August 31, 2011

Fits Japan Attention Please Makeup Keep Mist Review

I wanna be a stewardess.

Stand up at the front of the cockpit door entry, clap my hands, and say “Atención bitches!” Plus I wouldn’t mind swinging myself on top of that snack trolley and rolling down the center aisle!

Sorry got off topic but Fits Japan’s packaging does that to a girl. It’s old school stewardess might make you feel the same way!


A moisturizing setting mist!

This is a little can of facial mist which contains rose water and shea butter, it’s mineral oil free as well as Silicon-free. Basically you can use it for refreshing up your makeup, gently hydrating your face, prepping your face prior to moisturizer, or setting your makeup.

It has a pleasant Victorian Rose scent and a nicely hydrating feel. I stick to using it as a prep for moisturizer or I like carrying it around as a pick me up but not so much as a makeup setting mist. I used it this morning over Bobbi Brown’s new Mineral Foundation and it definitely refines skin and makes minerals look more polished and smooth particularly on my dry skin but it doesn’t create a longer wear time in my experience.

The mist does comes out in a strong burst so rather than having a gentle effect I come across like a drown rat…! Just keep it extra far back from your face when you mist yourself to avoid this.

  • Those who like specialty mists for hydrating face as well as multitasking for other uses.
  • Those who wear mineral makeup alot or who have dry skin and wear minerals or powder foundations (this will refine powders and make your face look more dewy and fresher versus the sometimes mask-like look of a powder).

  • Anyone who already has plenty of facial mists to go around (you don’t REALLY need to add to your stash as this isn’t particularly special).
  • Those who want a mist that sets makeup for long wear.
  • Those wanting a gentle mist (this kinda hoses you down if you aren’t careful).
  • Those averse to floral scents or sensitive to fragrance in general (this has a pleasant rose scent but some might not like it).

Attention Please Makeup Keep Mist isn’t anything really all that special. It’s a cute mist that has a nice hydrating feel. I’ll actually purchase it again if I didn’t already own enough mists to mist the nation. It doesn’t really set makeup for me but personally I’ve never had a greater wear time with mists anyway….so this isn’t really a big deal. It’s cute, love the vintage packaging, and maybe could be my mist of choice if I used up the rest of the mists in my stash but hey you tried one mist, you tried them all sometimes eh?

I purchase it from AlphabeautyUK on E-bay for $12.95.

Anyone try it?

Do share!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the seller I noted in this post.

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  • Sarah S.

    I was a flight attendent for a year, Muse! Such a fun job! Le sigh… I miss it, but I get paid more at my desk job = more $$$ to blow on makeup!

    • the Muse

      seriously sarah?! tell me more! I’m always curious about the life of a flight attendant ;-D like if you go on an international flight, do you fly right back!? Do you have a lunch break? Do you fly back and forth all day if it’s a domestic flight!? ;-D haha…sooooo many questions!

  • Sarah S.

    LOL it’s got to be more glamorous in Asia, but it is a lot of fun if you like flying. All the grandma flight attendants hog the international flights (don’t blame ’em), but every once in a while I got to work them(Amsterdam three times, Frankfurt once, Tokyo-Narita twice, Montreal several times, but to my sadness I never got Paris!). You don’t have breaks, really, just some downtime between flights (domestically) when you’re not boarding. Domestically you could easily get a 13-hour day with no time to have a real meal but most of the time you had a couple hours layover to grab something at the air port (crap food though). Domestically you could have 5 or so legs a day which was rough work! Some layover hotels were nice (got a suite with a jacuzzi a few times!) but some were ratnests in the middle of nowhere. For a flight to Europe or Japan if you could get it, you had 17-36 hours between flights so I got to run around Amsterdam and Frankfurt (but of course couldn’t smoke weed because it’s a safety profession and grounds for immediate dismissal!). You never get national holidays off when you have low seniority. If you can’t make it to a flight you’ll get fired (because the plane can’t leave without minimum flight attendants present. It happened to me or I’d still be doing it!). The best thing I got to do on my layovers in Tokyo were visit a convenience store 🙁 because the layover hotel is actually in Narita Town which is countryside. The layovers I got were only 17 hours and we did a turnaround to Guam in between so it was really tiring and I didn’t get to go into the city, but it was still cool to be back in Japan for a short while. Eeeek sorry for the novel! Can you tell I’d do it again in a second if I could ;-D

    • the Muse

      damn sarah sounds like a crumb load of work! I don’t think I’m built for that kinda work load. I’d be dead tired. I get rather jetlagged after a three hour flight but to do it several times a day?! whoa! and no real breaks inbetween? FORGET it…lol! That’s amazing you liked it so much you want to go back to it, sounds like ALOT of work. did they at least allow you to work a week and have a few days off to recover? was the pay worth it lol at the least. Hotels/transportation I assume was a company charge?

      • Sarah S.

        It could be a lot of work some days. But guess what… you have to log your minimum flight hours (30? can’t remember) to qualify as full-time, but so do all other flight attendants, so once your hours are used up you often get the rest of the month off! I can’t remember what number of hours, exactly, but June of ’07 I did that Japan-Guam-Detroit trip and didn’t have to work the rest of the month (and I still got paid fully)! Also there can be quite a lot of downtime – the 13-hour days only happened like 20% of the time. When you work a flight over 4 hours you have to take a mandatory hour-long break on the plane (hence the crew cabin in the 747… get yee a nap!). I think the mandatory amount of time between trips was 12 hours, but I might be remembering incorrectly (lots of FAA regulations involved, and a union). Hotels and transportation are all covered by the airline, but they don’t cover your tips. They do a small per diem food reimbursement with some airlines. It’s not really all gogogo 🙂 It’s an adventure that isn’t too physically grueling!

        • the Muse

          oh wait now it’s awesome lol! than you can book 30 hours super quick like in a week practically!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D it’s kinda sounds good now ;-D! what happened that you couldn’t make a flight did you get sick :(?

          • Sarah S.

            Yeah, if you have seniority 😉 but I was only there a year so I was on-call and had to get lucky! I had two or three months like that, so not bad! I couldn’t make the flight because I made the mistake of thinking I wouldn’t get called in again as I had just come back from a trip. I slept in too late, got a short call (get to the airport ready to go within 60 minutes, but my house was 45 min. from the airport on a good day) but there had been a lot of snow overnight (which probably bumped me up on the call list. people with seniority can call off but newbies can’t). So I didn’t make it driving in the snow 🙁 They won’t normally fire you for only one missed flight, but… long story short, I also had been written up three months earlier for somehow inadvertantly offending a mean person in first class… the customer is always right :-/

          • the Muse

            jeepers still kinda harsh to just fire you particularly with a snow storm…! meh I’m sure you weren’t mean, I can imagine it was an idiot in first class!

  • Sarah S.

    When my manager (you don’t really personally know your manager as a flight attendant; you check in with them quite rarely) showed me the complaint e-mail I was pretty shocked they claimed I was rude to the person and ignored them. I’m not the nicest person ever or anything but most people would probably say I’m kind and polite! Oh wells 😛 Current job pays more = more makeup!