January 4, 2012

Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm Multi-Benefit Skin Care Makeup Review, Swatches, Photos

BB Creams 2.0, as I like to refer them, are on the scene for Spring. We saw a bit of the BB Cream trend hit the market several months ago here in the US but now that Spring is upcoming we are seeing more and more brands releasing their version of the popular Korean foundation product.

Clueless about BB Creams? Do check out my posts here and here to get you up to speed on what exactly a BB Cream is, what it does, and how it differs from a tinted moisturizer, etc..

So far, BB Creams in the US aren’t quite up to the speed of Korean ones in my opinion particularly in terms of coverage as they seem to lean more towards being a tinted moisturizer here in the US. How they got translated to such a formula is beyond me but that be the case in my experience thus far. I think I like Clinique’s version best to date from the US releases which seemed to offer the most coverage and the most natural.

As you know Too Faced recently introduced their own BB Cream to the scene with their Spring 2012 Collection and I immediately went about getting my hands on one.

Here’s my thoughts!

Yeah well, this is disappointing. Having tried many Korean BB Creams I can honestly say this isn’t what a BB Cream is supposed to be.

On the upside if you never tried a BB Cream before this actually might be some amazingly great product for you however on the downside if you’re used to Korean BB Creams and own some already and use them and like them, well, needless to say you will be disappointed with the performance of Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm Multi-Benefit Skin Care Makeup.

First off, $32 for 1.5 oz is quite expensive if you’re judging price and size by Korean BB Creams. Korea’s market is saturated with incredible BB Creams for as little as $10-$15. I don’t necessarily mind the price so long as the formula proves worthy of that price point sadly, this doesn’t really wow me.

As you can see from the ingredients that’s not a whole lot going on here that will help you “improve your skin’s overall appearance”. However, I’m not really interested in using BB Creams as a solution for giving me perfect skin but at the very least I’d like the illusion of flawlessness.

My problem lies with the formula which is more of a tinted moisturizer than a BB Cream. It starts out fairly thick and creamy but the lighter texture as you apply reminds me more of a tinted moisturizer. It starts off a tad on the greasy side even though the formula is oil free but the load lightens some during application as the final finish is very hydrating and smooth. I do question how oily skin users will like this as it does feel a tad too moisturizing for such a skin type but Too Faced proclaims that most any skin type will be fine with including those with sensitive skin as it’s hypo-allergenic.

The finish is very smooth and even. It doesn’t accentuate flaky areas or patchy dry skin nor does it age skin or make it look dull depending the shade you choose. I find it absorbs a touch too fully resulting in very little coverage on a whole. I’d say coverage is sheer on all accounts no matter how much you apply or how much of the product you build up onto your skin. I’ve tried my fair share of BB Creams and one of the the best qualities about them is the high coverage they offer. This, however, sports the pigment of a tinted moisturizer, very sheer, very subtle. Of course, if your skin is fairly decent already with no redness, no spots, etc…you can easily indulge and get solid, lightweight coverage that evens out skin tone decently well. If you have greater coverage needs this isn’t the product for you.

This does have an SPF 20 which is decent sun protection however I do prefer a higher level of sun protection myself. It comes in four shades the darkest probably suitable for olive or tanned complexions but not darker. Most BB Creams come in one or two shades in Asia so the system we have going on here in the US a little more suited to a variety of skin tones but it still proves very limiting to many darker shades of skin. The swatch below is the second shade available called Cream Glow which is for Light to Medium skin tones. I thought the shade had a touch too much beige to it so it made my skin a little dull after use but blush and other makeup brightened things up.

Overall, I wasn’t deeply impressed with this as BB Cream but it is a somewhat nice tinted moisturizer. Thus far, BB Creams are still proving uneventful here in the US. Coverage is lacking, SPF is a tad low, ingredients aren’t exactly amazing…etc…etc…I think somehow, someway the product got lost in translation and the Western market is busy creating a sub par tinted moisturizer product rather than a BB Cream.


Tried it?

Do share your thoughts!

Available now from Too Faced and Sephora.

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  • Cj

    This is getting redundant, it seems the US can’t release a good bb cream :(! Tho I do have a good feeling about Stila’s one. So let’s cross our fingers lol.

  • Ruthless

    I haven’t had a ton of experience with asian BB creams but I am loving the one from smashbox have you tried it yet?

      • Comrade Garlic

        I don’t think you will like it. It gives almost no coverage and the shades are off. The medium is really dark, really dark. I tired it for 3 days, and could not get it to work.

        • Ruthless

          Aww that’s a bummer, hope you could return it as it’s pricey. I really really like it, I have been wearing it to work every day this week and haven’t had any of the same problems that I do with foundation.

  • Littlecreek

    Maybe a US BB cream really is too much to ask for. I guess now I’ll just start wishing for Sephora/Ulta/etc to start carrying Asain brands. All I want is to be able to walk into a store and buy a good BB cream and not have to rely on ordering all the time. I’m also going to hit up the big Chinese grocery store downtown and see if they carry beauty products. Here’s hoping!

  • Nana

    Terrible!! Way overpriced, does nothing for skincare OR coverage, and has “**Beauty** Balm” all over it?????? I Don’t think I will EVER buy an American BB Cream -.- My Korean BB’s are half of that price and 1000000000x better than this ! So Sad :\

    • Ruthless

      I just wish they came in non korean colours! None of the asian ones are suitable for my skin tone

  • Twila

    I’d love to find a BB cream that works on my uber-pale skin (MUFE HD 110). The only one I tried was Boscia and it was not pretty. Any suggestions?

    • Ruthless

      Twila-is that the new Boscia one? My sephora hadn’t put it out yet but I was eager to try it, is it awful?

      • Twila

        I actually liked the texture and feel of it, Ruthless. I’m not familiar with the Asian versions, though, so I can’t compare. My main problem was that it looked a little yellow/orange on my skin. Otherwise, I think I would have kept it and used it fairly often.

    • Irene

      I’m very pale myself (around MAC 5 or 10, ghost white) and after being unable to find any foundations that matched my skintone and offered decent coverage, I tried Korean BB creams and I currently use Etude House Precious Mineral in #1. It’s still a bit too pink for me (I’m caucasian but very yellowish) and slightly darker, but it’s the lightest shade in all BB creams I’ve tried and seen, I’d say around MAC 10. Medium coverage, awesome smooth application! Muse reviewed it some time ago, maybe you can take a look?:)

    • sylvia

      Why don’t you just order Missha Perfect Cover BB cream in shade #13? It’s pretty cheap and they have sales all the time

  • Phyrra

    Aww, so disappointed that this isn’t good, I’d been curious about it.

  • Melissa

    Thank you for the review. Im sad its not good ..guess ill stick to my missha and skin79 for now. btw Missha color range has grown and actually really good. I have one that is nearly too dark for me even when i’m tan!

  • Midge

    Darn you, Too Faced and your pretty packaging. Methinks I’ll stick to my Etude House, Skin79, and Skin Food BB creams for now.

  • Winnie

    I’ve been reading all your reviews on the US Brand BB cream that are coming out trying to decide on which one to buy. Waiting to hear what you think of the Stila and Estee Lauder BB cream. I have to say I am thoroughly confused! I have oily, acne-prone skin with scarring and am looking for a BB cream that will give me coverage as well as help heal the scars. Which of the US brand BB cream do you think fit me the best? I don’t want to have to track down a Korean brand. Not really into ordering things online without seeing it in stores first. Thanks!

    • the Muse

      hi winnie I haven’t found a bb cream sold in the us that heals scarring. Sorry πŸ™ as I’ve expressed alot of my disappointment in the US offerings in this aspect as well as coverage. If you’re looking for something with good coverage and possibly healing abilities I WOULD shop a Korean BB cream not a US one.

  • Nancy

    The Clinique one is the best BB cream I’ve used so far on the North American market. I’ve tried Boscia, smashbox, Dr. Jart, and this Too faced one. The Smashbox one is way too powdery and foundation like, just with higher spf. The too faced one is too thin and sheer, barely any coverage if any at all. It just adds a dewy sheen. Boscia, I hate the texture it’s so goopey like custard.. UGH! Clinique by far is the best still in the US/ North America Market.

  • Mary the Muse Militant

    I gave up trying out BB creams from The West.
    Garnier is seriously atrocious.
    No 7 have released a new one and it’s ok but not a patch on a true BB cream.
    Am sticking with The East when it comes to BB creams.

  • mefromHAWAII

    Hey Muse!! I’ve been reading a lot of your blogs on BB creams. I finally pick some up from Sephora, a Japanese retailer here, and from pretty and cute. My question is, do you use a primer under your BB cream?

    • the Muse

      yes me I use a primer, I have dry skin so I use a hydrating primer before any base products/bb creams/foundations. This way I have a smooth well hydrated surface to apply my makeup on.

      • mefromHAWAII

        Thanks!! I was thinking that if the product was supposed to be like skin care and if I use a primer then the skin care ingredients wouldn’t sink in. Yesterday I did half my face with a primer and half without and the side with the primer lasted longer and less makeup settled in my fine lines. I had a more flawless appearance. I guess in the end, a BB cream is more like a foundation vs a tinted moisturizer.

  • Alex

    I received a sample of this in my last Too Faced order and actually really love it! But this is coming from a person who’s never used a BB cream. I don’t like the heaviness of liquid foundation, so I’ve always just stuck to powder. But after discovering this, I love to wear it over normal moisturizer and under my MUFE powder. Super happy with it!

  • rai

    I just use 100% pure’s foundation. It’s a bb cream in all but the name – great coverage and consistency, sun protection, anti-aging and healing ingredients its got it all (except for whitening ingredients).

    You should try it!

  • Andrea

    Hi Muse! I’m using the no7 bb cream, it’s the first one i ever tried and it doesn’t last very well on me. I use a moisturizer underneath, my skin is quite dry as well so perhaps that’s the cause of it but i don’t think i could do without the extra layer of moisture.
    Anyway, i was thinking of using a primer underneath like you do but i’m wondering… if you use a primer, isn’t that kinda cancelling out the benefits of a bb cream? Do you think the skin still gets all the good stuff in it or the primer blocks everything out? Sorry for all these questions but i don’t know much about primers or bb creams. What do you think? xox

  • pretty arty

    I was on the verge to buy it, but I think i’ll stick to my Erborian and Misscha BB creams:)

  • CG

    I really like these. My one drawback about them is that I despise sunscreen and would prefer it NOT be in this stuff. If someone wants to use sunscreen, then fine, but I don’t WANT it added to my stuff. I don’t want to use it.

    Other than SS, I really do like these- great glow to the skin without looking fake. If only they would remove the SS totally I would say it is almost perfect!

  • Maria

    Muse, you forgot one thing about this BB cream….It makes you sparkle like Edward Cullen!!! I just got a sample of it in the shade ” nude glow” which is more or less my shade, and if I stand directly in the sun I could probably blind people with my sparkliness. ^_^ Now I have nothing against Edward Cullen…in fact I wouldn’t mind being blinded by his sparkliness, but on me….not so much. Hehehehe!

    • the Muse

      oh maria I didn’t get sparkle! wow! I didn’t notice that at all!

    • Princess Plum Jade

      I’m on my second tube of Beauty Balm and no sparkles to be found.

      That said, it’s not a matte or ultra-matte makeup. I’d characterize the finish as more “satin matte.”

  • Emily

    I tried this and while it’s ok in that it helps even out skin tone a bit, I thought it was a bit greasy. I set it with some powder and it looked fine. However, it was nothing spectacular. I’ll use the tube I have this summer (the lightest shade is just a bit too dark for my winter skin tone) but I don’t see myself re-purchasing it.

  • Carolyn Croll

    The BEST primer was and would still be, if they hadn’t stopped production,
    Ultima II Under It All.
    Everyone who ever used it loved it.
    If Revlon would bring it back they would make a fortune.

  • Angela

    I have recently purchase this item in a Sephora store since the salesgirl insisted it was their top selling bb cream. I got the lightest and it turns an orangey color on me where’ve my skin was slightly pink. I also found that it made flakey areas on my forehead very noticeable. I am going to have to take this one back. πŸ™

  • Princess Plum Jade

    Hi, Muse. I’ve been reading several of your reviews and really enjoy following your viewpoints about different beauty products.

    I realize my comment is quite recent and this review’s pretty dated, but I wanted to point out that Too Faced doesn’t promote Tinted Beauty Balm as a BB cream. The label clearly identifies it as a “multi benefit skin care makeup.”

    I’ve been using Beauty Balm for almost a year and I liked it enough to repurchase it. I am always amazed people complain about the coverage. It covers EVERYTHING on me. I have a “rose bouquet” of acne scarring on one cheek — almost like a red birthmark — and it all but disappears under a layer of this makeup. I don’t pile it on, just smooth a nickel-size amount on my entire face with clean fingers as per the directions.

    It’s definitely thicker than traditional tinted moisturizer and most foundations. It’s also fairly water-resistant and long -wearing. I opt to apply it over primer (like any foundation product) and I have smooth, soft matte finish that meshes beautifully with my skin. It contains great sunscreen and various antioxidants. My skin looks great and I have no problems (breakouts, irritation) with regular use.

    I’m not into the BB cream craze — I agree with Paula Begoun that BB’s and tinted moisturizers are the same product — so I’ll take your word for it that TF Beauty Balm is not an actual BB cream, but again, TF does not promote it as such. It seems a shame to knock a pretty good product for not being something it doesn’t claim to be.

    • the Muse

      hi princess plum jade, quite happy to hear you are enjoying this. Beauty Balm and BB Cream are on in the same product. BB is short for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm.

      Unfortunately, I have to disagree, BB Creams are not tinted moisturizers. Not sure if you’ve tried BB Creams from Asia but they offer far more coverage and benefits than what you’d find here in the US. As of now though, what we are currently seeing here in the US are gloried Tinted Moisturizers with BB Cream used in the name so in some aspects bb cream/tinted moisturizer are pretty much the same formula when purchased from US brands sadly πŸ™