April 9, 2012

Elle and Revlon Want to Know What’s in Your Bag?

What’s in your bag posts are so popular that entire Flickr, Facebook, Forum threads, and more are dedicated to the topic. I guess we are just terribly curious about what everyone is carrying around in their purse. I’ve literally had friends dig around in my purse just out of pure curiosity to see what I was carrying around.

I guess our purses are an empowering little accessory aren’t they? Enabling us to carry around little pieces of our life in a bag or a tote that reflects our personal style and prepares us for the challenges of our day, they are our own little survival tool.

Maybe you wanna peek in mine?

Well, as I got older, my bag got bigger and I stopped carrying around everything and the kitchen sink. It’s ironic that I prefer totes over bags nowadays since I use to love trendy little bags which I stuffed my entire vanity content into. The bag got bigger, the contents smaller.

It’s odd that much of the content isn’t beauty related considering what a self confessed cosmetic junkie I am!

1. Netbook
2. Tissues
3. Stain Remover
4. Aspirin
5. Antibacterial Hand Gel
6. Fashion Tape
7. Ballerina Flats
8. iPhone
9. Manga
10. Pens, Pencils, something to write with
11. Cheek Stain
12. Concealer: The new Revlon PhotoReady Eye Primer + Brightener is proving a nifty little must have at the moment in my makeup bag. It perks eyes up nicely when they are starting to look tired!
13. Face Powder
14. Facial Mist
15. Mirror
16. Tinted Lip Balm: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter, as you’ll all agree, it’s such a great one for toting around. Peach Parfait is currently my fav shade at the moment, what’s yours?
17. Hand Lotion

Speaking of brilliant bag contents…..

This Spring, Elle and Revlon have teamed up to celebrate beauty, personal style, self confidence, and how you’re prepared for anything that life has to throw at you by putting together eight unique power purses valued at $3,000 each (bag and contents). The contents of these bags are what enables us to keep our lives organized, beautiful, and empowered.

Four of these purses will be dropped off in diverse locations across the country with four remaining as giveaways to Elle readers online via Facebook.

You can like Revlon on Facebook and receive access to drop location clues for the bags that are being given away online.

Visit www.facebook.com/revlon to take part!

And do share….

What’s in your bag?

If you’d like to share the contents of your bag feel free to comment below and give me the deets on what’s appearing in your bag at the moment. I look forward to hearing about it.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. If you have questions about sponsored content please see my Disclosure/Disclaimer statement or content me directly.

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Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Cj

    Okay lets do this. *dumps contents of bag on bed*

    My iPhone
    My sunglasses (Michael kors)
    My wallet (also Michael kors)
    A small umbrella
    Eye drops
    Hair brush
    Colgate wisps
    Tide stain remover pen
    3 pocketbacs
    Eos lipbalm
    Eos hand lotion
    La fresh body soothing wipes
    Mac wipes
    Mac face and body lotion
    Mac mineralize charged water

    Then inside my makeup bag I have

    Glass nail file
    Brush on cuticle oil
    Nail buffer
    Sigma retractable kabuki (PINK FTW)
    Mac cleansing tips (are these discontinued)
    Mac bb cream
    Mac careblend powder
    Mac prep+prime pressed powder
    Jean queen lipstick

    Whew! All done.

    • the Muse

      oh man I have those in the zipper compartment of my bag, the le fresh body wipes, I freaking love things can’t believe i forgot them. honestly, as I got older, I got better about what I carry around, it’s a lot less product than it used to be! your bag used to be like mine at one time haha ;-D Love that you carry more stuff than me, you’re my hero!

      • Cj

        πŸ˜€ I loooove big tote bags lol. I don’t think I could ever have like a tiny bag, it’s just impossible lol. My friends always joke around saying If they ever get stranded on an island they’d just take my bag and be okay for a couple years lol!

        • the Muse

          lol ;-D! same here, I’m all about totes in a major way! it’s just so much easier to forget a small purse at a table. totes just carry it all!

  • Ruth

    I love to see “what’ in my purse” posts! I’m so stinkin’ nosey when it comes to those types of things. Curious to see what is so important to a person that they feel the need to carry it around with them everywhere they go.

    *digs inside purse to see what’s in there*
    1 granola bar- never know when you might get hungry
    2 lush lip balm
    3 pac man ghost mints
    3 hello kitty tin that holds medicine
    4 weiner whistle
    5 sun glasses
    6 iPod
    7 smashbox lip gloss in “it girl”
    8 revlon lip butter in “lolipop”
    9 buxom lippie in “shanghai”
    10 too faced “mood swing”
    11 wallet
    12 keys
    13 and really random- a plastic spoon.
    14 grocery coupons
    15 cash

    • the Muse

      haha I have pac man ghost mints but in my desk drawer. dude what the hell is a wiener whistle and should I ask?

      • Ruth

        it’s shaped like the Oscar Mayer weiner mobile, not the other kind of weiner! hahahahaha!!!!

        I had to lighten my carry load a while ago, purse was breaking my shoulder! I used to carry over 30 lip products, paperback book or comic trade, bottle of water and more stuff that i just didn’t need.

        • the Muse

          *raises a brow* oh really?

          I lightened up a lot in my later years. Through college it felt like I was carrying my entire apartment inside my tote lol. I don’t even bother carrying around my ipad anymore, find it easier to update my site on my net book so just leave my ipad home. I ditched much of my makeup too for a few products I know I’ll use and need. So proud of myself b/c I seriously am compulsive when it comes to tossing crap in my bag

          • Ruth

            it’s awesome! I carry it everywhere; it’s a non-negotiable item in my bag. when i go to cons, it goes with me in the pouch of my backpack, also a great conversation starter when you pull it out. heh, pull it out. i just myself laugh!

            the makeup stuff was just too heavy and I noticed that my bags kept getting bigger to hold my stuff that I should leave at home. I’m compulsive too cause what ever “it” is, i might need “it” later. well, later never comes and “it” gets shifted to the bottom underneath all of the other “it” stuff that i might need.

          • the Muse

            I’m sure it is…*nods serious like*

            LOL! ;-D

            same here..or sometimes I leave it home having never used it before but suddenly need it when it’s at home, the irony of it, oh god the irony!

        • Majick

          RUth, I have to laugh because when you said “weiner whistle” I immediately thought about the little red hot dog shaped whistle I had as a kid with Oscar Mayer printed on it in yellow. That’s the one I thought you were talking about. LOL
          I wonder if that little whistle is still around somewhere in a box in the attic. Thanks for the memory. πŸ™‚

    • the Muse

      heh ;-D I just broke her out recently tigress ;-D love it. she was so hard to get during Jason’s run at Target!

  • Michelle

    Wow, what a fun post!

    Well first of all IDK if this counts but I have a BBW pocketbac hanging off of my purse in one of those blinged-out holders, great for wiping off the toilet seats @ the mall, LOL!

    The bag I use to hold stuff in my purse is the “ELF dump bag.” Mine is in Burgundy. I don’t recommend it because the coating began to flake off after only a few weeks of carrying it around.

    Right now I’m carrying:
    ELF Golden Glow blush
    Small notepad
    Small atomizer of eyeglass cleaner
    Eyeglass cleaner cloth
    Cover Girl Volume Exact mascara
    Eyedrops for dry eyes
    Eyedrops for contact lenses
    Sally Hansen lip palette
    Spare key to my house
    Pocket mirror
    Clinique Black Honey lipstick
    NYC lipgloss in Blackberry Brandy
    2 ELF Lip Lock pencils (this stuff really works to keep your gloss from bleeding!)
    C. Bigelow Lemon Blueberry Lip Balm
    4 nail files (why 4?)
    Stila Lip Glaze in Kitten (yeah, I know)
    Sally Hansen Lip Prisms lip gloss
    ELF retractable lip brush
    Sephora thingie to clean under my nails
    mark Totally Balmed tinted lip balm in Totally Hot

    The blush has cracked and leaked, leaving a dusting of shimmery powder on everything in this bag. I really need to wipe things off and do a purge of all of this stuff!

    Can’t wait to hear about what everyone else has! πŸ™‚

    • the Muse

      lol good idea michelle! ;-D lol that’s ok, Lip Glaze in Kitten is kinda awesome ;-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Olivia

    Man oh man. I’m still in jr. High but i’m one of the only girls who carries around a purse which makes no sense since all im carrying around is like perfume and stuff. My purse is the yellow Fluro stachel from the cambridge company. Go it for my gooood marks.
    1.EOS lip balm
    2. Sugar fresh lip treatment
    3. Sugar rose lip treatment
    4.Breath spray
    5.Mac creamsheen in “Richer, Lusher”
    6.Keys to my parents house
    7. Nixon watch
    8. Ipod
    9. Phone
    10.Base coat
    11. Nail polish
    12.Dolce & Gabbana “L’eau the one” rollerball
    13. Vera Wang “Princess rollerball”
    14. My little lip shaped coin purse
    15. Plastic forks or spoons
    16. Ance medication
    I normally keep my hygen products in my locker since people find it fun to go through my bag. But I mean, better to start young right? πŸ˜‰

  • Karen

    Ahh I LOVE “what’s in your bag” posts!! Always gives me inspiration on how to organize my stuff and things I’d forget (except I usually bring more than what i need :P)

    Dooney & Burke wristlet:
    -IDs, cards, etc.
    -B&BW PocketBac hand sanitizer (lime basil)
    -Sony in-ear headphones

    Small pink makeupbag:
    -iPhone charger
    -Oil blotting sheets
    -Maybelline Dream Matte compact powder
    -B&BW lotion (white citrus)
    -Nutrigrain bar – always bring food with me πŸ˜€
    -Pocket tissue

    MacBook Pro

  • Joanna

    This is fun!

    I have really pared down my purse contents to just the essentials:
    – today’s lipstick of choice
    – Guerlain powder for touch-ups
    – B&BW hand sanitizer
    – EOS hand cream
    – prescription medication (just enough for one day) and inhaler
    – cell phone
    – USB memory stick

  • Lauren

    I loose track of what’s in my purse most of the time XD I can stuff this thing to the brim.

    Jergens Hand Lotion
    Giant ass hairclip (my hair is REALLY thick)
    Leather driving gloves
    Winter Candy Apple Pocketbac
    Ipod touch
    Little pink satin pouch where I keep hair ties, bobbypins, clips, etc

    And in the makeup bag:
    Skullcandy headphone (no idea why they’re in there)
    Eos Sweet Mint lip balm
    Strawberry Rosebud Salve
    Clinique Soft Shine Lipstick in Bamboo Pink
    Softlips lip balm in Strawberry
    Philosophy Marshmallows for Toasting lip shine
    Clinique Superbalm
    Fresh Rose tinted lip treatment
    Maybelline Shinesational Lip Gloss
    Korres Mango Butter Lipstick in Frost Pink
    *and for the kids at the daycare I work at that insist on lip balm*
    Wild Cherry Pepsi flavored balm

    I try to keep the essentials in my bag but often times I can easily fit three cans of Monster into it XD It’s the perfect “I don’t feel like buying food at the movies so I’m gonna sneak the entire 7 Eleven into the theaters” bag XD

  • Mara

    Well here goes

    in the main part
    -coupon for 5.99 haircut from great clips
    -stickers from getglue that i just received int he mail
    -ulta beauty card (random floating around, should be in wallet)
    -keys (mom’s van key, house key, random key can’t figure out what it’s for, random padlock keys for luggage that i have no idea where the padlocks are, mackinac island keychain, michigan rainbow letter keychain, giraffe keychain from local zoo, random club/saving cards—lol did you need to know all that?)
    -receipt for bath and body works
    -empty zodiac (virgo) pink change purse
    -pouch (contains: cough drops, tissues, mirror,manicure set, bottle of alieve liquid gel, colgate wisp spearmint)
    -two eye doctor appointment cards
    -expired coupon for .50 off johnsonville italian sausage
    -bottle of prescribed meds i have to take when i eat meals
    -random 2 pennies floating around
    -orbit gum (wintermint)
    -nyx chic lipstick
    -kodac mini hd vidcam
    -small pad of paper w/ pen
    -feminine products
    -really old “grocery” list

    pockets on outside
    (in one pocket)
    -empty container that had earbud cushion replacements
    -2 pink sharpies
    -burger king recipet
    -energizer ultimate lithium batteries pack (w/ two in there)
    -1 playtex sport body wipes
    -2 supersmile powdered mouthwash packets
    -bath and bodyworks coupon
    -bath and body works jinle bellini body lotion mini
    -casino members card on chain
    -earbud replacements that should have been in the empty container

    (another pocket)
    -90 count bobby pin container (not all 90 there but majority are)
    -four hair ties
    -travel size baby powder
    -fashion bug rebate for $10

    (another pocket)
    -eye glass cleaner

    (another pocket)
    -burts bee lipbalm
    -orbit gum – fruit punch (so gross)
    -trident layers gum – ochard peach+ripe mango
    -juicyfruit gum pack with one random stick left
    -cut in half extra dessert delights apple pie – 1 stick apple pie, 1 random stick extra cinnamon gum

    and thats whats in y purse right now, LOL.

    Two things that aren’t int here that usually are if I’m going somewhere
    -my phone
    -my nookcolor

    oh also that juicyfruit isn’t there anymore, i just ate it, lol well chewed lol.

    yes i’m a purse hoarder….

    • the Muse

      mara you need a reward for carrying that around lmao! that’s your house and some!

  • Mara

    oh i also have one of the bath and body works antibac things hanging on my purse in mango margarita

  • breyerchic04

    mine’s a little silly, but I’ll go for it.

    3 Lipsticks
    Some sort of book
    Tiny chocolate thingies from Trader Joe’s
    Molskine notebook
    Panties (uhuh I never know when I won’t be coming home)
    Benefit Porefessional mini
    Mini skein of yarn given to me by a famous spinner and friend

  • Denise

    This looks fun. I’ll share mine too:

    Since it’s the first day of my work week, I tend to carry more. So here’s the contents of my bag:

    Coin Purse
    Small purse for my membership cards
    Discount coupons
    2 mobile phones
    ipod touch
    2 USB Thumb Drives
    Office ID
    Car keys
    Pack of smints
    Hair brush
    Small Comb
    Face Mist – Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist
    2 eyedrops (For my allergies and for dry eyes)
    Oil Control Film
    Small Bottle of Alcohol
    Tissue Pack
    Bath and Body Works Pocket Bac
    Skinfood Rose Cheek Choc #2
    Maybelline Cool Mint
    Chapstick Classic
    One naturales Shea My Lips
    Maybelline Baby Lips Menthol
    Etude House Ms Tangerine Follow Me Tint
    Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Lipt Tint Green Apple
    Skinfood Fruits Brunch Lip Box Tomato
    Tony Moly Tony Tin in Cherry Pink
    Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss #1 Hawaii ray pink a
    Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss #3 Tropical Lime Red
    Body Shop Hi-Shine Lip Treatment
    Tony Moly Cutie-Beauty Perfume Bar in Glamour Star Scarlet
    Shu uemura Deepsea Moisture Replenishing Eye Gel
    The Face Shop Quick & Clean Oil-Free Sun Cream

    I have 3 pouches to keep stuff in my bag in place.

  • sierrablue

    Ohh, I have to bring out the Jason Wu tote, I lost the fight for one of the two bags at Target on release day and had to snag it through eBay.

    What’s in my bag:
    2 sets of headphones
    Notebook and pen
    small super light Japanese umbrella
    Snack Happened Lunch Bag which contains all my make up goodies:
    – Labello Pomegranate
    – Bobbi Brown Brightening Lip gloss Pink opal
    – MAC Studio Fix (which I don’t use anymore, too drying)
    – Tarte Enchanted stain
    – Fairy Drops mascara
    – Tarte Archiote stain and gloss
    – Japanese Blotting Paper

    Nasal Spray and Allergy Meds

    please share, I’m so curious about everyone else’s bag content.

  • Julia

    I recently splurged and bought a Celine luggage tote in black that I’ve been using everyday for the last 2 weeks (serial bag swapper!) for any reason. Popping off to the corner store? Let me get my Celine lol.
    Contents this morning are:

    mini ultra compact clear umbrella
    blotting paper
    chanel powder compact
    special k 100 cal pack
    snack bag of almonds
    samsung galaxy s2
    samsung galaxy tab and case
    hand cream
    pawpaw ointment
    business cards and holder
    mini first aid kit: bandaids, advil, female sanitary items, clear topcoat
    mini sewing kit
    glasses case with glasses
    travel contact lens kit (wearing contacts today)
    paper issues of SHOP and Vogue au magazines (not quite used to digital yet!)
    mini perfume (curious – britney spears)
    fabric swatch book and spring/summer 2013 own range catalogue (fashion design student)
    smythson notebook
    Prada Saffiano wallet (another recent splurge as my old wallet died)
    makeup bag: lash curler, mascara, eyeliner, lip and cheek tint
    foldable ballet flats
    old and one current hair appointment cards (getting my ombre dyed purple today!)
    spare bottle of mini beads to touch up caviar manicure
    LV coin purse with old coffee receipts
    hand sanitiser
    ……a small bag with a moldy apply core
    mini digital voice recorder
    makeup wipes
    breath mints and packet of wisps
    mini hairspray, hair ties and bobby pins in marc jacobs pouch
    kids birthday meal coupon for hungry jacks/burger king
    empty travel coffee mug and travel stevia pack
    stray hermes enamel cuff in pouch (found it! if it weren’t for this post, Muse, I’d have thought it was lost)
    spotlight gift card
    stain remover pen
    ……condoms and birth control in the zippy pocket amongst 4 freddo frog wrappers
    passport in cover
    new suede black gloves (winter is coming!)
    pocket fat and calorie counter book
    annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd a small thing of bedazzled travel makeup brushes.

    Phew, that took a bit! Didn’t include the mountain of other wrappers, receipts and general junk as it would have made this a novel rather than an essay.

  • Christine

    Wow, I’ve found people who carry around me than me!! XD

    -Softcover textbook
    -1 pink pen, 1 pencil, 1 uni departmental 2-in-1 highlighter/pen
    -Cute mint green folder with chocolate-eared bunny character
    -Chocolate mini eggs (just got ’em for $1.49 from the drug store! Must restrain self from eating the whole bag.)
    -laptop charger
    -wireless mouse
    -birthday gift for my sister (Today! & I just bought this gift. Juicy couture earrings)
    -MAC makeup bag from tartan tale: maybelline powder, too faced eye shadow duo/blush compact, laura mercier eye primer, tarte lip tint in glitzy, revlon foundation in vacuum pump bottle from daiso, maybelline concealer, bobbi brown concealer, travel sized vaseline forced on me by my grandmother lol.
    -Anna sui inspired contact case. Usually don’t get “inspired” stuff, but I don’t think she actually makes contact lens cases and it is super cute.

  • Mia D

    In my bag:
    -card holder (I have more discount cards than my wallet can hold)
    -nail file
    -spare lip balm
    -ELF Complexion Perfection powder (great multitasker)

  • kikai

    i LOVEEE your purse! I wasnt able to snag that when the JW line came out ….

    in my purse i have —

    Makeup Bag w/ lipbalm, eyedrops and cortisone cream
    Keys and Spare Keys
    Mobie Phone
    Moleskine Notebook, Pen and Pencil
    Card/Receipt Holder

    • the Muse

      aw thanks ;-D I just broke it out a week or two ago! ;-D figured spring is here, might as well use it!

  • Linda Daniels

    I had to take things out of my purse recently—was hurting my shoulder.
    Big n Bright liner in intense black
    Tarte lip surgence in Enchanted
    Revlon Lip butter in Berry Smoothie
    Sugar Rose lip treatment
    double rollerball in Coach Poppy-and Poppy Flower
    Outlast lip stain—-cant read the color

  • midori

    Good morning, Muse! As a cat lover I must first say that I love your bag! And is it just me, or do I see Itazura na Kiss?

    Contents of my very messy bag:
    -band aids
    -pencil case
    -Pacifica body butter in Tuscan blood orange
    -old i-pod nano
    -textbook and notebook
    -schedule book (analog, I know)
    -Jack Black lip balm
    -makeup bag which includes
    – shu uemura blotting paper
    – Three eyeshadow palette in flower dance
    – Watosa nuance colors in Lavender and Azure
    – portable cheek brush
    – portable eyeshadow brush
    – tweezers
    – eyelash curler
    – scissors
    – nail file
    – burt’s bees lemon butter cuticle cream

    • the Muse

      you do indeed midori ;-D they started releasing the larger chapter books last year and I decided to re-collect those editions and re-read it ;-D great one ;D

      Thanks for sharing your pure contents…! I’ve never actually carried around my lash curler with me but now I feel like I should hmmmmmmmm!

      • midori

        I remember reading it when I was in middle school. I think it’s high time I reread as well : ) What else do you recommend, btw? I haven’t read much manga lately…the new ones don’t catch my eye so much.

        My lash curler is something I wish I could leave at home but since I have really stubborn eyelashes, sometimes even my HG mascara cannot keep them curled up all day, hence the need for curling midday : (

        • the Muse

          black butler, black bird, kinda like the corniness of stepping on roses, there are SO many ;-D aw…! totally understand, mind droop midday ;D

          • midori

            Thanks for the recs! Oh, Black Butler…I’ve seen it in bookstores but never read it. Will check it out πŸ™‚

  • Missy

    This is fun πŸ™‚ I’ll do mine ~

    3 Love letters from DH
    Bookmark from my Mom
    Library card
    Eye drops
    Band-aids, Neosporin
    Nail trimmers
    Orbit gum
    Lipsmackers in Ice Cream Cake (yum!)
    Vintage Sister’s Pink Frosting balm
    Cell phone
    Prescription pills

    Makeup bag:
    Revlon Lip Butters: Peach Parfait, Fig Jam, Pink Truffle
    random Covergirl powder compact
    old school Hard Candy skinny black liner
    Sephora lip liner
    UD Afterglow cheek tint

  • Daphne

    I wanna do mine too!

    In my Chloe Paraty bag, I have…
    Bag organizer that holds…
    Chanel Chance perfume spray mini
    Extra Sanitary pads/liners
    Staff pass
    Contact lens lubricator drops
    Biore body powder wipes

    Makeup bag:
    Shiseido True colour rouge lipstick
    Laura Mercier Lip GlacΓ© in Blush
    Laura Mercier Stick Gloss in Brown Sugar
    YSL glossy lip stain in #7
    Clarins Shine Stopper Face Powder
    Bourjois Healthy Mix Brush Concealer
    Burt’s Bees Tiger Lily Tinted Lipbalm
    Alcohol swabs for disinfecting
    Colgate dental floss

  • Hanna

    I love whats in my bags posts! I guess I’m super nosy but it cracks me up how many people have like 13 antibacterial bottles in there.
    For casual days, I actually don’t take that much, just:
    – my wallet
    – keys
    – lip balm
    – powder
    – lipstick of the day
    – Ipod
    – phone
    I think thats because I’m one of those people ruled by the size of the bag I’m in love with at the time though πŸ™ Damn you, cute tiny bags!

  • Michelle

    Hey Muse, I forgot to mention that I can see your Tarantino mirror that you featured in a post a while back…they are gorgeous indeed! I will have a rare opportunity to visit a Sephora this weekend, maybe I can purchase one to replace my yucky dollar store pocket mirror! πŸ™‚

    • the Muse

      yes! I love those mirrors, carry one where ever I go! and have one in my desk. so lovely ;-D! def pick one up. Tarina’s working on her new collections now, she tweeted me a week or two ago, can’t wait to see what she does next!

  • Comrade Garlic

    Work bag:
    card holder key chain thing
    a book, currently Zero at the Bone
    lip color of the day

    Non work bag:
    card holder key chain thing
    blotting papers
    lip color of the day
    hello kitty compact

  • Melissa

    The smaller the bag the more stuff I cram in it. I am using my coach pink poppy bag which might my favorite of my 25 or so coach bags.I have a coordinating wallet and make up bag. My purse always has my phone, sometimes my kindle fire, and always way more makeup and crap then I’ll ever use.
    In today’s bag
    eos lip balm stick
    eos hand lotion
    another no name hand lotion sample
    fresh lip balm in honey
    nyx blue lip gloss
    chanel glossimer
    chanel face powder and brush
    it cosmetics concealer (the love affair is ending as I leave it on my coffee table to be stashed later)
    nail file
    chanel lipstick in some peach color the sheer ones
    Physician’s formula youth wear illuminating powder
    crazy glue
    why the heck due I have 2 compacts in my purse? The 50000 lip balms and glosses make sense but no wonder this thing is so heavy today. I should clean it out every day but I usually just move my makeup bag to the purse dujour.

  • Amy Amethyst

    Usually I carry a big bag and carry all kinds of stuff in it. My friends always say I have a little bit of everything. But it comes in handy! I love to carry tote bags as purses too. I’m also obsessed with makeup bags so I usually have several of those in my purse/tote to organize things. Right now I just have a small purse with not much in it because I’m riding with my bf who is a truck driver and I don’t usually carry my purse around. Right now I have:
    an Amethyst stone
    Merle Norman Earthy Soft Touch eyeliner (love it!)
    Merle Norman lipgloss that’s d/c
    OPI Lip gloss
    an assortment of pain relievers and sinus meds
    a sample of Shira moisturizer
    Cigarette lighter (I don’t smoke but I may need fire!)
    some hair clips
    WoW authenticator
    a small lint roller
    small brush
    Orbit melon mint gum
    aloe hand sanitizer
    a little pretty case that has a contact case and small bottle of solution
    a pack of playing cards
    and in a pretty makeup bag I have:
    Merle Norman Ultra powder
    a nail file
    some face blotters to control oil (love those things)

    I guess there’s more in this little purse than I thought. I usually have a bunch more stuff and usually always have Kleenexes with me! And a ton of gloss even though I usually use the same one or two. haha

  • HautePJ

    Man, I carry way too many Revlon lip butters in my purse – right now I’m rotating through Peach Parfait, Berry Smoothie, Sugar Plum and Sweet Tart.

    Muse – I’m jealous you got that Jason Wu bag. Also, the compact that is pink on the top and looks like a flower – is that Guerlain or Clarins? Is it face powder?

    • the Muse

      me too! me too! they are my go to lately! peach parfait=LOVE! aw thanks ;-D it’s a guerlain powder!

  • Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    What is that with the butterfly on it? Is that an ipad skin?