April 9, 2012

DuWop Seashell Cheek Dual DuWop Seashell Lip Dual Review & Swatches

Somehow May won’t feel May without a Pirate movie plus September 19th is ages away so speakin’ like a pirate right now probably wouldn’t be as funny as it would in September…


Although if it was up to me we’d all go around Arrr’ing our way through the day.

May is almost here and no pirate movie this year sadly but I’ll make it a little easier on you and go ahead and review DuWop Seashell Dual and Lip Dual to get you in the spirit of things.

Ahh the failure that was DuWop’s Pirates of the Caribbean Collection.

Remember that?

DuWop successfully captured our imaginations when the word about their Pirates of the Caribbean Collection hit the beauty airwaves and proceeded to piss us off in such a major way by introducing the collection weeks and weeks after the launch of the movie. They did reach out and offer a sincere apology after the collection launched but I’m still sad and bitter I couldn’t get my hands on their Isla Sirena Collection prior to the movie launch.

Ya know, it would be have been heaps more special if I didn’t have to wait weeks and weeks after the movie release guys.

I dunno how into pirates and mermaids you are the moment but I dug out some of DuWop’s Seashell compacts for a little swatch and a play last week.

Much to my horror, DuWop is still selling these. I’m not sure if that’s bloody awesome or kinda sad….so much for limited edition right?

Depending on how cute you’re feeling at the moment the seashell packaging might light up your face with a smile. About the size of a MAC Blush these seashell shaped compacts house a mirror as well as dual cheek or lip products inside. I think the packaging is novel and cute but some of the magic has worn away for me at this point. Now I’m just seeing them as a tad bulky and difficult to store and unconventional in terms of how quickly the product dries out inside even though they have a good solid click closure.

One of my absolute favorite products from this launch was the DuWop Seashell Lip Dual which contains a lip cream and gloss. My favorite shade selection was Relic which contained this bronze-y metallic gloss and a nude dusky brown rose lip cream. The texture of both products have a soft, glossy feel and finish and apply like an absolute dream. Combined they give this bronzey, glimmering lip look that’s super sexy. They have a soft fragrance (but not a flavor) of tanning oil.


The Seashell Cheek Duals are equally love but they tend to dry up and harden fairly quickly (within two months of owning them they were far from soft anymore). The compacts feature one cream blush and one highlighter. At their peak they have a soft, easy to blend formula that leaves behind a lovely natural finished flush on cheeks. The cream highlighter portion is equally easy to use as a little dab on cheek bones after the blush will give a lovely soft focused glow. The downside is definitely how the formula quickly morphs when not in use.

(Luz de Luna)


Overall, these were actually quite delightful little pieces with some faults and hiccups along the way due to packaging. Surprising to me is the fact they are still available so if you are interested you might want to indulge. Do keep in mind what I said about the blush though…if you use it daily that should be fine but if you tend to hoard things away and have a rather large blush stash you might want to avoid these less they dry up and harden before you’ve given them the love and attention they deserve.

Did you indulge in this collection when it launched?

Loved it?

Do share!

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  • Liz!

    Dude, when this collection FINALLY freakin launched, I ordered one of the blushes a couple months after when they had some 30% off sale and was still massively disappointed. I got Rubellite, and while the blush color is lovely, the highlighter doesn’t even show up. And don’t get me started on the packaging, I was expecting something whimsical and fancy, not a plain black compact with a plastic shell glued on top….and like you mine started to dry out quickly as well, a problem I’ve never really had with makeup. Seriously, I have a Stila convertible color (<3 Lillium!!!) that's like 2 years old and still going strong. Wtf, DuWop. Fail, epic fail I say. Sorry, ending rant now!

    • the Muse

      no true true true liz true…I have stila CC’s for three years and still creamy as ever…! dunno why these dried out so damn fast!

    • Majick

      Now that I look at it I’m really glad I did not get this. I didn’t realize it was just a shell on top. I used to have a little white shell from Avon that had pink lip gloss in it. I loved that little shell. The whole thing was a shell that opened. This just looks kind of weird.
      I see why you ranted! 🙂

  • Majick

    Relic is the lip duo that I wanted but they waited so long to launch that who the heck wanted a seashell compact when summer was over? LOL
    Yes, I agree DuWop = Epic Fail on this one. (and I LOVE mermaids and one pirate in particular LOL – whispered “his name is Jack Sparrow”)

  • Michelle

    I have to admit I squeee’d in delight until I saw that there was just a shell on top of a plain old tacky plastic container. Something tells me that the remainder of these will end up on ACW soon enough, where all of the old collections go to die.