May 25, 2012

L’Oreal Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen SPF 50+ Review

You might have stopped at your local drugstore and been privy to the new L’Oreal Sublime Sun Collection. There are a variety of products available in the collection including a new Liquid Silk Sunshield.

I’m quite happy with my Asian brand SPF but I’m always curious to try out US ones to see if anything sticks out as great but sadly, they almost always fail.

Perhaps the new L’Oreal Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen SPF 50+ might just change my mind?


I don’t like it.

For a day at the beach, sure, why not. For daily use? Absolutely, positively not.

L’Oreal Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen SPF 50+ is waterproof suncare protection to protect skin against UVA as well as UVB rays. They call it a weightless lotion that absorbs easily and invisibly lays under makeup leaving skin silky soft.

It’s oil free, water resists, and non-pore clogging, or so they say.

This is a more traditional milky style SPF. It’s a looser formula that has a runny/watery consistency. It’s absolutely heinous on skin in my humble opinion. The formula doesn’t fully absorb and feels greasy at first application with a silky matte feel after dry down. Moral of the story? It makes itself known…so much for lightweight! I was terribly uncomfortable with it in place as I KNEW I had SPF on. I find this is an issue with most ALL SPF products in the US, they are the type of product that never fully absorb and just sit around on your face and hang out all damn day.

Foundation, makeup, etc…seemed to heavy when applied on top of this as well.

All in all, L’Oreal Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen SPF 50+ might be great for a day at the beach as you won’t be wearing a ton of skincare and/or makeup products when sitting by the ocean or pool however for daily use I think this is an uncomfortable formula that just doesn’t wear well under makeup even if you’re going minimal.

Tried it?

Loved it?

Left it?

Do share!

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  • Jessica Allison

    I’d love to hear what you all time favorite sun screen is. Asian brands are often so far ahead of us in skin care & we have so few approved SPF agents here, I’d be really interested to see what ingredients yours is
    using πŸ™‚

    • the Muse

      allie gel and anessa perfect uv are two of my fabs, sorry don’t have ingreds handy ;-D reviewed both in the archives. most spf formulas are very heavy…! I like how Japanese ones are moisturizing and/or gel like and absorb OH so easily ;-D

  • lmc1971

    I have the opposite opinion, for my “mature” (I’m 41), normal leaning to dry skin this is a wonderful product! I’ve been using it everyday for about 1 week and I love how it applies/feels. I use this in place of my regular Aveeno Daily Brightening SPF 30. I wear makeup over this and I have LOVED the way my skin has looked. Everything applied smoothly, like a dream. For me this is a keeper! My only issue is that it’s not available in Canada, I’ll have grab a back-up tube when I’m over the border next week!
    Happy weekened, Lisa

    • the Muse

      happy weekend lisa!

      I’m glad it worked for you! I’m dry too but sadly, no go πŸ™ just was TOO heavy feeling πŸ™

  • andali

    I totally agree with this review. I bought this thinking it was going to be like the lΓ³real sunblock I bought in Mexico which I LOVED. Big dissapointment

    • the Muse

      andali what didn’t you like? I HATED how uncomfortable it felt on my skin! πŸ™ it just felt like it was saying “HEY I’m HEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” lol

  • Kristanna

    what is up with the us companies with sunscreen that feel like im putting on elmers glue all over my face? Olays lotion is the the closest thing without that feeling but it only has a 15 spf. Looks like im gonna try the overseas kind since you like em a lot muse. πŸ™‚

  • isabella

    where do you find the asian sunscreens, online or the asian markets

  • Naie

    Have you tried the Shiseido SPF 60? I love it, and have been using it for years, but am just curious as to what you think of it, since you seem to like their Anessa line.

    • the Muse

      blue one naie? I like it too ;-D did you try the new SPF 50?

  • Joy


    I found my HG sunscreen. It’s Laura Mercier’s Flawless Skin Daily Face Shield SPF 40. This is the first sunscreen I have used that doesn’t make my skin react. I’m allergic to most sunscreens so this was huge for me!

    Why this sunscreen is awesome:
    1. Very thin consistency that absorbs quickly. I apply it immediately after my moisturizer to help it absorb and spread.
    2. This is the only sunscreen I’ve tired that doesn’t irritate or hurt my extremely sensitive skin (most sunscreens make my skin itch and burn)
    3. It doesn’t break me out or make my normally oily t-zone shiny
    4. No white cast in photos!
    5. It is super light. I can’t even tell I’m wearing it.

    You should give it a try. I would love to hear what you think about it!

    (It’s expensive, but I only need a few drops to cover my entire face!)

  • Pooja

    I used it but tossed it soon, I got tiny bumps on the skin,went away
    After I stopped using it

  • Brandy

    I tried the lotion spray version of this and holy grease-ball batman! You have to really rub this stuff in. A few hrs later, it had actually collected in the small creases in the crook of my arms. Needs work πŸ™

  • Vanessa

    Josie Maran SPF 40 is by far the best sunscreen, use it for face and chest as my actual daily moisturizer as well as for being out in the sun and traveling. I have tried so many different sunscreens both cheap and very expensive, including many mentioned above. This is a bit pricier than your average sunscreen but doubles as your daily moisturizer and lasts forever. I have sensitive fair skin so am very particular, also hate the feel of sunscreen. This is the best that is out there.

  • Vanessa

    But I will also add that my mom loves the Loreal SPF 50 sunscreen, I personally would use this for my body when at beach or out in the sun (am buying a couple bottles for my upcoming vacation). I hate regular body sunscreens so think this one is lightweight and great for that, worth buying 2 for a trip, but will always stick with Josie Maran for face/chest.