August 23, 2011

Lunasol Fall 2011 Collection Lunasol Three Dimensional Eyes Palettes

Lunasol is one of Kanebo’s prestigious makeup collections with a range of elegant makeup products. What might surprise you about the brand is it’s commonly found in Japanese drugstores with a mid-counter price range of $20 and upwards yet the packaging, products, and quality are superior and rivaling that of what you can find at any high counter here in North America.

On August 19, the Lunasol Fall 2011 Collection launched in Japan with the focal point on their brand new Three-Dimensional Eyes Palettes that feature eight shades of eyeshadow done up in a very interesting design.

Take a look!

These four-color eye shadow sets create well-calculated three-dimensional eyes through colors inspired by skin-colored beige and the gradation of different lusters according to Lunasol’s website.

Each palette features two solid shades of color and two trio selections in graduating colors making up a palette of eight shades of shadow.

I just recently placed an order for four of the five palettes. I’m quite curious if these will be a little bigger than Lunasol Palettes I already own as they appear a tad on the larger side. The design is interesting! It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about a Lunasol release so I’m looking forward to trying these out for size.

Each palette retails for 5,250 yen which is normally discounted up to 30% at drugstores in Japan however online shops tend to higher this price to make profit from it plus the current conversion rate from yen to USD is quite a killer however the palettes are well worth it in my opinion but of course, I have to try them first and than make my final verdict.

I’ll be reviewing these shortly.

Are you a Lunasol fan?

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Learn more at the US portal of Lunasol’s website at

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  • kiwikiwidragon

    These are so pretty! What price point do they convert to Muse?

    • the Muse

      yen is HIGH at the moment kiwi, to usd you’re looking at $63-$68…haven’t checked this morning though as it changes daily ;-D could be HIGHER again this morning lol!

  • Tammie

    Very pretty but I just can’t seem to bring myself to pay that much for them (yet) especially since I can’t swatch it for myself :X. So far I’ve only been able to spring for Etude House asian makeup-wise (lipstick)…now I am going to go for Canmake blushes. Even though they are marked up on eBay they are still a price I’d pay for the quality…

  • jeansco

    these look amazing! the trio gradation idea is genius…now wouldn’t it be nice if one of the pans were a coordinating blush colour? =P

  • Christine

    I fell in love with this palette the moment i saw it in the magazine ad. The three-dimensional shadows looks so ‘convincing’! I haven’t been able to get my hands on the testers yet :/
    But i am going to bet that this will cost a bomb in Malaysia 🙁

    • the Muse

      christine it’s already incredibly high in japan 🙁 so I bet m’asia it’ll be worst le sigh!

  • Marty Pauline

    I love Lunasol and have some of their pallets, when I used to go to Asia. I would get them at Singapore, now that the company I work for has Travel restrictions. It’s harder for me to buy these. I want all of these. The Wish List is going to have all these pallets on it.

  • Mags

    Wow! Agreed–the gradations are pretty genius. I look forward to your review!

  • SJ

    No offence about the pictures…but they don’t do the palettes any justice!! It is same as the pictures on the Lunasol websites…the colours are OK, but look nothing special… In reality, you need to see more pictures!!!

    I bought 3 out of 5 palettes………I am thinking of buying the other 2….but I am going to wait for the Christmas set!!! If you do want to see pictures that give you more ideas of what the palettes really look like….search for some taiwanese blogs, etc….or on request, I can email you some……after seeing the pictures, you wont be able to resist!!


  • zangy

    Wow! I really want to haul some of these. lol. they look so good. I just saw a youtuber swatching hers. (not to make anyone mad and i have no quams to make anyone mad, but, for such a great japanese brand; how come they didn’t chose a japanese as their spokesmodel…?)

  • SJ

    yes, i am not a blogger, but I too want to do a haul on these. I bought 02, 03 and 05, and the eyeliner, and the concealer…….women and shopping eh?! I can’t wait till the christmas set to come out…i saw a small picture of it already, i am so so so so excited about it…cant wait the official pictures to come out