August 15, 2011

Wet n Wild DreamWeaver ColorIcon Trio Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

Wet n Wild hasn’t always been a brand on my hit list. Let’s face it, the packaging screams cheaper, the price makes us wonder how anything that costs less than $3 could be an effective cosmetic product, and our inner snobs demand we stay far away from it.

But you can call me wrong and make me eat my words about Wet n Wild because the brand does, indeed, have some hidden gems amongst all those $1.99 price tags.

Recently, they introduced a selection of six ColorIcon Trio Palettes for Summer. The Wet n Wild Dreamweavers Collection contains all of these trios for a limited time with a price tag of merely $2.69 each (prices will vary depending where you shop it). Some of these palettes are quite exciting since the shade selection is much like the Holiday ColorIcon Six Shadow Palettes.

Let’s take a look at some of the Wet n Wild Dreamweaver ColorIcon Trio Palettes.


A trio of budget friendly eyeshadows for under $3!

I’ve always loved the six pan ColorIcon Palettes but I’m not really a big fan of the Trios since I find they apply with alot more frost than I’m personally comfortable with. Frosty finishes and I simply don’t get along. In the case of the Dreamweaver Collection you’ll find a mixed bagged of finishes as well as formulas. I don’t think these are on par with some of the normal range of Trios that Wet n Wild has put out and the formula suffers in some cases. I also think that color selection is very similar to shades released already in other LE Collections or available right now in the general catalog so you might want to check back in your stash prior to indulging less you end up with a few dupes.

In most cases the Trios are a surprise particularly for those who avoid drugstore makeup or drugstore makeup brands such as Wet n Wild because you’re simply not expecting them to turn out so well. The formula on the Trios normally have a soft, buttery formula with a velvety feel and incredible pigmentation. See? Not exactly what you’d expect from a $3 eyeshadow palette eh? I also think they blend out fairly well and work well together to creating a contrasting shadow look.

The DreamWeaver Palettes have a bit of a different formula going on here and in some cases very little pigmentation. It was a mixed bag here for me but for the most part they turned out fairly well just not as great as Trios I’ve tried in the past.

The shades I purchased were:

We’re Blasting Off: This includes a pale pink, a blackened cherry, and a dusky beige pink. This has intense color pay off but the paler pink shade has a bit of a chalky formula versus the softer, velvety beige pink and blacken cherry. I can’t speak for dupes but the color selection does remind me of a release they did before or maybe already have in the general catalog of Trios they already offer. I find the colors don’t exactly work well together. They expect you to use the paler pink on the highbrow already with the blackened cherry in the crease and the dusky rose beige on the lid. You can get inventive with the shades and apply them however way you wish but as per their suggestion, well, I’d avoid trying it as it just makes a mess.

Dancing in the Clouds: This is a surprising shade selection as I’d never pair up Coppery Penny with Purple but it somehow works. The colors included a dirty gold-ish taupe shade, a royal purple, and a Copper Penny. Again, I personally had issues using such a strong color (the dirty gold) as a highbrow highlight as per their suggestion but it turned out NOT too bad. The formula was a tad disappointing here as both the gold and penny had a nice formula with excellent pigmentation and a frosty finish however the purple had very little color pay off and had a harder texture which was difficult to pick up with a brush or a sponge applicator.

Bright Idea: This is a shade selection you have be a little brave to try out. It happens to be the best I tried in the collection in terms of finish, pigment, and formula. The trio is made up of bright shades of Yellow, Green, and Pink. Again, they suggest using the bright yellow as a highbrow shade so indeed you need to display a little courage to go there.

Earth Looks Small from Down Here: This Trio seems to have shades similar to those released in the six pan ColorIcon Holiday Collection Palettes but I haven’t taken a second to compare them. You get a olive green, navy blue, and a truer shade of bright green. These have very little frost to them and apply nicely if not a little patchy in some cases so I suggest a sponge applicator for application.

There aren’t the best round of Wet n Wild Trios I’ve tried but I could be bias since I really prefer and like the six pan palettes alot better. I do find the colors a little wild and wacky particularly when they are telling you to use neon yellow as a highbrow highlighter but I think with a little imagination you can easily create your own looks using the shades or use them on the solo and not together.

As I mentioned above the shade selections are a little far out in some cases and many times their suggestions for using unusual shades as highbrow colors aren’t what I would personally recommend however you, of course, do not have to take their recommendations to heart.

I also mentioned above about the formulas varying. I found the texture and formulas of the shades varied and their was no consistency amongst the four I purchased where as in the past I’ve always seen consistent results, pigmentation, and blendability from Wet n Wild they kinda went off in a new direction here and in some cases it wasn’t always a good route to take.

I’m slowly getting used to Wet n Wild’s packaging as I find they store really nicely and are pretty no nonsense but I will admit they do cheapen the overall product in some ways and with a little packaging revamp they might garner the interest of more folks.

Another thing I mentioned above would be the rehash of colors here. It seems some of the shades are very repetitive from past releases and also shades that are currently available so check your collection for possible dupes.

And last but not least the collection is LE and I find Wet n Wild LE products, releases, and collections prove very difficult to locate. I do wish they’d offer the collections online for a brief time as they tend to sell out very quickly and prove impossible to find.

  • Anyone who likes bolder shades of eyeshadow with a budget price.
  • Those seeking highly pigmented shadows for a budget price.
  • Back to Schoolers seeking out budget friendly makeup options.
  • Makeup snobs who don’t veer far from a counter (you might be surprise how great these are).

  • Those who aren’t keen on bolder shades of shadow.
  • Those who aren’t comfortable with makeup made in China.
  • Those who put alot of importance on great packaging.

Wet n Wild’s Dreamweaver Collection wasn’t a favorite of mine but I can’t deny some of the shadows do prove very worth the haul. I like the texture of these but not nearly as much as I enjoy the six pan palettes which have a smoother, nicer finish sans the frost and shimmer of the Trio Palettes. The Dreamweaver Collection proved a little too inconsistent quality wise for me to really rave here and I also felt alot of the shades were really out there, I’m honestly not sure I’d personally recommend bright neon yellow for anyone’s highbrow….! But if you like bolder shades of shadow and you just aren’t up for paying $15 to $20 for one, Wet n Wild is surely a great pick at under $3 bucks for three shades! Of course, if you’ve unable to locate this Limited Edition Collection they have plenty of these Trios available as part of their regular catalog of color.

(Wearing Dancing in the Clouds)

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  • Sarah S.

    I wound up caving and bought these crazy marked-up from an online store because I couldn’t find them in my area. I love WnW shadows and those colors are so unique for drugstore! Even paying too much for them, they’re a lot cheaper than high-end stuff, and even cheaper than (I think) reasonably-priced MAC. And they’re definitely better than Jill Stuart shadows.

  • Susan Lewis

    I’ve been trying the Wet n Wild palettes for the past week and I guess I’ve come to the conclusion that you get what you pay for. For me they lack the consistency and texture of higher end shadows and I often have to go over and over the same spot to get any payoff. I bought a few to stash at work for when I need a touch up or when I run out of time in the morning. Also, if I want a fun color that I will rarely use I’ll invest in cheaper lines of cosmetics (E.L.F, etc). But for my home makeup stash they simply slum down my makeup condo (what I call my acrylic storage system of cosmetics) I guess I’ve found my inner snob, too!

  • jajaa

    I could not find them in my area either, I would like to try the Dancing in the cloud one. I think colors are pretty unique!!

    • the Muse

      i hate that fact I have to go on a safari to find LE WnW collections jajaa! :-/

  • Wendy

    I have all of the ones you reviewed except We’re Blasting Off… I think Earth Looks Small is actually my favorite! It’s intense but quite pretty. Wearing Bright Idea today and it’s nice, but the pink was a pain because it kept blending away ><. I was disappointed with the purple in Dancing in the Clouds, honestly! I like the look you did with it.

    • the Muse

      thanks wendy! same here with the pink, it was very chalky and difficult to get in place and the purple, UGH that was the worst! 🙁

  • Wendy

    I have Dancing in the Clouds & Bright Idea, well those and a ton of other Color Icon trios and they are a bit hit-n-miss, overall I’m really happy. My only BIG letdown was the purple in Dancing In The Clouds, I REALLY wanted to get that awesome grape ya know?

    Bright Idea was refreshing, and used with a light hand even works on my 45 y/o eyes without making me look like Side-Show-Sue.

    PS, I think you should start a True Blood Blog. Just my 2 cents. 🙂

    • the Muse

      same here wendy hit or miss but not bad at this price. Agreed, I mentioned that purple problem ;-D LOL side show sue ;-D <3 you! Ha….really?? me? why ? ;-D is my input on True Blood that valuable to the masses LOL! I've toyed with the idea of starting a Doctor Who blog for too long to admit ;D

      • Wendy

        I just love that you love True Blood and your responses make me feel like we are neighbors gossipin’ about that “Stackhouse girl” over sweet tea. Too fun.

        • the Muse

          ha wendy ;-D you’re brilliant, thanks for that, made my day ;-D I’m backed up two episodes so we might have to discuss another show over that sweet tea this week ;-D

  • Tigress

    I hated the purple shade in the Dancing in the Clouds trio so much I returned it. Like you said, very little color payoff (for me it was none) and difficult to work with (I’d say impossible). I really like the Bright Idea trio, but you have to build it up quite a bit – except for the green shade which is more pigmented.

    Can I also just rant about all of the flippin stickers on these things?! It takes like 5 minutes to open each one!

    • the Muse

      yes me too tigress, very disappointing. YES YES please do rant about that. ANNOYING! and when you do get them off it’s all gross and sticky on the compact :-/

  • Maria

    I’m still trying to find these where I live. I really don’t want to give in to the ebay sellers marking it up like crazy….but I might have to. ^_^ I love wearing bold colors (shocking, considering I’m such a subdued, quiet sort of person….hehehehe) so these palettes are right up my alley. Plus I’m shocked every time I swatch any WnW with how soft and intense these shadows are, particularly for the price. I waaaaaant! *whines*

  • Swimsalot

    I just found them at Harmon. It is a drugstore owned by Bed bath n beyond. I think it’s national.

  • Fey

    I’ve got Fly Me to the Moon and Enter a New Realm, the two most pigmented ones. The blue and black of Fly Me to the Moon are amazingly bold. The silver of Enter a New Realm is really great…this weird powdery, thin texture that feels almost flaky, but is super pearly and bright. The red and black are bomb as well.

  • C

    I MUST get Bright Idea. That is my current life goal: To own that palette. SO. BEAUTIFUL. OMG. I NEED IT.