June 8, 2011

Philosophy Miracle Worker SPF 55 Miraculous Anti-Aging Fluid Review

Philosophy Miracle Worker SPF 55 Miraculous Anti-Aging Fluid, You NEED this!

Personally, I’m a self confessed lover of the Philosophy Miracle Worker Collection. I used the pads, I use the night cream, I use the serum…! Brilliant stuff!

So when I heard the word that Philosophy was extending the line to include an anti-aging fluid that was packed with SPF 55 I was so on board that train.

Miraculous?  Aw hells yes, I heard angels sing this week whenever I applied it on my face.


A lightweight fluid moisturizer with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection that’s loaded with antioxidants to protect skin against environmental attack and help minimize the signs of aging while a peptitde blend helps to improve skins elasticity and reduce the appears of fine lines and wrinkles.

Where are you going to get a moisturizer and SPF with an anti-aging formula all in one? Chances are the market is slim pickings for such a product…! Philosophy totally brings it with their new Miracle Worker SPF 55 Miraculous Anti-Aging Fluid. Not only are you getting the benefits of a high SPF that will prevent sun damage plus premature aging but you’ll also get a lightweight formula loaded with anti-aging benefits to improve finer lines and wrinkles while preventing new ones.

I’m in love.

The formula is a watery, runny blend that has a moisturizing finish that absorbs easily into skin. I’m not a particular fan of runny moisturizers but this absorbs easily into my skin without an oily, greasy finish plus it is advertised as a fluid not a richer cream base. I think the thinner consistency of the product not only allows for ease of absorption but also proves virtually weightless which is ideal for warmer, humid weather because who wants to run around using a thick moisturizer in the Summer.

At first use it does have a typical, looser, thinner SPF feel as it smooths on and leaves my face a tad on the shiny side but after it’s fully absorbed I’m left with a dewy, hydrated finish. The product seems to allow my skin to retain moisture very well as my skin remains smooth and dewy all day, kinda bounce-y to the touch if that makes sense. Since I’m pretty dry at the moment this is a great perk of using it.

I don’t yet have finer lines so I can’t speak for any reduction in facial wrinkles and of course, I haven’t been using it long enough to speak for the anti-aging benefits but I will say like other products from the Miracle Worker line it makes my face smoother and brighter particularly since I suffer from dull, dehydrated skin.

The perk here is of course, not only anti-aging benefits but the fact that it contains a high SPF so it’s ideal for those who burn easily or for those who simply want to protect their skin from too much sun. I’m seeing a real trend this year with higher SPF formulas all around and I like what I’m seeing as normally brands think SPF 15 and 30 should keep us satisfied. It’s a refreshing change to find a product with a high level SPF.

It might be a TAD too much for oily skin. It absorbs fairly well but oily skin might find it’s a bit too moisturizing particularly since it leaves my skin dewy to the touch. This is pure speculation on my part but I’ll be using it deeper into the Summer when I am a bit oilier than I am now and update you on my progress.

  • Those seeking in all in one SPF that protects their skin from not only the sun but aging as well.
  • Those wanting a product that offers high sun protection.
  • Those with fairer skin that burns easily.
  • Those who want it all! A product that treats fine lines, prevents new ones, moisturizers, and protects you from the sun!

  • Those with oily skin (I think this might make you a bit shiny or greasy feeling even but I’ll update you on that later in the Summer when my skin has its oily moments).

I think I’m honestly in love with the concept behind this product because there isn’t alot of options available in SPF format that does so many different things. Not only is it acting as a lightweight moisturizer for the warm weather but it’s giving you optimal sun protection, treating finer lines if you have them, plus preventing new ones. Does your sunscreen do all that? I doubt it!

Loving on this! Might prove to be my new HG (holy grail) SPF of choice this Summer!

VERY Muse Approved for purchase!

Available now at www.philosophy.com

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  • melissa

    this sounded really good until the oily skin part. it’s not terribly hot here yet, but my skin’s already in oil mode *sigh*.

    do let us know how you like it mid-summer!

    • the Muse

      def will update melissa! I think it might prove ok…! but I have to test when I’m oily ;D!

  • Gen

    ouh!!! Beauty info and a Castiel picture…. heavenly indeed!

    • the Muse

      HA gen ;-D I’m a cas trip lately since I finally sat down to the finale recently ;-D!

  • Angie

    I got this a while ago from QVC (it came in a kit) and I love it! I have slightly oily skin and didn’t have any problems with.

    • the Muse

      angie THANK YOU! so glad to hear it was curious how it’ll work on oily skin!

  • Mariko

    Totally OT, but I had to comment – OMFG CASTIEL! *hearts*

      • Mariko

        Yeah I did. Almost fainted at the sight of awesome badass Cas, going all, “Bow before your lord or you friggin’ die!!!” A lot of people don’t like the finale, the focus on Cas, or the huge change in Cas, but I’m all for it…

        • the Muse

          ha mariko! I dunno how I feel about cas going dark side…I like his sweet snarkiness ;D not sure how I’ll feel about dark snark ;D

  • Comrade Garlic

    I’m oily and live in a swamp. We’ve had some really hot and humid days in the past couple of weeks. I look shiny with this, but I don’t feel it. There is no way anything thing with a high SPF isn’t going to look shiny on me in those conditions. I find that blotting after it’s soaked in for 20 minutes and then powdering with a silica powder helps.

    • the Muse

      comrade I THOUGHT so. On my I don’t have issues with any shininess but my skin is dry as hell so it absorbs in a snap but I thought on oily skin it would be a TAD too much. Otherwise how are you liking it??

  • Maria

    I’m not really a fan of the philosophy face care products. Sorry! I find them too overpriced….well either that or I’m just dirt poor and can’t afford them. ^_^ But I had to do a shout out for Castiel!! That’s one angel I can seriously get behind. LOL

  • AndiPanda

    Probably won’t indulge in the product but I am more than happy to indulge in shameful ogling of Castiel. Loves my Supernatural hotties

  • Phyrra

    You know, I wanna try this. I just fell in love with LaVanila Healthy Skin SPF 40, but this sounds good, too.