January 27, 2012

Kate Somerville Clinic-To-Go Resurfacing Peel Pads Review

Since I’m perfectly happy with my Philosophy Miracle Worker nightly regime I wasn’t really interested in adding an AHA serum to the mix. I want smoother, brighter skin and all the Miracle Worker products do just that for me but I also wanted to refine my skin so drier areas were smoother plus I wanted to address minor hyper pigmentation I have on my lower jawline.

So I recently indulged in the Kate Somerville Clinic-To-Go Resurfacing Peel Pads. I generally like Kate’s products and I was quite excited to add these to my regime.

Take a look!

The boast here is 28 days later you’ll notice a rejuvenated appearance. Hey, I’m up for that. They promise to reduce fine lines, acne scars, larger pores and the big factors that I purchased them for would be the fact they promise smoother, brighter skin. I don’t have fine lines or larger pores or acne scarring issues so the factors that led me to purchase these was smoother, brighter skin. I didn’t want to add an AHA serum to my current regime since in many cases I can’t use that serum along with the products I am already using by Philosophy and a simple treatment like this that I can apply and wash off twice a week seemed liked the easiest solution.

I was hoping for smoother skin as Alpha Hydroxy Acid is excellent for exfoliating drier skin plus I wanted brighter skin in the process and a treatment that would lighten hyperpigmentation.

At $48 for 16 pads you are looking at a fairly big investment if you find these to work as you’ll want to continue purchasing and using the treatment for the best results. However, going into the purchase and being disappointed also proves a loss of money in the end so either way you are looking at a rather large chunk of cash to dish out here for so little of a product. But I am strong believer in splurging on good skincare…

Sadly, these were a disappointment so my splurge mentality was actually a waste of money.

Each of these pads is an individually wrapped finger mitten. When I say finger mitten I’m referencing the fact that you peel off the front part of the pad to reveal the pre-soaked cotton pad underneath and slip the back side on your fingers (like a mitten) and smooth the treatment on. You can leave these on for 3-5 minutes and proceed to rinse after use and follow up with your other skin care. I’m not particularly keen on the smell as they kinda, not to be gross, smell like a baby’s spit up. It’s not very pleasant. On my skin I thought they were quite gentle, if you’re sensitive I think they should be fine as well as the treatment doesn’t sting or feel unpleasant or make your face red but of course, it varies from person to person. I liked they were each wrapped individually as the product stays stable, for longer this way.

After religiously using these for over a month (I’m almost done with the box) I can honestly say I didn’t see the benefits at all. I’ve had some great success with other products that Kate has introduced but these pads just didn’t do anything at all for my skin. My skin isn’t any brighter, my dry, patch areas are very much still there, and these did not lighten hyperpigmentation issues so I’m doubtful they’ll do much for old acne scarring either.

I want to tell you they changed my mind but outside of changing the amount of money in my wallet that was about the biggest impact they made on my life.

Sad sigh.

I really hoped they’d work but no go.

Tried ’em?

Do share your thoughts!

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  • Cj

    Sorry they didn’t turn out good 🙁 Have you tried the new philosophy ones? I was looking at em the other day and was really tempted!

    • the Muse

      aw no worries we win some we lose some. I was hopeful they’d rock my world but no go. I’m busy testing them out now ;-D I think I like them!

  • nicolle

    I used these and noticed no difference 🙁 I actually still have some left but likely will trash them.

    • the Muse

      sigh same here nicollee, I prob will finish them but not seeing a repurchase in my future!


    oh bummer! 🙁 I would hate being so diligent for a month and not seeing a result!!! I bet the philosphy ones will work out much better for you!!

  • diane

    what a bummer, i was considering these. do u use them daily or 1x a week?

    i won her new 360 face tanning pads off twitter…they are the same thing in the mitt and such. they don’t provide enough color for me (love the dr. gross glow pads better) but man they left my skin looking radiant & pretty!

    • the Muse

      I was using them once a week. Didn’t see results so I started using them twice a week, once Monday and once Friday. def not a daily thing though 🙂 ooo yes, those are super popular I never tried them but they are always on every single blog I read ;D!

  • Deb

    Hi Muse. I purchased 4 of Kate’s products about 2 weeks ago. I did a LOT of research and read reviews until my eyes were crossed. This is one of the items I purchased. I have dry skin but not sensitive. I am of Irish descent so my skin is very fair, thin, and I have light freckles. No hyper pigmentation, no acne scarring, and no issues except aging. I did so much aging damage in my younger years trying to tan, and I am paying the price now. Anyway, of all of the products I purchased, this is the only one I am really seeing results with. I am not getting any results with ExfoliKate at all. Don’t hate me!!…..I know it’s a HG product for you and many others. Maybe my expectations were too high but I just don’t get that “glow” or anything else from Exfolikate. These pads, however, do everything for me that ExfoliKate does for others. I’m using them 3 times a week which is far less than recommended. But that’s mainly because of the price. So to those that are thinking about them, I would say if you can afford it, give them a try. I’m NOT trying to contradict your review, just wanted to say that for sure, different things work for different people. As far as the rest of Kate’s line…..so far, not that impressed with everything else I got. But for me, these are the cat’s meow. After the first use I was glowing, after 3 uses, I’ve noticed a softening of fine lines. I also notice that even after I thoroughly clean my face, these pads still show “stuff”. Don’t know what it is they are pulling off of my face or out of my pores but I don’t care! Working for me and that’s all that matters…..right?

    • the Muse

      hey deb! sorry to hear exfolikate wasn’t your deal hunny! but I’m happy to hear that these worked so well for you!!!!!!!! oh gosh different strokes for different folks dear, so if it works for you that’s brilliant not a contradiction at all 🙂 I WISH I had the same success! Sadly, I didn’t notice too much change grrr! I am however liking the new Philosophy pads ;-D which are kinda along the same lines as these ;D!

      What did you think of the smell of these? Curious minds!

  • Lulubelle

    My first thought was ‘disappointing’, as I really like ExfoliateKate. OTOH, Kate’s prices for her products are so high I’m glad to know that this one isn’t up to snuff and not waste my money, so thank you.

  • michelle

    That is a shame! I actually read a blog recently where the blogger raved about them, but then I read another review and it was very similar to yours, so I’m going to take a “pass” on the whole endeavor. I would really like to address my hyperpigmentation, and acne scarring on my lower chin area, so if you’ve any suggestions, I would really appreciate your input Muse!!!!

    I have fair skin and just the tiniest of under the skin blemishes renders my chin area (the only place I occasionally get a blemish or two) with red or brownish marks afterwards. Just recently getting off antibiotics for the issue and using a very effective cream from my dermatologist helped with the problem, but I would love to hear what product(s) you could recommend that would help fade the scarring???

    • the Muse

      the miracle worker pads and the new brightener/spot treatment from Philosophy have been working fantastically for me. I would highly recommend checking them out ;-D

  • Tracy

    I use Kate exfoliating scrub, which I love, and had looked at these…..glad I read your review first, Muse! I have been using Cane + Austin resurfacing pads, which I really love! I use the glycolic/salicylic pads, which help with acne, scars, brightening, etc. But they also make a version which is strictly glycolic, which is geared more towards fine lines/discoloration. They are $60 a jar, for 60 pads. These have made a noticeable difference in my skin tone and smoothness. If anyone is interested, you can find on QVC, and I also purchase them from beautyhabit.com.

    • the Muse

      i like the scrub too tracy. haven’t tried those will have to see about giving them a look thanks!