March 10, 2011

Hello Kitty Glittercute Collection Made With Swarovski Elements Hello Kitty Crystal Dipped Handheld Mirror Made With Swarovski Elements

Anyone got an extra $500 dollars hanging around?

I can help you spend it.

A mere $495 can snag you the Hello Kitty Glittercute Collection Made With Swarovski Elements. Hundreds of dazzling Swarovski crystals encrust this cute Hello Kitty container that has a hidden space inside featuring a set of makeup brushes and eight Hello Kitty Glittercute Eyeliners.

Includes Eyeliners:

  • Night Sky – black
  • Telephone – charcoal
  • Coin Purse – silver
  • Teapot – medium brown gold
  • Hello Sunshine – light gold
  • Sandbox – dark brown
  • Grape Soda – purple
  • Happy Sails – navy

And the following brushes:

  • Face Brush
  • Eyeshadow Brush
  • Shader/Blending Brush
  • Angled Eyeliner Brush
  • Lip Brush

$495 a bit out of your budget?

No worries, $350 can get you a Hello Kitty Crystal Dipped Handheld Mirror Made With Swarovski Elements. Sephora says the mirror will make you say, “Hello Pretty!” but I was thinking about it and I’d like it to say “Hello Pretty!” to me at this price.


I know I can’t afford to indulge.

Very cute but we may have to have our heads examined if we are even considering a purchase.

Available now at

Are you that much of a Hello Kitty fan that you’d think of indulging?

No way?

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  • Val

    I am so glad I am not a Hello Kitty fan….$495 for a brush set and $350 for a handheld mirror?! I wouldn’t get it even if it’s a full length mirror AND a brush set made With Swarovski Elements! So expensive!!!

  • Allie

    LOL @ the comment someone left on

    “I used to lead a life of emptiness. That is, until the moment I saw this beautiful jewel encrusted creation and the crystals dazzled me with their iridescence. For a moment I was so stunned by their beauty I had to close my eyes for a moment. When I opened them, I glanced in the mirror and lo and behold! My skin was smooth, beautiful, glittery crystal. This did cause some problems as most people couldn’t handle looking at my face in the sun so I’m taking a point off for that. Unfortunately, the eyeliners and brushes did not work on my new skin so I gave them away to my loyal friends/slaves and my tranny husband. They have never been more willing to obey my every whim. Thank you, Hello Kitty Glittercute Collection Made With Swarovski Elements! Thank you.”

  • Heather

    Proof that some people have too much money. I love Hello Kitty but this offends me. Hello Kitty is suppose to empower women, bring us together…

  • mon

    I would be all kinds of cray cray to pay that much for this. I think it would be a lot cheaper, but more labor intensive, if I just bought all the crystals and glued them in place myself. I think it would still be a lot cheaper if I just sent it off to someone in Asia to bling-ify it for me and avoid the markup that Sephora put on these.

  • neutralgirl

    Yeah that is just crazy!!! Way way too much…for any of it. But I bet someone out there will buy it.

  • Nunuiviet

    I like the hello kitty container but way too expensive, no thanks

  • Swt Azn Qt

    I’d bet it REALLY looks PRETTY in-store!!! Also, I’d definitely pay for both of these if I either happened to marry a rich guy!!! HAHAHA!!! I’m a sucker when it comes to cute packaging!!! LOLS!!! ;P As for now, I don’t stand a chance though…*sigh* ='( I’d bet if Sephora really does happen to have them in-store, then most likely at least one person would probably break into one of their stores just to snag both of these items and maybe some other things as well!!! lols!!! Though I’m just saying that since I know that crime happens A LOT!!! But that person would definitely NOT be me, as I have morals!!! But I must say that the Swarvoski Crystals are EXTREMELY hypnotizing, making me feel like I need to stare at it 24/7, that’s only if they’re in-stores!!! ;P

    • the Muse

      swt when you find that rich guy ask him about his friends for all of us! ;-D I doubt they’ll have the out on display in store lol too many people wanting to touch, stroke, and pet it ;D!

  • Candyce

    i broke down and purchased the hand dipped crystal hello kitty mirror… i love love love it.
    I have an appointment to get my head checked later on today ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • the Muse

      LOL candy!!!!!!!!!!!! awww no worries we’ve ALL been there. Support group here that encourages ALL your beauty purchases, crazy or no! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Candyce

        thanks for your support !!!
        i cant stop looking at myself in it… the guy at the store told me that there was only 125 made and that i have #105 i cant seem to find that information online anywhere.. HELP?

        • the Muse

          Ha no worries ;-D we’ve honestly all been there! If you’re happy that’s all that matters chickie! hmmm can’t confirm sorry :-/ if I hear/see anything will let ya know!