February 21, 2012

E.L.F. Mineral Face Cleanser

Wow so cutting age, E.L.F. has a washing powder.


If you’re not in the know on your Asian beauty you might not know that washing powders are fairly common in various parts of Japan, Korea, etc….

What is it?

Sounds odd right? It’s simply a powder in a bottle of some sort that you shake out (like salt or sugar) into the palm of your hand and you add a little water to it to. Once you add the water it’ll lather up and you can clean your face with it. I’ve literally tried hundreds of washing powders most of which have whitening or brightening promises. I don’t particularly love washing powders as I find they are messy to work with. As here you are jugging a wet face and hands, struggling to get a bottle open to pour a powder into your hands, etc….etc….I also don’t think many of them deliver on their promises and in a few cases they end up making my skin very tight and dry after use.

I do find it completely novel that E.L.F. is one of the very first washing powders I’ve seen in the US market.

Take a look!

This promises to be a rich cleanser that gets your skin squeaky clean with a noticeably brighter and smoother complexion after use. The lather not only cleanses but exfoliates as well.

The formula is infused with active minerals and skin nourishing ingredients such Aloe, Green Tea, Jojoba Avocado and Vitamin E.

The best part is the $8 dollar price tag which is in the realms of what you would pay in Asia.

This is available now at www.eyeslipsface.com.

Pretty great find if you’re not interested in tracking down an Asian brand and dealing with airmail costs, etc…

Do you use washing powders?

What do you think of them?

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  • Cj

    Does dermalogica’s microfoliant count? It’s a powder that you add water to lol.

  • Jessica Allison

    Interesting. I used the Azuki Bean powder from Body Shop when I was MUCH younger (too harsh!) but this seems like it’s got some promise behind it.

    I could do without some of the irritating fragrance oils (lavender, clove, lemon- all VERY irritating) but being that they’re at the end of a powdered preparation, they’re probably in pretty light concentration…still…

    I’m not gonna rush out and grab this, but the next time I see a good sale, it’ll probably be on my list 🙂

  • Kaitlyn S

    I’m curious to try it. Bare Minerals also has a cleansing powder. It’s pretty good but it’s also $26 :/

  • Nina

    Also, Amore Pacific has it’s enzyme tx. peel. It’s not cleanser but it is a powder which you add water to and then apply to the skin for 30-60 seconds.

  • kimk

    Geez, I’d forgotten – I have one by DHC called (oddly enough) DHC Washing Powder. I like it in the summer, it’s a lil too drying for winter time use… I may scoop up the ELF one, if they carry it at Target just b/c it’s so friggin’ cheap and it’d be fun to try!

    Welcome back!! I kept checking and checking and No Muse! Was gettin’ a lil worried!

    • the Muse

      o yeah I forgot about the DHC one, but that doesn’t count, it’s asian haha ;D! but yeah, true, much cheaper ;-D Aw thanks! I was in CA for a few days but back and in fighting force! it sure is nice to be missed <3!

  • Jayme

    L’occtaine also has a powder cleanser (Or they at least used to not sure if they still do) though it was in a tube that was not water friendly which was silly

    Welcome back!

  • Liz

    I adore washing powders!!! Right now I’m using TheFaceShop rice water powder wash at night with my Clarisonic. I just wet the brush and sprinkle it on, then use the brush on my wet face. LOVE!

    I’m going to keep an eye out for this elf one. I usually skip that area in the drugstore but that will change until I get my hands on this!

  • Kate

    Way back in the day when I was a wee lass, I bought the Japanese washing power the Body Shop sold. I thought it was kinda novel, but I ended up spilling most of it all over my sink and bathroom counter. I’m too messy to use washing powder. 😀

  • C

    I’ve tried the AMPM cleansing powder and liked it. I use it on the nights I do my sheet masks and I think it’s a pretty good combination. I’m so surprised ELF has this! Must try NAO.

  • Dao

    Muse, I think this is good to take on a plane because it’s powder and does not violate any rules 🙂 I’m glad ELF catches on the powder cleanser trend and makes it cheaper, too.

  • elizabeth

    Wow, who knew ELF was so cutting edge? I can’t see myself buying this as I can totally see myself making a mess, but it’s nice to have such a cheap option!

  • Hannah

    I hope this works it’s way across the pond to the UK. As it sure looks interesting!

  • Marie

    I saw this on their site last night and I’m curious… but I’m pretty sure I’d make a huge mess with it… but I’m still curious LOL

  • Jo

    I used Dermalogica Microfoliant, and love it, but never buy again because of the price tag.

    FANCL has one too and it’s more affordable and has different ones for different skin types 🙂

  • Tigress

    I remember using the one from The Body Shop like 15 years ago and I hated it.