March 24, 2011

Jennifer Aniston Fragrance Review

I’ve been playing around with the new Jennifer Aniston Fragrance for a few days and I’m trying to pick the notes apart but I’m having a devil of a time with it.

Have you tried it yet?

The scent is a nostalgic mix of notes that call to mind Jennifer’s earliest and cherished memories. Sunny days at the beach, happy Summer nights, etc…

“I wanted this fragrance to be a personal library of scent memories. For example, my love of night blooming jasmine has lasted a lifetime. Growing up in California, I distinctly remember the scent of jasmine on summer evenings. I consider the scent of the ocean to be one of life’s most uplifting sensual experiences. No aroma is quite so purifying, humbling and exhilarating. The combination of the salty air and tropical oils reminds me of long sunny days on the beach-pure happiness.”-Jennifer Aniston

I didn’t even know that Jennifer Aniston was a California native. Crazy!

Let’s take a look at her debut fragrance!

The bottle was inspired by Jennifer’s love and appreciation of architecture, references the flow of a Frank Gehry building and the fluidity of a cresting wave. This is in fact very fitting packaging for the bottle as it’s a very beach-y scent.

The scent is for the most part, to my nose, a very beach-y, clean scent. It’s a softer more delicate floral with top notes of Citrus Grove and Rose Water with a heavier dominating note of Blooming Jasmine and Amazon Lily which I fear take over the fragrance completely. Something captures those two main floral notes and morphs them into an aquatic, fresher scent that’s delicate, soft, and very feminine.

I thought it was interesting that the dry down notes included Musk, Amber, and Sandalwood as I never truly get a feel for that in the blend as the middle notes choose to rule the scent and keep it from becoming warmer thanks to the more delicate florals in the blend. It keeps fresh, floral, and true to the middle floral layers and never ventures outside those realms. When bringing musk and amber into the equation you’d think you would experience some warmth but it never reaches that pinnacle and the scent stays within the reaches of a clean, sensual floral.

If you like scents like Bobbi Brown Beach or cleaner, fresh scents that remind you of the ocean, the beach, etc…Jennifer Aniston Ea de Parfum is for you!

The simplicity and freshness make it an ideal pick for the warmer weather ahead.

Have you tried it?

Love it?

Leave it?

Do share!

Available exclusively at exclusively at Sephora and online at

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  • Lauren S.

    OOOOH! This sounds perfect….my sephora didn’t have it to test out the last time I went. I love ocean-y scents 🙂

  • Kawaii Nail Art

    I’ve got this. First spray I didn’t like it but I smelt it again and wore it for a few hours and it is lovely. one of the nicest perfumes I have now 😀

    • the Muse

      awesome kawaii nail art ;-D I find it wears best on the dry down as it cools off to a subtle beach-y scent ;D

  • Soo

    wow, you describe perfume scents very well, Muse. I smelled (smelt?) this the other day at Sephora and thought it was nice! I’m usually one to stay away from celebrity fragrances too.

    • the Muse

      thanks soo! that’s a compliment ;-D Yeah me too, although sometimes I like ’em ;D!

  • Ruthless

    Do you like it? I have a hard time getting behind celeb fragrances when I am not a fan ( I think she’s a bit of a pill)

    I thought she was a NY native, but her Dad was a soap actor so it makes sense she lived in California

  • SJG

    Perhaps it was just me, but I thought it smelled a LOT like Glow by J. Lo.

    • the Muse

      mmm I don’t get glow from it SJG….more Bobbi Brown Beach…

  • Anya

    I bought the roll-on of this perfume at Sephora. I have to say that it is an absolutely uplifting scent. It is the perfect summer fragrance.

  • Cyndi

    At first I didn’t even smell this (I got it with a bunch of other samples with a Sephora order) because I am not a fan of ‘celebrity perfumes’ and they usually don’t smell that great. But I took it out one evening and decided to give it a try. At first when I smelled it in the tube, it was uninspiring and flat, just like I suspected. But then I sprayed it on my arm, and it came alive and blossomed into a beautiful sparkling light floral. The dry-down is wonderful.
    Now I love it!