June 6, 2011

Face Q Cavier and Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Mask Review

A reader recently mentioned that Kim Jae Wook was preparing for military service and I was aghast. He’s too young plus he’s at a real height in his career at the moment.

Well, it’s confirmed.

He is entering the army and I’m the only one that thinks he’s young. Girlfriday, over at DramaBeans, was thinking the very same thing about his age as I was. I guess we were both blinded because he’s actually nearing 30 years old! He’s 28 here in the US and 29 in Korea so really it’s about time for his service to begin.

Many Asian countries have mandatory military service with a time frame that varies. South Korea is normally near two years but I believe there was some discussion about reducing this.

Either way, away he goes! Joe Cheng and Rain should be also gearing up for service as their ages are looming near, Rain possibly sooner than Joe. Get me out a hanky!


I need to relax with a good face mask. Face Q Cavier and Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Mask to the rescue!


As you know I’ve been exploring the Face Q Sheet Mask Collection lately. Although I don’t dig full facial sheet masks, ones that wrap around the neck (Hell, I hate turtle necks and these remind me of one!) but I find these fit the contour of my face beautifully without making me feeling like I’m suffocating.

Face Q Cavier and Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Mask are heavily saturated with essence and contain Hyaluronic Acid as the main ingredient to help moisturize skin, lock moisture in, and leave skin feeling supple.

The Face Q masks are made with a thinner fiber than other masks which allows the essence to absorb easily into your skin. I find they fit really well and allow my skin to soak up product easier due to the thinner design.

I wasn’t particularly delighted with these as they made my skin an ickle tight after use plus I didn’t feel overly moisturized for something that contained Hyaluronic Acid but I did however see a slight brightening in my skin which is normally rather dull.

These come in a ten box pack and retail for about $10 however I’ve seen them online for $15-$25 which is also quite a good price by Western market standards.

I will mention that I’m somehow becoming irritated with the lack of a plastic sheet backing on the Face Q Masks. Most of my favorite brands have a plastic back on masks which makes it easier to peel them apart and place on your face. Without this backing I find masks tear easily or they prove difficult to open apart.

If you’ve never used a sheet mask before they are fairly simple to use. Each is heavily saturated with an essence formula. You simply place them on your face, wait for 10-60 minutes, and peel off! Press your hands to your face to allow your skin to absorb the essence and you’re done! Most times you can see instant results but occasionally you’ll see results come morning depending on the formula you’ve used.

Overall, these prove the least favored among the Face Q Sheet Masks I’ve tried recently due to the fact they weren’t as moisturizing as I thought they would be. I did like that they brightened my face a bit but this formulation I probably won’t purchase again.

I suggest purchasing from Imomoko as she currently has 10% Off purchases using promo code ANNIVERSARY.

If you’ve used Face Q, do share your experience with them!

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  • M

    EEEEKS, I’ve never seen a mask that wraps around one’s neck. Claustrophobia! The pic of the mask laid out somehow reminds me of a championship trophy? Lol.

    And sob, yeah. We are both going to be NS (national service) widows. 🙁

    • the Muse

      M how will we survive? …Rain, Joe, Jae…is Yoo finished his service right? gawd it’s so hard being a widow…you can sleep with me tonight if you want.

      Yeah..I hate the wrap around ones…I feel like I’m going deep see diving when I wear them. Plus the wraps around my ears take “wet behind the ears” to a new level.

  • M

    Looks like we gotta find ourselves other men to keep us warm? Lol. But the ‘men’ are actually…..boys? You know, since they haven’t yet served the nation, lol.

    • the Muse

      ha ha m ;-D oh well…..I’m sure we won’t have any probs finding replacements ;D!

  • Julia

    I ACTUALLY kniw someone who’s serving at the moment, so I’m not quite sure if I can understand your moping about some star… ^^;

    • the Muse

      hey Julia I’m so sorry to hear it I hope they come home to you soon! It’s a just for fun post hun, sorry you didn’t get the good spirit of it. I’m not actually sitting around crying myself to sleep over a celeb but I def am sympathetic for his real friends/family they’ll he’ll be away from them for so long.

  • Musebeliever

    Kim Jae Wook don’t goooooooooooooooooooooo ! >.<
    I can't believe it !!!!
    This acor is so good and yet he did not appear in so many dramas and now that his carreer is taking a good turn he has to go.

    He does look REALLY young.
    Come to France ! No military service ! *o*

    Btw, I'm going to see the SUJU, Shinee and DBSK this friday ! *o* Excitement !

    • the Muse

      that’s what I was thinking Muse. He finally got a big break in MGM and that should seal the deal for more leads and now he’s off 🙁 sigh………………….! damn. I didn’t realize he was nearing 30, I thought he was like 24 or something! OMG stop! jealous!