November 17, 2011

E.L.F Cosmetics Gem Tools Collection Review

Bling, bling bitches.

This post was made for me to say that…I’ve been holding it in for so long so now I can say it…just rolls off the tongue….think of it in slow motion, bling…bling…bitches.

Sorry, I’m utterly silly today and easily amused as I’ve been watching PopSickTV for a majority of the day, it’s Portuguese Avo madness and it’s the ideal youTube Channel for procrastinating your day away if you happen to be part or full blood PorkChop.

Anyway, ’bout the bling…!

E.L.F. Cosmetics has a new Gem Tools Collection that has released for Holiday 2011 with a $3-$5 price tag.

This collection is made up of 11 brushes and tools that feature pink and gem studded handles. I have to admit that the collection evoked images of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in me rather than Christmas.

The E.L.F. Studio Brush Collection has some very nice brushes available so I figured that the Gem Collection would also have a bit of quality backing it and I was right. Dare I say that the brush I tried out was even softer and nice than some of the Studio Brushes I already own. I tried the foundation brush which is an ickle on the smaller side but still has soft brushes, decent density so it’s not flopping around when you use it, and no problems with shedding or splitting. I likey! Alot!

Packaging…well..mmm It’s not very festive to me and like I said I got a BCA vibe from it. E.L.F. would have done well creating a silver or red packaging to get more of a Christmas theme going on here.

The brush is a metallic fuchsia pink with a handle that’s bedazzled with medium sized gems. It’s actually pretty well made if not an ickle gaudy. I used it a few days and I was pleasantly surprised the little gems didn’t fall off through a few uses, two washes, and several drops on the floor.

I’m not sure I’d recommend them for the more mature, sophisticated makeup lover but I think they’d make a rather fun pressie for younger girls or teens! The quality is there, granted they aren’t MAC brushes but they aren’t entirely bad either!

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  • kiwikiwidragon

    The only ELF items that I own are their brushes and if I remember right they were designed by Vincent Borba. I own mostly the white ones and the only one I had a true issue with was the eyeshadow blending brush, scratchy as hell!! but the regular eyeshadow brush is awesome although it varies in shape from brush to brush I own about 6 of them and no two are the same.

  • Teresa

    I was wondering about the quality of these brushes. It’s good to know that they aren’t bad. I like most of the Studio brushes that I’ve tried, so I may have to grab a couple of these.

    Incidentally, they come in Pink, Silver, and Purple. The pink reminds me of BCA too, but the Silver is more Christmas-y.

  • eight

    I love the studio brushes, and the bristles are gorgeous on these, but those gems… not doin’ it for me!

  • Silke

    Too bad the rhinestones are so big and chunky, it would have looked a lot less cheap if they were smaller…

  • Mel

    Pretty, but I’m a bit weird about my brushes. I only like black handles, I refuse to buy a brush in any other color.

  • dina

    i heart the bling bling bitches!! 😀 first few lines had me laughing out loud …

  • Caty

    I don’t care for the purple or pink ones (too little girl princessy) but the silver ones don’t look too bad. I may have to buy one and play around with it.

  • Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex

    ELF Studio line has some really great brushes, especially for the price. I practically squealed when I saw the picture of this new brush! No, not seriously professional, but definitely fun 🙂 And I’m 26!!

  • Barbara

    Oooohhh pretty! not sure about the bling part though LOL i realllyyyy like the pink flares xP it’s like the tokidoki brushes
    I don’t own any brushes since I’m still relatively new to makeup, and we girls don’t wear that much makeup in highschool 😛 though i own a few wet n wild palettes HAHA
    do you know if ALL targets sell elf brushes? i think i’ve seen them at mine but they’re always in a set. i’m broke and i really want the 1 dollar ones that i hear are really good xD

    • the Muse

      not sure barbara most of the ones I’ve been to do, they have been starting to slowly carry a majority of the line 😉

  • MereMakeupManiac

    it really looks neat and cool but doesn’t it feel awkward to hold the handle since it’s got gems all over it? but it really looks gorgeous!

  • Marie

    Ahhh! They’re softer you say? I really want to like these, but those gems look super bulky! if they were a little smaller, I’d be all over it. But knowing how much I love ELF, I’m probably going to purchase them anyway lol.

    • the Muse

      they are indeed. They have an ultra soft feel, more so than stupid imho marie!

  • Julia

    the pink reminds me of the upcoming brushes Tsubasa is releasing through her Candy Doll brand. Cute!

  • Majick

    bling… bling.. hoo-hah… bling bling

    I love anything that glitters. I think these are pretty cute. I have a million brushes so I probably won’t get any but if I did it would def be the silver.

  • jenn s.

    The immature little girl in me always picks up blinged out, sparkly, yummy things like these brushes and squeals with excitement, but then my mature, practical and crotchety side takes over and says, “Put that down, you’re too old, biotch!” LOL (PS: I’m not really what most people consider “old”!)