November 16, 2011

Tarte Maracuja Oil Review

Dry skin, it’s what for dinner over here.

Colder weather=drier skin for me. Did ya know that folks with dry skin tend to age faster? Great, something to look forward to. Not cool.

Solution? Keep it as moisturized as humanly possible! Tarte 100% Pure Cold Pressed Maracuja Oil from the Amazon to the rescue!

I replaced a very well know, ahem, argan oil several months ago with Tarte Maracuja Oil and haven’t looked back since because I like the purple bottle. I do so love the bottle as it’s a purple glass with a dropper for easy application.

Oh…the shame of being so shallow.

Seriously, dude, sit there and say you aren’t digging that purple glass bottle? It’s a masterpiece!

Maracuja Oil is derived from the passion flower and supposedly contains a high dose of essential fatty acids and vitamin C to hydrate skin. I was quite excited about the addition of Vitamin C as I thought that this would ease dullness and brighten up skin, sadly, that didn’t happen.

For the most part this is very much like argan oil, it hydrates and offers an intensive way to moisturize skin. The oil itself is a lighter texture compared to products like this I’ve tried and own. It absorbs easily into my skin and leaves behind a slightly shiny finish which is one reason you want to use this as an evening treatment. I don’t really embrace the scent of this as it has a nutty, natural sort of scent but it’s not terribly unpleasant just a bit more herbal-like than I expected.

I normally incorporate this into my skincare as the weather gets super cold, I’m talking deep Winter peeps. It’s the best way to keep my skin soft, supple, and hydrated throughout the entire cold season!

Overall, Maracuja Oil is a most excellent way to keep your dry skin under control.

Loves it!

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  • Nina

    I got the sample of this product in Glow your way to gorgeous A-D. I really liked this product alot…Unfortunately I am a skincare junkie and have other products I do like alot more for my entire face. I will although say this is AWESOME for a dry nose and nostrils. I have a crazy sniffle from allergies and I am constantly blowing my nose and I get cuts in my nose because it gets so dry. I use this on the tip of my nose and dab a little right on the inside of my nostril and BAM no more super dry nose!

  • S

    Love maracuja oil! I got the cute little sample bottle in the QVC TSV “Glow your way to gorgeous” kit a while ago & use it for traveling. I found a much less expensive site to purchase a full size (not Tarte) bottle & use it twice a day as my moisturizer.

    • kimkats

      Say S – would you mind sharing your cheap site for this stuff? I really like it too, but not the price! 😛 If I could scoop it cheaper, I’d be a happy girl! Thanks!

      • S

        Sure, I hope it’s ok w/the Muse! If not feel free to edit it. I got an 8 oz bottle from for less than $30 including shipping. That was a while ago so price may be slightly different now, but still very reasonable. They ship quickly & I wouldn’t hesitate to order from them again. HTH!

  • Isabel

    You should try the Suki pure facial moisture – nourishing. I have tried a ton of oils (although not maracuja oil) and my skin just loves this one!

  • Logan

    That’s the universes way of balancing stuff out because I have oil skin and am prone to break outs so my skin should age well vs very dry skin with very little break outs. Pros and cons to everything.

  • diane

    love this stuff…using it nightly since june and im still on my first bottle…helps my skin stay soft. i agree about how beautiful the bottle is. i do love that tarte purple! i tend to really like any tarte product w/this stuff in it too- lip oils, concealer. its great

  • Majick

    Seriously dude? I half bought it for the bottle. LOL But I do like the oil a lot. I too have many skincare items but will be using this as the weather gets dryer.

    I also got a little sample bottle of this and the tiny purple bottle is just as cute. 🙂

    A note: If you have this and you think the dropper is broken it is NOT. It’s set up to only release a couple drops so you don’t use too much.

  • JenJ

    I have a sample bottle that I keep meaning to try. I’ve been loving Kiehl’s serum but I do want to give this go.

  • Harshleen

    I have this too from my tarte glow your way to gorgeous set and like it overall…..and yeah the purple bottle is damn cute 🙂
    On a side note, Muse did you get my message……plz let me know.

  • Coquette in Paris

    Packaging aside, do not want. This is probs crazy overpriced. I’d go with Argan or Sweet Almond Oil from a natural foods store any day / Nuxe / Nivea cream !!


    I have just started to use it. My skin is in bad shape. I can’t even stand to look in the mirror anymore and makeup…can’t do it either. I have always had great skin and then one day it changed. I say it happened when I turned 50. I am 55 now and looking for something to give me extra mosturizing and hoping to look better. Thanks for the reviews. I will let you know what happens. Hoping it works.

  • moon

    Hi! Would like to know which one you’d recommend better? The organ oil or maracuja?

  • It’s Emma Elise

    I didn’t know that dry skin aged faster! I better get moisturizing!