September 9, 2011

Bliss Fabulips Lip Enhancing Treatment Kit on QVC for $38

Kate’s on the Q this weekend but I’m away for the weekend so I’ll be Tivo’ing her up. I hope she has some killer deals on some of her brightening/dark spot range as I know a dozen people that want to indulge.

I did, had second thoughts, and returned it without trying which is why I’m also hoping for an awesome deal.

If you are Q watching this weekend you might want to haul the Bliss Fabulips Set I reviewed yesterday as it is $38 versus $45 everywhere else. Of course, you have to pay shipping but if you’re grabbing other goodies, you can indulge in discounted shipping on all your bits.

The set includes four, full size Bliss Spa Fabulips products including the new Fabulips Foaming Cleanser.

You get:

  • Bliss Foaming Lip Cleaner
  • Bliss Sugar Lip Scrub
  • Bliss Lip Enhancer
  • Bliss Softening Lip Balm

I must be sleeping, I didn’t know QVC even sold Bliss until logging on and seeing this today!

Grab it at

Happy Haulin’ dears!

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