February 2, 2012

Philosophy Here Comes the Sun Collection

I’m a huge Lennon fan and quite a big Beatles fan circa the acid trip years. Now if your as old as say my mum you really appreciate the “I Wanna Hold your Hand” years and the entire British Invasion but if you’re a bit younger, well, needless to say you love the years that Paul and John were dropping tabs and creating the most incredible music on the planet as far as I’m concerned.

With much focus on what both Paul and John were creating, I think, the fandom forgot how talented George was. He wrote Here Comes the Sun in ’69 when he was having a crummy year, lots was going on at the time including him being arrested for possession. George was quoted as saying he created the song one day when walking around Eric Clapton’s gardens. Go figure!

The song is one for creating an ear worm simply because we all have those crap days that seem like they are going on forever but there’s always a clarifying moment when the sun comes out and we realize everything we are stressing out about is really not all that bad after all.

Needless to say the short winter seems like it’s over and here comes the sun….with Spring full force ahead Philosophy has a brand new collection to get you geared for the warm, sunny weather ahead and fittingly it’s named Here Comes the Sun. I’d like to think George would be quite chuffed about having a skincare line named after his little ditty.

Warning there are gratuitous photos of JRM’s naked chest after the jump!

Take a peek!

Philosophy Here Comes the Sun Age-Defense Gradual Glow Self-Tanner for Face $26
Gives skin a natural-looking golden glow, while helping to improve the signs of aging.

Philosophy Here Comes the Sun Age-Defense Water-Resistant SPF 40 UVA⁄UVB Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen for Face $30
Broad-spectrum sunscreen for face provides dual protection against the burning and aging effects of the sun in a perfectly wearable formula that smells clean and feels weightless.

Philosophy Here Comes the Sun Age-Defense Water-Resistant SPF 30 UVA⁄UVB Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen $26
Broad-spectrum sunscreen provides dual protection against the burning and aging effects of the sun in a lightweight lotion formula that delivers a perfectly wearable experience.

Philosophy Here Comes the Sun Age-Defense Very Water-Resistant SPF 30 UVA⁄UVB Broad-Spectrum Spray Sunscreen for Body $26
Broad-spectrum spray sunscreen for body provides dual protection against the burning and aging effects of the sun in a lightweight spray formula that even oily skin types will love.

Philosophy Here Comes the Sun Age-Defense Golden Glow Self-Tanner for Body $28
Age-defense golden glow self-tanner for body provides a sun-inspired golden glow, while helping to firm and tone skin.

I’m quite eager to try some of their newer SPF products. For all the awesome that Philosophy has going on they do lack a bit in the SPF department so its nice to see a few new products popping up for sun protection.

The Here Comes the Sun Collection is available now at philosophy.com

Anything intriguing you?

P.S. We saw Albert Nobbs last night and it was quite delightful if not sad. Anyone see it? I didn’t even realize JRM was in it and he was in a dress for a second there sexy haha! Gasp! What a pleasant surprise! Aaron Johnson is such a dish, double whammy having them both in the same movie. Can I have me some of that?

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  • Cj

    I was going to say something about the sunscreen stuff, but I lost my train of thought when I saw the abs 😛

  • Laura

    I’m all over this!! Especially the self tanner stuff

    I have no idea how to add it into my already chock full of products from Orgins, but I’ll do something!

    Especially when it said “that even oily skin types will love.” Sign me up!

  • jody

    Heyz indeed-y.

    I cringed through most of this post. I can’t help but have a primal reaction to the thought of that song. I love all things Beatles, except for this song. My alarm clock throughout college and beyond had a horrible chimey Here Comes the Sun as its tone.
    But the abs made it all better!

    • the Muse

      ha no way! really? It’s one my favs. George never got enough air time, he had a killer voice. He did well solo. It was the alarm clock that ruined it for you ;-D but of course, JRM near nekkid cures all :D!

  • diane

    oh i’m a self tanner junkie. i’ll be getting those for sure.

    i hope this self tanner by them is better than their firming self tanner “the big skinny”- that stuff, though it smelt delicious (like chocolate) was terrible- it came off in patches and looks so bad! my fingers are crossed they improved with this because as a brand all in all, philosophys one of my faves!

  • Michelle

    It’s ironic that George was inspired to write this song walking through Clapton’s gardens as soon thereafter he was going to lose his wife, Patti Boyd, TO Eric Clapton. I don’t blame Clapton entirely…it takes two to tango because she could have done her part to fend him off. (I just read her autobiography.) Apparently couldn’t Patti couldn’t resist Eric even though she loved George very much and also her marriage to him was on the rocks. Sigh…poor George.

    • the Muse

      george had a hell of a year lol….! I’m not really sure about Patti as she did have an affair with Ronnie Woods as well. So I’m kinda iffy about her in general. The Eric and Paula situation was equally gross and odd. Patti and Eric got together way after her and George were through though…it’s not really great they got together considering what good creative friends he and George were but still wasn’t while George and her were married, it’s something ;D!