May 19, 2011

Urban Decay Lip Love Honey Infused Lip Therapy Review, Swatches, Photos

I wish Park Si Hoo would stop posting hawt pics of himself on Twitter, it’s distracting me from work.

It’s one of those days I’m procrastinating madly….! How about you? Must be the upcoming weekend.

Anyway, I was test driving Urban Decay Lip Love Honey Infused Lip Therapy this week and I remember why I didn’t love MAC Honey Salve, the gawd awful cat pee taste. Not that I go around tasting cat pee mind you, don’t get any wrong ideas…but damn honey anything really tastes rubbish…anyone agree?

A lipgloss infused with a honey flavor, natural oils, and collagen-boosting vitamin C.

I think one of my primary concern with the new Urban Decay Lip Love Honey Infused Lip Therapy was the size. It’s a lighter, smaller tube than their Lip Junkie and XXX Shine line but on further investigation they actually contain the same amount of product at 0.34 oz. Putting my mind at ease I was still getting the same amount of gloss here I started to embrace the small size of the tube and felt like it was super travel friendly because it didn’t overtake my makeup bag. Likey! Good call Urban Decay on the smaller packaging!

I only picked up a single shade because no matter how you splice it they are all pretty sheer so it’s not something you need to haul all five variations of since most will only give a mild tint to lips or apply transparently.

The formula is smooth with a glossy, shiny finish. I love Urban Decay’s Lipgloss formula as they always have a knack for creating a lightweight, super shiny gloss without bein tacky or sticky.

The brilliant thing about the gloss is it actually treats lips as you have it on, so well after the gloss was gone my lips still felt smooth and hydrated. It’s packed with Vitamin C, which boosts collagen as well as jojoba, and apricot kernel seed oils moisturize, replenish and promote cell turnover. It would probably be best suited for a Winter lipgloss when lips are dry and cracked but if you’re outside alot during the warm weather it’ll give parched, dry lips a moist, plump, and hydrated feel.

I grabbed the shade Failbait which is a transparent shade of yummie peach. I do wish it was more pigmented as the color is gorgeous. It leaves behind a minor tint on my lips but nothing dramatic…

The problem with the gloss that I had…

was the taste!


I prefer a more caramel tasting honey if that makes sense where as this tastes like a true, floral honey…a la cat pee….yeah, sorry, that’s kinda what I get from it. The flavor kinda has a floral honey perfume thing going on and isn’t very pleasant. It’s no fault of the product as it is marketed as honey infused…but ugh…the taste throws me.

The wear time on the gloss is very short since the formula is thinner with alot less tack and stick than say a lipglass so it’s liable to slide off within an hour or so and will need a touch up rather quickly!

  • Those who actually like honey flavored products.
  • Those wanting a lightweight, glossy finish lipgloss without a sticky, tacky texture.

  • Those seeking a pigmented lipgloss with a little or alot of color pay off (the color I got was very sheer and for the most part the rest of the shades available will probably apply the same way).
  • Those wanting a long wearing lipgloss (wear time is short do to a non-tacky formula).
  • Those who aren’t keen on scented/flavored gloss or aren’t a lover of honey (the flavor isn’t very pleasant in my opinion).

I like the gloss formula overall and probably wouldn’t mind the shorter wear time if it wasn’t for the taste. That did turn me off and made it impossible for me to really love on the gloss. The smaller packaging is very convenient compared to some of Urban Decay’s other gloss products which sport larger tubes. The lightweight formula is comfortable on my lips and would be an ideal warmer day pick however I wish it had a little bit more color pay off as the shade I choose, Failbait, would be lovely Summer shade.

Overall, a bit disappointed here.

Have you tried Urban Decay Lip Love Honey Infused Lip Therapy?

Love it?

Leave it?

Do share!

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  • Sara

    Cat pee! Eww! Sometimes honey notes in perfume remind me of the same thing, especially if tobacco is used too – old musty cat pee. I like to have honey in my tea, but don’t like the smell in the jar or licked off a spoon because it smells like wet dog to my nose. Blech.

    These seem disappointing, not just for a funky flavor, but also from there just being too many damn sheer “lip treatments” out there. Market too saturated….can’t handle…..seeing more….. ( for no apparent reason I was channeling shatner but couldn’t think of anything funny. How sad. 🙁 )

    • the Muse

      yak sara old musky cat pee ew! LOL! yup! def…either wet dog or the weird cat pee thing :-/ I actually really like the gloss overall…but def feel the same, too many sheer lipglosses out there…they should have thrown in more color, I’d have prob raved it, cat pee and all, if it had pigment! ;D! oh girl channel all you want 😀 <3 him! ha!

  • Amy

    Strangely, I’d rather have the true floral honey taste than the caramel one. I’ve always hated 99% of caramels because they all taste or smell burnt to me. As an army brat I was lucky to spend most of my childhood in Germany and a great deal of childhood ailments are cured with honey or honey concoctions. I used to chew bees wax like gum to help with allergies. I’ve developed a taste for the real deal and can’t stand fakes. Honey flavor is so easy to get wrong.

    • the Muse

      Hey Amy…

      it’s the floral perfume-y thing that really gets me gagging…I just don’t like it sadly. :-/ but you’ll love it if you like true honey flavor, this is spot on!

  • jenna

    lol musings always makes my day interesting! i just went and smelled the tub of honey that i use to put in my tea, took 3 big inhales… thought about it… took about 5 more inhales and thought some more. now i’m thinking about how i’ve never had a cat so i don’t really know what cat pee smells like. trying to think about the smell of the litter boxes at my friends places but i can’t really think of what the smell is like. now i’m thinking well that smell would probably mostly be poo anyways not necessarily just pee so that doesn’t help. does cat pee smell different than the pee of other animals? either way, i love honey but probably won’t think of it the same now!

    • the Muse

      LOL jenna I just spit all over my monitor as I was sipping my tea…lol…I dunno..maybe it’s not cat pee just pee..LOL! Have you tried MAC’s honey salve?! that’s basically the same scent…it’s kinda like dandelions….does that make sense?! Not cat poop LOL!

      • jenna

        lol it does make sense thanks for clarifying! i haven’t tried MAC’s honey salve but i’m mystified as to how real honey doesn’t actually smell very good at all! it does indeed have a totally weird smell that i never noticed because i’ve always enjoyed it in tea and on toast and never took the time to take a good whiff and think of it in comparison to pee (ha!). i learn things from this blog each and every day!

        • the Muse

          my pleasure jenna ;-D! hehe! It’s the floral aspect that always throws me…I think caramel and honey I washed the kids (lush) when I think honey but real honey has that floral, perfume-y thing going on that makes me curl my nose up and think ew pee! LOL! ha…I’m just full of useless trivia aren’t I!?

  • Crissylex

    I’m sitting at work trying to prevent myself from laughing profusely.
    I love your description Muse. What I love even more are the comments. As soon as I read you post, I just knew I had to check out
    the comment section. We went from cat pee to musty cat pee to dandelions. During my last visit at a CCO, I actually have checked out the salve from MAC and was not too impressed with it. I think I will pass on this as well. Too bad because I usually love Urban Decay products.

    • the Muse

      LOL Crissy hours of entertainment round here ;-D! LOLLLLLLLLL see all those things kinda smell alike right?! ;-D! I love UD too and the product is fab if it wasn’t for the honey eau de cat pee going on!

  • Fey

    I’m not so keen on honey-scented cosmetics. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that these lip glosses did not taste too…pungent. If you can stand the creme brule scent of UD’s lipsticks, I think you could find these bearable. It’s the packaging that kills me. It shouts “yuppie” to me. The only thing that could make these hot is Patrick Bateman wearing them.

    • the Muse

      really fey!? you get yuppie vibe from these? LOL Patrick Bateman vibe?! serious!? I thought they were way more hip than yup haha!

  • Janine

    I love real honey. Honey scented products though… DISGUSTING! Glad I swatched this at Ulta. Smells awful. What a shame!

    • the Muse

      janine really can’t do honey scented stuff either ;-/ totally gags me!

  • Sarah

    I love the taste of honey, but the honey scent they put in products always smells like Play-Doh to me.

  • Jonnie

    Cat pee?! Aww… well, I still really want to try this. This and Cha Cha Tint are the two releases I’m excited to get right now. I love real honey, so I will try to keep that in my head and not cat pee.

    If you ever wondered what old military field gear smells like (especially the ponchos, gag), look no farther than your cat… ugh, I hope his doesn’t smell like old poncho!

    • the Muse

      cha cha=amazing jonnie ;-D! haha sorry about the cat pee reference ;D! ew P U!

  • Musebeliever

    Park Si Hoo ! *o*
    Have you watched Prosecutor Princess ?

  • Reme

    Honey or floral flavours are no-no’s for me too… yucky!

    Now I’m off to google Park Si Hoo 😉

  • EVE

    I actually liked the scent and taste. I thinks its an acquired taste/scent!
    However, I didn’t find this product amazing. Which is unfortunate because I love, love, love UD. Just thought a dissenting opinion was necessary : )