February 1, 2012

Love More Diamond Super White Mask Review

Yeah, I admit, I’m a little bit of a facial sheet h0r. I hoard them like it’s my career and I use at least three or four masks a week to keep my skin smooth and hydrated. I find I drop off a bit in the Summer but in the Winter my skin needs some serious TLC and facial masks are really a treat to get things in order.

If you’ve never tried an Asian Facial Sheet Mask before they are super simple to use. Masks come individually packaged and are saturated with essence. You place the mask on your face (they are typically made from durable cotton fiber) and you sit around for 10-20 minutes allowing the essence to absorb into your skin.

The joy of Asian Sheet Masks is the ease of use and the variety of formulas available for brighter skin, whitening skin, anti-aging benefits, etc…

Love More is a series of masks that’s supposed to contain 25ml of essence per sheet thus the name “Love More”.

Take a look!

The Diamond Super White Mask that I picked up supposedly contains diamond powder plus essence from the Tianshan Mountain Snow Lotus, it helps to revitalize skin, remove old skin cells and leaves skin translucent white.

It does none of those things.

The mask has a nice fit on my face and fits the contour and curves of my face wonderfully well. The sheet is thinner but it held strong through the entire wear time without tearing. It has a citrus-y fresh scent that I found very pleasant however I wasn’t particularly pleased with the overall results.

I went into the treatment dry, dull, and hoping for whiter, brighter, more moisturized skin. My main beef with the mask is the essence. The essence has more of a wet, watery feel as if they took the cotton mask and dunked it into cool water versus the typical gel-like essence feel most masks have. There was a bit of dripp-age going on but nothing I wasn’t too happy to clean up so long as I came out of the experience hydrated.

Sadly, I didn’t feel anymore hydrated or moisturized coming out than I did going in. The mask simply didn’t offer a good solid hydrating feel which is the least a sheet mask will do for you in many cases. As far as brighter skin that too was a bust.

I doubt I’ll purchase anything else from Love More. This was my first try with the brand and it was possibly the worst sheet mask I’ve had the pleasure of purchasing.

Count me surprised as I typically love most any Asian Sheet Masks!

I got mine from E-bayer AlphaBeautyUK (I am not affiliated with this seller).

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  • Michelle

    Color me weird but that ripped up sheet mask scared the heck out of me…looks like a ghost face or something! 🙂 Sorry that you had a bad experience. I’ve always wanted to try these products but I won’t be trying THIS brand! 🙂

    • the Muse

      hey michelle check my beauty diary for your first try out, they make some great masks!

  • Airi

    Aww, I’m super surprised too!

    I mean, how can you NOT feel hydrated after letting something drippy sit on your face for awhile?

    Such a pity too, because the packaging is so cool!

  • Asian Beauty Newbie

    Hello Muse!

    I am a long time lurker, and your reviews have helped me step up my makeup game quite a bit. Thank you for your honest and detailed reviews!

    I did have a question though. I have really wanted to try these types of masks and I heard the ones from My Beauty Diary are some of the best. I was wondering if you have a favorite sheet type mask from them or if there was another company that you like better. There are so many to choose from, it is a bit overwhelming.

    My skin is different from yours as I have oily skin and am prone to blemishes, but if you have any suggestions I am all ears.

    Thanks 🙂

    • the Muse

      hi there Asian Beauty! aw thanks so much I’m always so happy to hear that xoxoxoxoxo!

      I really love My Beauty Diary, they make a great variety of masks! It’s a fav of mine! They also have a few formulas for oily skin/acne problems. I really love the Moistureful masks from Etude House as well they are super hydrating as well as the Hadalabo ones. I actually have an entire archive dedicated to sheet masks you can see them all here:

      Maybe it’ll help you find a new one you might wanna try ;D!

  • Danielle

    Myfaceworks ‘i need to be firm’ Sheet Masks work well- though they’re a bit more pricey. (I still prefer masks that you apply yourself- like the Queen Helene Mint Julep mask.)

  • susan

    Nothing beats SK11 sheet masks but they are hideously expensive. I save for very posh party preparation!