August 26, 2011

Maybelline Color Sensational Pop Sticks Review, Swatches, Photos

Maybelline recently released their new Color Sensational Pop Sticks to a great big hooray from me. I was so excited when I found a display of these at my local drugstore and to add to the boon of that discovery they were also marked at $4.79 each! Yay budget find!

Visions of a better budget versions of DuWop Iced Teas danced through my head.

Were they any good?


A limited edition translucent lip balm in fruity flavors from Maybelline!

The packaging, the price, the general idea of Maybelline Color Sensational Pop Sticks is enough to get any beauty junkie quite excited.

Each balm is housed in the traditional Color Sensational tube packaging with a shock of clear neon pink as the top. I find the packaging fun, funky, and perfect for Summer. It’s too bad that Maybelline released this so late in the season as I’d probably be in all kinds of fits of delight if I found them in say June.

These are visually very pleasing to look at. Each shade is a translucent neon with a single fruity flavor or at least that’s what I got from them as each shade did not appear to taste any different than the next. Personally I thought the flavor was very subtle so you’re not going to get a punch of sweetness here in the least.

I purchased all four shades, as hey, looking at them on the display, I couldn’t help myself!

Shades are:

  • Raspberry Ice
  • Citrus Slice
  • Fruit Punch
  • Pink Lollipop


Is just as disappointing as DuWop Iced Teas, maybe even worst. As cute as these are they don’t really have a super moisturizing base and for the most part are indeed simply just a balm with a balm-y feeling when applied. I find the don’t have a really great glide nor do they supply a ton of color (perhaps just a little bitty tint). The idea and concept is rather brilliant but the actual outcome of the product isn’t nearly as great. If they had a better glide, a little bit more pigment, and perhaps a flavor that was less subtle they would live up to my initial excitement but overall, they just fail on all accounts here.

  • Those who like lip balms with a balm-y texture and feel.

  • Those expecting a hydrating, good gliding lip balm.
  • Those wanting a dash of flavor, tint, and moisture.

Maybelline got the idea down right, they did up the packaging swell, but they failed to work on the formula and somehow forget that the idea and packaging is as important as the actual climax. These build things up in a major way with the promise of a hint of taste, a bit of flavor, and moisture but it fails to deliver anything but really cool packaging and a cool concept that doesn’t actually live up to its own idea. I expected a hint of shine, a little hydration, some flavor, and a bit of tint but I ended up getting a really poor quality balm with an awful glide, little taste, and hardly any tint….but hey at least they are visually very pleasing right? Points for that.


Tried ’em?

Love ’em?

Do share!

Note: I swatched but ended up tossing the swatch photos as it didn’t appear on my arm at all, nothing to see in the photo sadly.

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  • Lemony Licks

    I saw this in the drugstore and couldn’t resist picking up one. I got Citrus Slice. I think I only bought it just because it’s so pretty to look at. But yeah, not a lot of flavor, but it smells great! I also find that the wear time is only about an hour, but it does give me lips a slight tint.

  • Lucy

    I know i’ll be dissapointed but the colour of the pink one… i want it anyway! I LOVE that sort of see-through neon pink colour. Even though it wont show up on my red red lips

  • S

    Thanks for the review! Sorry they didn’t work for you though πŸ™
    I picked up pink lollipop and raspberry ice and actually get a nice, glossy tint from both of them. Pink lollipop is my favorite!

  • Tammie

    I couldn’t have said it better myself! I think at LEAST if they were a bit softer and left more product on the lips it would be fine. I don’t mind the lack of taste and the amount of color you get is decent (I have Fruit Punch) but it just doesn’t glide well at all and leaves zero moisture or shine!

  • Quinctia

    I have the raspberry one! I kinda want to eat it, it reminds me of gummy candy.

    It’s not especially moisturizing or glossy, but it seems to smell like raspberry, so that’s honestly about all I was expecting out of it. It’s not a color that would show up on my lips unless it was flat-out opaque, so I don’t mind that aspect.

  • SusanT

    I got the Pink Lollipop one, but that Raspberry Ice one looks beautiful, too. I think the formula is very nice, something great to apply during the day while on the go, but nothing more than that.

  • eight

    I kind of expected that, sadly. They look so cool, though. Too bad they don’t offer much else πŸ™

  • Sarah S.

    These would be good makeup for a girl too young to wear real makeup πŸ™‚

  • Daisy

    I purchased the Rasberry Ice and love it…it’s like my lips but better. For it being a light shade I certainly can see a hint of pink on my pigmented lips. I am surprised this actually worked for me. Plus I had a dollar coupon….bonus!

  • Kim

    I actually liked the one I got. I put it on over a lip tint to give my lips a little moisture and some gloss. They smell fantastic and are very affordable. Worth a try in my opinion.

  • Robyn Hutchings

    The weird thing is that they actually have that red 5 or whatever changes color with ph, so while the swatches on online blogs were misleading, if you lick (gross I know) or just wet the swatch, it shows up and turns pink, and pinker and pinker if layered.. If not careful you can end up with crazy bright pink lips, like dior lip glow on steroids.

    • the Muse

      hi jessica I have a note about swatches towards the bottom of my post. Hope this helps!

  • Swatch And Learn

    Saw these at my local drugstore the other day and just had to check out the tester. It looked so cool, but I didn’t like the way they smelled. And I didn’t like the packaging…just the actual lipstick. So I left it.

    And, after reading your review, I’m glad I saved my money. But I have to say…a part of me is sad that I didn’t buy it just to look at it. πŸ˜›

  • Brigitte

    isn’t that the same concept as L’ORΓ‰AL did for STUDIO SECRET? it’s an interesting lip stick, which looks like HARIBO yummy gums πŸ˜‰

  • Majick

    EFF=- I just wrote an entire review (5 paragrashps_) and my stupid machine deleted it! ugh
    I have these – agree that the formula isn’t that moisturizing. They leave a stain on my lips and I think they are way cool to look at.
    I wouldn’t buy them again but will enjoy the ones I have.
    I think the rasp. ice one had more glide and glisten than my other colors.
    sorry for the abridged version but I”m running late getting things done this morning. Just wanted to comment.

    • the Muse

      no worries majick sorry it got deleted πŸ™ thanks for adding your mini review!

  • NeutraKris

    I purchased three of the four and experienced inconsistencies in the formulas. For example, one of the three performed fine; offering a tint that built up and a nice shine. However, the other two left this weird sort of gunky look on my lips, even after exfoliating. It was quite nasty.

    I agree they had a bit of pull when applying and I found them a touch drying as well.

    Great idea, but not so great performance.

    • the Muse

      neutrarkris wish I could say the same…they just all stunk for me le sigh πŸ™ read your review, had pretty much the same experience, they really aren’t flattering on lips

  • JoJo

    I was wondering whether I should get this. Thanks to you I have made up my mind. πŸ™‚

  • gabriella

    I still remember the catrice had something similar in spring collection …in april or some
    i didnt like the effect, though the product looks quite adorable. dont know hows the swatch of this maybelline one:P

  • MeganNoel

    Even though you weren’t that impressed with these I do wanna try it for myself. I really want to try pink lollipop, I’m looking for a balm that doesn’t really tint my lips. I hope I like them better than you did, if not I’ll just use it when I’m hanging around my dorm.

  • Isis

    I haven’t seen these yet but did try the catrice version, smelled beautiful but very greasy in texture, ended up giving them to a twelve year old who of course loved them.

  • ies

    thought i was the only one that notice these a few weeks ago, i got one an is it just me or do they taste awful? i actually do get alright color pay off but the taste is unbearable…its a very bitter taste…. its a shame cause they are indeed prettyyyyy

    • the Muse

      mmm ies I got bitter from two of them too, subtle fruit but bitter aftertaste!

  • SusanT

    I may be one of the few who actually likes these. There is a bit of tug when you put them on, but I love the subtle stain they leave on my lips. Also, I find that if I use my LUSH lip scrub before hand, then apply this, that it’s a great prep for my lipstick. I want to get the other colors, too.

  • Blair

    Gah, too bad they’re not better! Especially when they look so yummy…I have to give Maybelline credit, they really *do* look like popsicles. xD

    • the Muse

      hiya beauty maven I actually addresses swatches on the bottom of the post, please see my note? πŸ™‚

  • savannah

    these smell great and give my lips a nice tint. i prefer these over my ysl gloss volupte that cost $32. they aren’t moisturizing like Muse says but they smell amazing and give a nice tint.

  • Gia

    I purchased two! One for me and one for my little cousin.
    It’s fruity and gives a light color so at 12 she thinks she is wearing the same stuff as me, her friends think she is so cool (haha), and I get the benfit of knowing that it shows hardly no color on her. So this has def been a win product for me, just for different reasons. Plus its AWESOME looking. Even my boyfriend played with the lipstick and held it up too the light going ooooo. Amuses all ages I guess!

  • Margaret

    I saw these at CVS and went nuts over the packaging and the way they looked. Luckily, I like to try before I buy and they had a tester, so I swatched the orange one on my arm. I was SOOOO disappointed!

    Couldn’t wait to hear what you thought of them. Sorry you bought all of them but at least it wasn’t a lot of money!

    • the Muse

      Margaret kinda crummy right? le sigh! Oh I don’t mind I def wanted to have them to review here ;-D so even though formula was crap still happy I had them to blog about ;-D!

  • MeganNoel

    So I went out and bought the pink lollipop one. I like it, I LOVE the smell, the color is what I’m looking for, it did feel balmy to me, and the test isn’t that great but I do like it. I’m glad I bought it, I’m just not sure I’d buy it again though.

  • Ann Charmaine Cay

    Awww, I really want these babies. Too bad it’s limited edition. I know this is a bit awkward. If you don’t want them. I’ll buy these on a full price or how much you want to sell them. Or if you want I’ll send you NYX makeups more than the value of this. I’m have a makeup business so I’m getting them at a cheaper price. Pretty please! πŸ™

  • makeupmistress

    They are ideal as glam lip balms at an affordable price. They do look like the candy lipstick lollies I had a s a child, and they leave that same familiar stain…only a lot less gooey! πŸ˜‰