November 10, 2011


My drama DVD order has been stuck in limbo all week aka somewhere in between Penang and Hong Kong! But it’s here now.


Drama timez!


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  • Lori

    ! oohh! the new rainie yang drama’s very good
    I’d also highly recommend Ariel Lin’s ‘In time with you”
    It’s still airing right now though. The wait every week is painnnfulll

  • BuBu

    OMG i see you ordered my princess as well! omg they are sooo good! why don’t you go to or to watch these online? a LOT faster than waiting..and best of all…its FREE!!! in these times…anything free is a PLUS PLUS! =) hugs and kisses muse…xoxo ^___^

  • zang

    OMG~! ALL GOOD DRAMAS you ordered! but i have to admit, i stopped watching my princess after ep 5 or so lol. omg! but the Rainie Yang dramas are super good! The Sunshine Girl drama is a remake of a Korean drama called “Successful Story of a Bright Girl.” The Korean version is super good too, but a little older. Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara were in it. That’s the first time I fell in love with Jang Hyuk lol.

    Anyway, did your friend get you these dramas or did you order it off a website? Please let me know so I can order some, too! hehe

    • the Muse

      that boring zang? aw poo! ;-D I’ve never watched SSoaBG but someone told me to start with Sunshine girl since it was better ;-D!!!!!!!!! A friend of mine got them for me from M’asia and sent them over.

    • zang

      ahah. it wasn’t that boring. i just coudlnt stand SSH and KTH fliriting with their eyes while making this drama! haha. the chemistry was definitely there. haha i’m going to finish it soon. I hope you enjoy. I really like Park Yejin. She’s a pretty good actress in this drama and others and I think she doesn’t get enough credit. She does seem kind of stiff sometimes, so IDK why.

      Yeah, I think you should start with Sunshine Girl, too. It’s pretty good. I’m kind of disappointed that there were only 14 episodes when I think the original had 16…hmm. But, it was really good.

      I read on of your readers’ comment and she mentioned Hi, my Sweetheart. that drama is SUPER good! it’s kind of corny at times, and i think Mo Li is a horrible “ballerina” hahah, but I can see why Rainie won best actress for her role in this drama.

  • TK

    OMG! Do I see Rainie Yang!?
    She’s in everything!! But she’s adorable, so its understandable.
    Have you ever seen Hi My Sweetheart? I loved that one. Rainie Yang and Show Luo were so cute together. I’ve been getting back into watching dramas again. I missed watching them all the time!

    • the Muse

      she’s a cutie ;-D I have Hi My SweetHeart but I actually never watched it, the geeky concept is too cute though ;-D! I love Devil Beside You but I’m bias because I adore Mike He, his hair was drool worthy in the drama or maybe it was me ;D!

      • TK

        Oh yeah, his hair is awesome! But his character’s hair was awesome even in the manga (Akuma de Souro) that its based off of! I’m getting more ideas for a Christmas list now!

  • Miss D

    Are these Chinese dramas or Taiwanese dramas? I’m totally on the lookout for some new Taiwanese stuff (one of my favorite dramas EVER is Knock Knock Loving You with Ming Dao and Dylan Kuo!). My Taiwanese drama “wish list” right now: Material Queen, Symphony of Fate, Lucky Days, Scent of Love, Zhong Wu Yan. Have you seen any of these? If so, what’s good, so I can make sure I buy that first. XD
    P.S. – Right now I’m listening to my brand new soundtrack CD to the Korean drama “Lie to Me.” Just got this last night and I’ve been playing it non-stop…the songs are wonderful…do check it out if you get the chance, Muse. Oh yeah, the drama is good too, but the last few episodes Yoon Eun-Hye’s character kinda does some stupid things, but other than that, it’s good! 🙂

  • sam0318

    Hey Muse,

    Off topic (sorta) but have you watched K-drama “Protect the Boss”? It’s my new fav and haven’t loved a drama so much since…I guess Coffee Prince. Totally recommended!!

    • the Muse

      really sam? I read reviews but haven’t had a chance to watch that one yet 😀 but will pick it up if you say it as lovely as coffee prince!!!!!! :D!

  • zang

    Dear Friend,

    Have you gotten into the craze of “the Moon that Embraces the Sun yet”? If you…you gotta GO! Let me know what you think~ :))

    Also, “Me, too Flower,” barely got enough attention, BUT, it’s one of my new favorites. I hope you can check these out when you have time.