May 17, 2011

Do Not Want: Scented SPF

It always boggles my mind that folks don’t like scented skincare or lipgloss, etc…I’m not sensitive to these types of thing and absolutely love if my facial moisturizer is scented like strawberries or a banana split, obviously not but you’re getting the picture right?

But some things probably shouldn’t be scented….

Do not want scented SPF.

I know SPF isn’t the best smelling product in the world but it’s do-able as I can think of hundreds of other products that smell worst than sun protection.

Heck, my SPF doesn’t even have a scent so I’m golden however I do get the irritating factor of that strange plastic sun smell some products have.

But I’m not sure I’d want my SPF scented like…..perfume?

Tocca Beauty has SPF 20 Sunscreen Towelettes available. Pretty awesome as each is individually wrapped and allows you to swipe them on for quickie sun protection on to go plus they are a cinch to travel with and ideal as a beauty on the go, throw in your beach bag and go product!

The catch?

They are scented like Tocca Stella which is an blood orange based fragrance….it’s novel to have scented SPF particularly if you love Stella…

But what if you’re already wearing your favorite scent? Do you really wanna swipe on SPF scented like something else?

I say nay.

Do not want scented SPF.

I’ll choose my own fragrance thanks very much, don’t need my SPF choosing it for me.


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  • Denise

    I agree with you. What if the scented SPF doesn’t go well with your perfume – you might end up with a headache or something. :/ And especially if you’re out in the sun and is perspiring.. eww.

  • jenna

    personally, i adore when a sunscreen has that classic coconutty tropical smell! but as for a perfume fragrance like this, i’ll pass!

  • cassie

    FYI, this is NOT the greatest product. I bought some when Sephora had them for like $8 and promptly returned it. The sunscreen gathers at the bottom of the packet and is very gunky. You basically need to use the towelette to scoop up the sunscreen and spread it, YUCK! Very very messy and not practical at all. The point of a towelette is not to have to scoop it, or we would buy a pump bottle, no?

    Dont buy this!

      • Kristina

        I agree with Cassie. Very goopy and messy and completely defeats the convenience factor of sunscreen wipes.

  • V

    Actually I think perfumed sunscreen isn’t a bad idea. Too many people don’t wear SS or forget to reapply; perfumed SS could entice them to apply more often, especially if they’re the types who want their scent to last all day.

  • Luna

    Actually, I really like the idea of scented sunscreen. Too often, I find myself opting out of a sunscreen in favour of a scented lotion since applying them together always gums up and deposits white on my skin.

    I don’t, however, like the idea of sunscreen wipes. Maybe if I was at the beach and wanted a quick swipe to the face, but I definitely wouldn’t want a scented product for that, either.

  • Majick

    I’m not a big fan of scented anything except perfume.

    I have horrible issues with TIde detergent, Gain dryer sheets, bath and body works anything, and a certain deoderant that I don’t know the name of, and everyone and their grandma seems to need to smell like that these days. It got so bad at the gym that I can no longer attend classes. I wish people would realize that clean doesn’t have a smell. I prefer natural or EO fragrances, anything with a chemical base seems to clog up the back of my nose and eventually give me a migraine but I digress.

    I can’t imagine wearing a perfume to the beach – unless it’s coconut. LOL