sparkly shades of shadow (the main color is full of shimmer and sparkle).

This is my favorite piece in the Etude House Miss Tangerine Collection to date. I loved it! The colors are so bright, fun, and sweet! I imagine some folks might feel the look is immature and unsophisticated but I’m all about fun, young makeup and I embrace my youthful side fully plus I think I wear such innocent shades well due to my fuller face. I do believe this is the most truest, prettiest shade of tangerine I own.

Simply gorgeous and well worth the trouble of tracking it down online!

Muse Approved for purchase!

About the Muse

Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Phyrra

    Will the cream shade crease if used on top of primer? That’s always my concern with my oily lids.

    • the Muse

      no probs here dd. used my UDPP, the cream base, and than the powder and didn’t have a prob. the cream is hard and blends out to a smooth finish so it’s not greasy feeling when you finally top with the powder πŸ™‚

  • Meredith

    I love this palette so much! I picked it up about a week and a half ago when I was in Korea, and I’ve been using it pretty constantly since.

    I love the Miss Tangerine line in general. It just launched in Taiwan yesterday, and I ended up picking up everything I didn’t get while in Korea. I figured since good orange-toned makeup is so difficult to find, I should probably buy it all while it’s available! Or at least that’s what I tell myself to make me feel less guilty about getting it all ;P

    • the Muse

      Meredith totally hauled it all too! ;-D it’s so cheap we can feel less guilty eh? Must be even cheaper in Taiwan! ;-D!!!!!!!! I absolutely adore the palette too, such a great shade of true tangerine! It’s my favorite piece from the collection so far ;D!!!!!!!!!

  • Melissa

    I ordered this pallet, the primer, the nail color and the lip tint from a seller I like on flea bay. It should be here in a few days. The best part is the whole lot was less than one eye shadow pallette by Chanel or Dior. I have yet to find coralina but I have a laura geller blush that I think will work well with this look too or maybe orgasm by nars but it might be too shimmery.

    • the Muse

      orgasm is perfect melissa ;-D You need to send an FOTD! Btw they have a nail polish trio so cutes ;-D I wish I was a nail girl! The primer is awesome. Good haul! love ET so cheap!

  • Emily

    What a gorgeous look! It’s much more wearable than I would have expected ^^ Might have to haul this when I’m in Korea next week…

  • Hing

    Thanks for the review Muse! You look awesome πŸ˜‰
    The eyeshadow looks quite scary in the palette but looks really great when worn (by you of course!!)
    Btw, do u have that Sweet Shower lips? I’d love to hear about that too πŸ™‚

  • Amber

    Can I ask where you ordered the Miss Tangerine stuff, and what it costs?

    • the Muse

      hi amber I got it from a friend in Korea…the range is $3-$10 retail in Korea.

  • Audris

    We have lots of Etude stores in Singapore but I’ve never really stepped into one. Until I read your recent reviews on the tangerine collection πŸ™‚
    I did like the mini-‘Guerlain’ balls but not the rest of the tangerine stuff. Was hoping to get a semi-sheer tangerine lip shade but nothing really worked when I swatched them on.

    Still enjoying your reviews nevertheless!

    • the Muse

      audris did you try the shower lips? I did yesterday and they are quite sheer and subtle, good tangerine/peachy shades ;-D and thanks so glad you enjoy the reviews πŸ™‚

  • Erika

    hello! miss muse! πŸ˜€ can i ask, which one would you prefer? this palette or the one with the pink shadow (from the Miss Tangerine collection) i love your reviews by the way πŸ˜€ you get products way faster than i do! X) and i’m near an etude house store πŸ˜€

    • the Muse

      hey erika ;-D thanks so much glad you enjoy the reviews ;-D I like both tbh! so I grabbed both. If you’re in Korea, totally get both b/c the price is absurdly low πŸ˜€

  • Blue

    I’m so tempted to actually order this! I’ve never been one for international shipping, but this is almost too adorable to pass up! I am loving the glittering orange color so much – I think I’m going to do it! Thanks for the review, totally convinced me! <3

  • Asuka

    You wear this quite successfully, Muse! I tried this palette, too. Unfortunately, it creases, unless I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance beneath. I’ ll be wearing the tangerine and caramel shades a lot this spring and summer πŸ™‚

    • the Muse

      hey asuka ;-D I used UDPP under it and it worked fab I think without I’d prob have serious creasing too :-/ thanks btw ;-D you’re sweet to say so! Me too, really embracing the peach/tangerine ;D! did you get Miss Berry berry too?

  • Asuka

    Not yet. I just saw the dark chocolate sparkly liner shade Miss Berry Berry has in the image you zoomed at a previous post – enchanting!

    • the Muse

      it’s quite pretty too just the opposite of this ;-D pinks instead of peaches!

  • Tammie

    I feel ya about taking advantage of being young for cute looks! I tend to wear a lot of shimmer (especially in the blush department) and bright pink (again in the blush department). I end up kind of inching towards a “dolly” look. I figure I’m only 25, I have to live it up while I still can!