September 19, 2011

Tarte for True Blood Lip Surgence Review, Swatches, Photos

So whatcha think of True Blood’s Season Finale? Or better yet this year’s season?

Personally, they jumped the gun so damn much it’s not even funny….

But hey, if nothing at all, that was an entertaining Summer.

I gotta admit Marcus Bozeman had such potential until Alcide crushed him. Did he have a little bit of sexy going on or am I just weird?

*shrug* Seems hawt to me.

Speaking of all good things True Blood anyone haul the Tarte for True Blood Lip Surgence?


Tarte for True Blood Lip Surgence is one of three new cosmetics pieces that the brand collaborated on with the True Blood makeup department head, Brigette Myre-Ellis.

Pam had to be wearing this shade in one or two of her scenes as anyone notice her garishly, over exaggerated red lips? *nods* Yup, this had to be what she had on.

Ah our Pam, one part Southern Belle, two parts trailer trash babe, all vampire.

This has a moisturizing formula that glide onto lips easily with a tasty mint flavor. The finish feels like a smooth velvet without being matte. It lacks shine or glossiness so BYOG (bring your own gloss) to the party if you want a little pop!

I find the color a tad difficult to pull off as it’s a blood red. It’s a very sexy color that can easily spice up a simple lined eye look or a smoky eye however on me I look all clown…*shrug* I just can’t pull off this kinda red. Although the color is a warmer shade of red (which shouldn’t be a problem for me to wear) I still end up looking like Bozo the Clown when I have it on. Le sigh….

But it’s the collectiablity factor here right with the black glossy tube, black silver top, and True Blood emblem on the front….

Sometimes you have to give into your hoarder side and collect cool makeup pieces and this has cool stamped all over it for True Blood fans.

Did you haul it?

Does it wear well for you?

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  • Tammie

    I just got into True Blood last week (I’m mostly through book 3 right now, and about 1/2 way through season 2) so now I really want these items! This is probably the most practical for me, but I just don’t know how much I’ll use it :(. I wish the cheek tint didn’t have so much dang glitter in it! *sob*

  • Sarah S.

    Hauled this but I have yet to wear it… I rarely wear red but I have like 20 lippies the color…

  • Becca

    This is one of my faves but I’m MMM / NC35. It comes on a sheer corally red on me.

  • Tiffany

    Muse! Do you have any idea when the true blood collection is going to pulled off the shelves ? I am dying to get this but have no time for it lately :/ hopefully i get it before it’s discontinued!

    • the Muse

      I really can’t say Tiffany I imagine it’ll slowly disappear after the holidays but DON’T quote me. LE is used so loosely nowadays…!

  • Macnunu

    I just needed to say that Pam rocks and if you know who comes back as a brain sucking zombie next season I am just going to be……disappointed.

  • katrosado5

    Marcus has those Ghandi eyes (that is what I call those deep dark brown soulful eyes that you could fall into). Didn’t pick anything up from this line though.

  • SusanT

    Yes, Muse, you are weird for thinking Marcus is/was hot, LOL. He gave me the creeps.

    • the Muse

      ha susan! I thought he was rather hot for some reason…his voice oozed when he talked!

  • Alex

    Pam’s actually wearing a NARS Lip Pencil. Sorry to burst the bubble – I saw a post on it last season! This pencil looks great, if a little overpriced 🙂

    • the Muse

      yeah I know Alex…however, in the recent season (which I was talking about in this post) she had on this very BRIGHT red lippie which I assumed was the Tarte one 🙂 however only image I could fine was the one with the nars lippie.

  • ErenM

    Oooooh….I’m a Truebie fer sher! Haven’t hauled this yet, probably won’t though. Red lips look so garish on my pale skin 🙁

    Marcus was totally hot! Everyone at work thought I was weird for thinking so. Lol. He just had that dangerous, buff hippy thing goin’ on.

  • Logan

    I’m with you muse, marcus had something going on. If he wasn’t so two faced. I mean when he was talking to Alcide about the pack he seemed so smart and knew what he was doing but when it came to Luna. Gah he was a weirdo and just an ass. I am kinda sad we didn’t get to see him shirtless just once. Cuz even if he was an ass, he still had this kinda sexiness. But then again I’m attracted to odd people XD. The tart for true blood gah. I’m not usually such a sucker for these kind of products but I want them just because it’s true blood and the packaging on the eyeshadow box is amazing. I might be tempted to scoop one up when sephora’s FFS comes along.

    • the Muse

      agreed logan totally had alot of sleazy going on but that voice…..! omg ;-D something weirdly sexy there ;-D ha! think he’s packing anything under that shirt?! that would be a great time to snag it girl!

  • Melissa

    OMG so many people died this season!! Poor Jesus! Lafayette was so happy with him! Did NOT expect Sookie to actually pull the trigger and blow Debbie’s head off.
    Anywhooo…I picked up the Tarte for True Blood palette. If I could pull off crazy red lips I would have picked up the lipsurgence as well but I too would look like a clown. 🙁

    • the Muse

      ME either Melissa whoa……………! She was a little bit of a whiner this season though wasn’t she?!

  • Sara

    Ewww, Muse!! Marcus?! Girl you need to have your sexymeters checked!! 😉 :p

    *sigh* This stain is anything but “gorgeous, deep, true red”; it’s all raspberry pink and barbie bright. 🙁

    I love Pam. I love her a little more each episode when she rocks out some awesome outfit/makeup. I wanna be a skinny vampire. 🙁 With boobs. And an Eric.

    • Sara

      *I meant it’s anything but red *on me*. Maybe it’s mah paleness? Maybe it’s my undertones, I dunno, but it ain’t red on me. On the girl working the Sephora and helping me out, yep, it’s red on her. 🙁

      • Logan

        Layer some tinted gloss over it? or maybe tone it downwith another lipstick. Wet n wild has a black for halloween (I know black scurry) but if you layer it over red lipstick it tones it down nicely and you only use a bit. It makes it a nice dark vampy red.

        • Sara

          Ha! I totally do that with my Adora (kat von d *shudder*, in my defense it’s a beautiful color) lipstick! Well, almost, I use UD’s lipgloss in perversion – the dark sparkly charcoal grey color. Otherwise, yeah, it’s definitely too bright. Dark gloss brings that stuff down nicely.

          It seems to me unless there is a fair amount of brown involved (or else, as you said black gloss or lipstick), then reds all across the board are too bright or too pink (usually the latter). :/

    • the Muse

      ha sara 🙂 raspberry on you really? wow! on me it’s clown red ;-D ha we all need an eric…in our dreams!

      • Sara

        Yeah, raspberry pink. most definitely pink too, not like “well if you squint it’s red.” Makes me all kinds of sad on the inside.

        Mmm… sexy dreams about Eric…. Did you see he’s in some scary movie coming out soon? Straw Dogs? Are you going to see it? Looks a little close to “The Strangers” for me to see in the theater, but I’ll catch it on the movie channels. (to be fair, I haven’t seen a movie in a theater in a while. something about being trapped in a darkened room for two hours, and having to pee an hour in, just makes me not wanna go. :p)

  • Jen

    Hey Muse, I didn’t haul any of the lip or cheek products, but I did get the palette and I love it!! I really disliked Marcus character, but there was something attractive about him. The whole badass wolf thing. I think Alcide is sooo sexy. I’d love to see him hook up with Sookie

    • the Muse

      hey jen….wasn’t so into his sleazeball character either jen but there was something oddly attractive about him, had to be his southern accent ;-D his words just flowed like honey! oh yes please!

  • maria

    I never wore red lips until this came up. It doesn’t look like a neon sign on my face and even my hubby likes it a little. I love it. But I have light olive skin complexion so I guess that is the reason it looks a tad more subdued.

  • BV

    Okay Musey, I gotta stop you there. Dude looks like young Charles Manson!! He’s the type of guy who I cross the street at night to avoid!!! He’s the type of guy who just got outta jail and looking for a lady to sponge off! Need I say more? I could but I don’t want to be too rude to ya! LOLz. Funnily enough he is exactly the type of guy who sits next to me on public transport and tries to chat me up!! Give me a straight up calculator carrying geek any day.

    I loved seasons 1-3 of True Blood but season 4 was the absolute worst. I am going off the show BIG TIME. I think I’d rather be Pam and buy another NARS Velvet Matte!


    • the Muse

      lol bv he’s not THAT bad ;-D I agree, it really wasn’t that good this season, a bit too crazy for my tastes :-/

  • teasha

    totally agree, hot.
    I liked the season. I thought it coordinated nicely with the book. If you are a fan of the show, you must read the books. Start at the beginning. Love the books and the show. Enough difference to be interesting, but true enough to the books that you will love both (as opposed to one or the other as is often the case with books that turn into shows or movies).
    I bought the entire collection. My favorite is the eye palette. I am Agent 00, fairest MUF shade, Fairest mac shade, etc, I love the lip surgence too. I actually thought it was a cool red, that could maybe pass as neutral. I did not find it warm at all. Even the cheek stain is nice. Just be careful with it if you are not a fan of glitter, use a brush or your fingers.