January 10, 2012

Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer Review, Swatches, Photos


Yes, indeed, I am winning today. My beef with Revlon over the fact that I had to dish out nearly $15 on their new PhotoReady Perfecting Primer is forgotten.

I forgive them.

Water under the bridge.

Because I actually like this stuff…!

Revlon’s been busy extending, expanding, and generally power upp’ing their PhotoReady Collection. One of the new additions is the Revlon PhotoReady Perfect Primer which is a whooping $12.99-$13.99 depending where you purchase it.

I can’t see myself choking down $13-$14 for a primer purchased at the drugstore. The idea is we head to the drugstore for a bargain and that price isn’t exactly budget friendly. I particularly find it hard to swallow when I get it home and it’s a rubbish formula.


No worries this is worth the buck.

It comes in a glass pump style jar. I like the packaging as the primer remains stable since you’re not sticking your hands in it (and air isn’t getting into, etc…) and the pump distributes just the right amount of product without over doing it. The worst offense is getting a pump packaging and proceeding to have it pump out enough product to prime a nation but this suffered none of those issues.

The primer is a pearly shade of whitish pink but applies transparently. This isn’t a silicone primer so it doesn’t have a powdery dry down. Thank the primer gods because I seriously find primers like that terribly uncomfortable on my skin. The formula has a hydrating feel but dries down to a satiny soft finish which will mattify oily skin but not still manages to offer a tiny bit of hydration for the drier types.

I don’t have large pores on my face but my nose I do have visible pores lately and this blurs the look of those pores very nicely so it should perform well with ones on your face or if you have finer lines. The product not only photographs beautifully but creates a nice soft focus to skin. It preps my skin beautifully for makeup and creates a smooth working canvas for BB Cream, foundations, etc…Reasonably blemish-free, smooth skin will see a nice flawless finish after application.

It does prolong the wear of foundation slightly as it builds a nice barrier against my skin and my foundation which prevents my base product from oxidizing too quickly. I actually don’t use a ton of foundation and rely on BB Creams for evening out my skin tone and perfecting my skin but I tested this out with my favorite foundation and thought it extended the wear time by at least an hour or two.

Overall, count me delighted with Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer. This one is a keeper. I do wince at the price tag slightly since this isn’t exactly higher end but I’m more than willing to dish out the buck if the quality is there and in this case I felt like the quality met perfectly with the higher cost.


I can see myself using this one daily.

Muse Approved for purchase.

It’s at Ulta.com right now with a BOGO (buy 1, get 1 50% off) if you’re wanting to save some $$ when making a purchase or wait for your local drugstore to get it in stock and have a sale as there are always some sort of sale at CVS, etc…!

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  • molly

    $12 is alot at the drugstore but I can’t think of a high end primer that is anywhere close to that! I would own this if I could find it anywhere in my town! ugh!

  • eight

    I’ve been on the lookout for a cheapish primer. It’ll probably be like $20 or something stupid here in Canada though, so not sure if I should hold out for this or try Benefit’s Porefessional…

    • the Muse

      totes different products chica as porefessional is more silicone and this isn’t ;-D! but that’s absurd ;-( Canada is worst than uk 🙁

    • Ruthless

      It’s not that bad if you can pick it up at Walmart. I got mine at Shoppers Drug Mart-the mousse foundation was almost 20 bucks and the primer a bit less than that. I do really like the perfecting primer it reminds me of Hourglass mineral primer-except without the insane price tag (it’s 60 bucks CAD in Sephora)

  • nicolle

    Thanks for the review! I have been eyeing this at Target but wanted to read a review on it before purchasing. I’ll pick it up tonight! Sounds more promosing than my Chanel illuninating primer that hasn’t been used for months and that was around $32+….so this price is a welcome! 🙂

    • the Muse

      I really liked it nicolle ;-D if it replaces your chanel that would be SWEET! ;-D lmk what you think when you tried?

  • Amy

    I know the L’Oreal primer is around that price, but you get a pump also with Revlon ^^

  • Amanda

    The one I purchased had a huge chemical smell :/ I usually don’t mind scents, but this one I couldn’t deal with. Other than that, it is a good primer.

    • the Muse

      i didn’t notice…mine was completely fragrance free not even an unpleasant one Amanda, how odd! I’d return it and get another one if I were you!

  • Quinctia

    $14 sounds bad at first, but I went out looking for a decent affordable primer a year, year and a half ago before any drugstore brands had any. I don’t have a “real” Sephora nearby, just the one in Penney’s, so I ended up at Ulta. Even the Ulta brand primer was around $20, and so I just caved in and bought Urban Decay at $30.

    So…I would say it’s proportionally lower in price, even if it sounds high?

  • cat

    I might try this out when I run out of my L’Oreal primer. I love that one but it’s kind of awkward to get product out of the jar and this seems more sanitary.

  • Bianca

    I’m definitely going to pick this up! My skin can’t handle primers with silicone… I’m so excited to try this! Thanks for the review

  • Mia D

    I agree! This product is good. I like the lotion-primer feel to this. I’m so happy it’s not like your typical primer. I break out like crazy from them. Ages ago I even spent a fortune trying to get high end ones to work for me. Also I have large orange-rind like pores on my cheeks and this hides them nicely. So I’m pretty sold on this!

  • Nikki

    I tried this with my matchmaster foundation and even though I liked the way it felt on it made my cheeks looks too dry :-/ maybe I should just use it on my nose. It does a great job of blurring the pores on my nose.

  • Fuuka

    I like it it too. Mine was cheaper since I bought it at Ulta when Revlon was buy 1 get 1, and I had points in the bank. My only complaint was that my BE foundation looked funny for about 30 minutes, it had to settle in the primer to look natural. Blends well if I just want to use the Photoready concelear with it. Expensive, but worth it if it is on sale!

  • Kat

    waaa i can’t wait for these to be available here in the Philippines
    I’m a fan of their Photoready line except for the shimmers 😡
    thanks for the review .<

  • Christina

    How do you compare this with the Nip and Fab one? I really loved that!

  • Dawn

    I bought this today and with coupon and CVS extra bucks it ended up being around $7. At that price, it is worth a shot for me. I have pores on my nose and checks and I am hoping this helps.

  • elle

    12 dollars! are you serious, in australia it’s 23 dollars. i would consider 12 dollar primer to be cheap, especially revlon. the foundations are 30+ here.
    though when i bought it i got it for free with the photoready airbrush ($31) which i was planning on buying anyway, but if i’d wanted to buy it seperately..
    i just tried it and it seems lovely 🙂

    • RachelCheree

      Agreed Erica! I’m going to buy it online. They surely can’t justify the extra $20 or so dollars on shipping.

      Regardless, Amazon have it for under $20, going to look there!

      I tried this product in tester form at a shop, and really liked it. Wanted to read other opinions first though.

      Thanks for the review! When I visit America I’ll be sure to stock up hahahaha.

  • Erica

    I always find it weird when people complain about the prices of things. Is $15 not cheap? They should try buying this in New Zealand it’s $38.

    • the Muse

      by us standards it isn’t cheap erica, we can get higher end at that price.

  • Montie

    Thanks for the review. I am atill Thinking of buying the color correcting 002 instead of this one

  • RachelCheree

    I love how you guys say that $15 is expensive – it’s at least $30 over here in Australia (Just noticed that comment from NZ above). Standard PhotoReady or really ANY Revlon is easily $35. The new Colorstay Creme foundation is $35. I would LOVE to buy make up for under $20!! I swear they can’t justify the price due to shipping, as if it would equate to an extra $20 per product.

    I tried this in a shop as a tester and I really liked it – found that it really blended my pores and any lines on my face which was different from any other primer.

    Really wanted to see a review before deciding to buy it and I am definitely getting it from Amazon or something, not retail!

    Thanks for the review!

  • eva

    I love this primer so much that after trying i went to shop and bought sevral more jars just in case they will disscontinue it. I use it together with loreal lumi magicque foundation c1 pearl rose shade. I have quite oily skin and makeup shines after 2 hours. This primer keeps my makeup matt for all day long. I promisse you this. Makes my skin toned. Lines are invisible. Skin looks like you see actors or presenters on tv. I really love it. I think that this is currently the best primer on the market.

  • jen

    Hey when i look at the ingredients it is a silicone primer its the first ingredients

  • Lauren

    Hi Muse! Which primer do you prefer between this one and the other color correcting primer from this line? Thanks for the review!

  • Thu Tran

    Hi! I am using this product. When i apply it on my face, my pores are dissapeared as well as my redness. So cool! My skin is pretty smoothly. Then i apply Revlon colorstay foundation, my skin becomes very very dry that i just cant blend my foundation. It is too hard to apply. And it ends up with a very thick foundation on my dry face. Could u gimme some advices to improve it? My skin is oily skin but i dont know why it becomes dry when i use these 2 product together?

    • Sky

      i’m having the same problem like you 🙁 when i used this product along with revlon colorstay foundation, my skin becomes really really dry. And both products don’t blend together. it makes my skin looks terrible like having a scalp-like skin 🙁 but colorstay foundation alone is okay.

      • Tiziana Bugeja

        can you tell me which foundation ure using with this? once i used revlon foundation with primer I got uneven colors 🙁

  • Jackie Busby

    You are lucky I live in New Zealand all Revlon up in the $40 mark don’t know why just retailers being greedy I think, in fact all the products you call drug store are in this over $40 dollars and the high end once at least double that and more