June 30, 2011

The Best SPF in the World? That’d Be Biore Aqua Rich Watery Mousse SPF 50+ PA+++

Like skincare, I have a constant rotation of SPF in my arsenal and I get asked alot, “What’s your favorite SPF?” I have several but the one I love the most is Biore Aqua Rich Watery Mousse SPF 50+ PA+++.

You absolutely, positively need it!


I’ve used plenty of various SPF products from all around the world but by far the most comfortable and easy to use would be Biore’s Aqua Rich Watery Mousse.

I’ve reviewed this in great detail before and you can check out that prior post by clicking here however I did want to bring it back to your attention since you’ll be spending alot more time outdoors and in need of a comfortable, lightweight SPF.

Part of the appeal here is the whipped mousse texture which absorbs SUPER easily, doesn’t leave behind a greasy, oily feel, dries down in seconds, doesn’t make your face look shiny, and simply works.

It has a high SPF level of 50, no nasty scent (it smells citrus-y), and comes in an easy squeeze tube.

Now this, I’d buy in a gallon.

It also has a shelf life of two years!

SPF isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world to wear but I find Biore Aqua Rich Waery Mousse fits right into my skincare regime without any issues so I’m not left to feel like I have to skip my moisturizer and other skincare because it’s just TOO much. It absorbs so easily and is a pure pleasure use.

If you’ve had issues with SPF being too heavy, greasy, oily, or shiny in the past or you have an intricate skincare regime and need an SPF that will slide easily in…look no further.

This comes with my highest recommendation.

It’s fairly cheap online as well (sadly, it’s not sold in the US). I recommend purchasing from AlphaBeautyUK as this is $13 or so plus $3 for shipping.

You NEED it.

A fabulous SPF that’s comfortable, lightweight, and fast absorbing.

Worth its weight in gold.

What SPF do you use?

Share it!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the seller I mentioned in this post.

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  • kiwikiwidragon

    I have had good luck with Neutrogena Pure & Freeβ„’ Liquid Daily Sunblock SPF 50.

    it is lightweight, slightly mattifing, and no sunscreen smell because it’s naturally derived! I also have spf 15 in the Sonia Kushuk TM. That’s awesome too, have you tried that Muse?

    • the Muse

      I’ll have try that kiwi! :-D! I didn’t even know about it until now! that I have tried but sadly SPF is an ickle to low for me ;-D but SK rocks it ;D

      • kiwikiwidragon

        They also make a 70 version but it isn’t naturally derived. Also with the new rules anything 50+ has to prove its better to be labeled that way. The newest testing shows that the difference between 50 and higher spf’s is only 1-2% difference. i never knew that, i do like some of the new standards they are bringing in for labeling. I am super pale and always protect myself outside. If I can’t cover up, which is my sunscreen of choice, i use the oil-free sprays on the body and a hat and that neutrogena stuff on my face. I also like the Hawaiian tropic shimmer spf 40! smells amazing and makes my chubby pale skin look sparkly and shimmery like a vampire πŸ™‚

        • the Muse

          kiwi I’m always impressed by 100+ spf lol but yup not much different from prob 50…!!!!!! I have warm undertones so I’m ok in the sun but I prefer hiding away from it. White and bright is good for me ;-D do not want tan! ;-D I never seen the tropic shimmer…! I gotta check that out ;-D another cool rec thanks girl!

  • Jess

    i absolutely ADORE this sunscreen!!!!!!! My aunt bought it for me from Taiwan and I used it like crazy! It so doesn’t feel like sunscreen and is AMAZING!!! Nothing I bought has ever compared… so i’m thinking, i may need to stock up next time someone goes to asia ;D

    • the Muse

      jess DEF!!!!!!!!!!! Totally something that needs to remain on tap :D!

  • Courtney

    Do you know if this contains paba? I’m guessing that you don’t read whatever languagea the ingredients are listed in but I thought I’d ask. πŸ™‚

    • Mallory

      I read a similar review on another blog and she had a picture of the ingredients. I don’t remember seeing PABA as one of the listed ingredient.

  • Kamimono


    I use that sunblock too! I love it, it absorbs right in and it is also non-greasy and is wonderful under makeup, just like the packaging says! Muse, I gotta try this biore one, I think I will look at Marukai here in LA for it. I am obsessed with sunscreen too!

    • the Muse

      kaminimono it sounds more and more promising I have to try it out, the neutrogena one that is ;-D I hope you find this one, you’ll love it!

  • giddy tigress

    I just read your first review of this product yesterday! What a coincidence! And I just started using it today too…so far, I’m lovin’ it…It’s not drying as I’d expected and not sticky too. I’ll be in a much better position in a week or two, to tell if it works on my skin as well as it does on yours. Thanks for the rec! πŸ™‚

  • Connie De Alwis

    Whee! We have this here! Thanks for the review! I have quite a lot of sunscreen left still but I’ll definitely consider this next πŸ™‚

  • Claudia

    Hello! really intrested in pickign this up, Where can you purchase? any good websites you recommend…. Thanks πŸ˜€

    • the Muse

      claudia did you read through? I recommended a seller πŸ™‚

      • Claudia

        I see it now, Thank You much! p.s. Love you site, I also picked up the Tarte QVC set last night πŸ˜€

  • Cj

    Hey Muse πŸ™‚ You recommended this to me a while back and I’ve been using it religiously ever since! No one can yell at me for not wearing a SPF anymore πŸ˜›

    • the Muse

      ha cj ;-D I’m very proud of you! always use SPF ;-D hehe! It’s the best ;-D and doesn’t interfere with normal skincare routine! :D!

  • Makeup Morsels

    omg I LOVE THIS STUFF. Just bought 3 bottles of it lol

  • Polly

    I looooveee this SPF so so much! I bought it after I read your review last year and have used it every day since! This reminds me I need to order some more πŸ™‚

  • Susie

    Muse, have you ever tried Japanese SS Sofina Lucent? i thought at first i loved it but now i hate it, it doesn’t work with my Revlon CS and its soooo mattifying and drying. i hope this isn’t like Sofina!!

    • the Muse

      mmm but sofina’s version is a milky type susie..this is a whipped up mousse ;-D not too mattifying at all for this one ;-D

  • Ashley

    Darn it Muse, stop tempting me!
    I made an order for two sunscreens on Sasa but now that I see this review, I want to try this one too πŸ™
    What to do, what to do..

  • frecklesspeckles

    This is my HG sunscreen! i checked other blogs for the ingredients and i’m pretty sure it’s a physical sunscreen without oxybenzone. double yey! my quest for the perfect sunscreen has long ended since I met this baby πŸ™‚

  • frecklesspeckles

    by the way, it sells for around 280NTD in taiwan… that’s barely 10 bucks USD!

  • Mallory

    YAY! This is just in time for me to try out as I was looking for a new sunscreen. =)

  • Connie

    I would love to give this product a try. It’s easily available in my country, Malaysia. However, due to the radiation issue, do you think it’s still safe to use Japanese products. Skincare products can penetrate our skin and travel into our bloodstream.

    • the Muse

      hi connie there was a press release from Japan postal. I suggest reading it hun.

  • jonnie

    Sold! Just bought this on eBay for $15.86 plus free shipping. Can’t wait! As much as I have grown to love Skin Food over the past year, their SPF is sooo heavy for my face, and even my beloved Shiseido leaves me so shiny…

    • the Muse

      jonnie Shiseido leaves me a bit shiny too lately πŸ™ the blue one? it was my HG for a long time but it leaves me greasy :-/

      • Jonnie

        Yah, the blue one. It did me well for my last deployment… although climate was different and I only ever saw my reflection when I was brushing my teeth and pulling my hair back in the morning anyway. I suppose I might have been nine kinds of shiny and never knew (or thought about it!)… πŸ™‚

        Anyway, I am excited to try this. Come on mail!

  • Hai Dao L

    T.T why is north america so lacking in sunscreen with high spf and non greasiness?!
    my sunscreen separated in the bottle – half oil, half cream >.<

  • Stephanie Zaleski

    Does anyone know if this is a chemical or physical suncreen? Thanks

  • Susan

    I just bought the skin food gold kiwi SPF 36 sun cream and it’s also quite lightweight and nice! The eucerin every day protection SPF 30 lotion is very lightweight as well. I have very oily skin and I love lightweight sunscreens. I’ll have to try this biore one! Do you know if this is available in south Korea? I am currently here on vacation.

  • Tweety

    Hey Muse! Thanks for the review. I have oily/combo skin though..Do you think this will work for me? I hate being a greaseball during the summer. I currently use Laneige Oil Free SPF 35 sunscreen, but I’m just starting to run out! Thank you in advance! <3

    • the Muse

      my pleasure tweety. It should be fine for your oily/combo skin hun!

      • Tweety

        I jut put in my order for one! Thanks Muse! While researching, I found out that they also have a Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sunscreen? But, I dont think it works to well as a makeupbase? Have you tried it, dear?

        • the Muse

          hey tweety brilliant. ;-D They have a whole range of various formulations including a milk and gel. The rich Water Essence old version was very thick but the new version is gel-like. Either one is fine as a base/moisturizer product. If you want I can post a review up although you have to give me a few ;-D got lots to do around here.

  • Jasmine

    Hi Muse, I love that you review Asian products too (; Just wondering.. Is this meant to be applied under your moisturizer, since it is a chemical sunscreen? Thanks in advance!

  • Liz K

    Per your review, I bought this recently and am in love! I love how there’s no white sheen and how quickly it gets absorbed into my skin. Thank you!

  • Djessa

    hi muse, I’m looking for a great and effective sunscreen to consider as my HG. I’ve read your reviews just now, and I’m intrigue how you highly recommend this product and as for the others who commented on your blog. I’m confused though, i would want to know;
    1. if which is better, the MOUSSE or the ESSENCE?
    2. what is the comparison/ difference between the 2?
    2. and which one could HYDRATE/MOISTURIZE the skin (without making the skin dry in the long run.)?
    pls do answer these questions, it would be a big help for me… since im planning to ask my aunt to buy me one in Japan. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!