May 16, 2012

SkinFood Pineapple Peeling Gel Review

I went through this phase where peeling gels were kinda my deal. However, if you have terribly dry skin they really aren’t a great pick for exfoliation.

However, if you’re sensitive, oily, or combo they are a gentle way to exfoliate skin without stripping it. On the upside, they are also easy enough to use daily which makes for a great pick for drier skin which tends to go dry if you’re using an exfoliator that’s gritter or “scrubbier” for lack of a better word.

Skinfood Pineapple Peeling Gel is a gentle way to exfoliate skin.

How’s it work?

This supposedly contains pineapple extracts but I admit to being terribly sad that those “extracts” fail to scent the gel like pineapples, darn. I want a pineapple scented peeling gel!

The thing about peeling gels is they are a quick, effective way to remove dry skin without stripping skin or making it feel tighter and/or drier after use.

I tend to use this in place of my harsher scrub which I can only use once a week. The formula isn’t powerful enough to really get dry, patchy areas smooth but you will find with continued use that it does refine skin and gives it a smoother feeling but not completely eliminating dryness to the point it’s super soft.

The formula is a thinner gel which you can massage on dry skin. Just be sure you’ve completely washed away makeup, etc…prior to applying. As you massage you’ll notice that the product begins to pill off (you can see the pilling in the second photo below) taking drier skin with it as it goes. After you’ve massaged it in you’ll rinse with warm water.

It’s fairly gentle so it won’t leave your skin feeling tight after use and in some cases I even notice my face has a rosy glow after use.

Overall, the peel is a nice to have product in between harder exfoliators I use to really attack patchy areas. It’s a really great pick for those who are sensitive and can’t exfoliate their skin with products that contain sugars, salts, or grainy bits and pieces.

Skinfood is a brand sold exclusively in Korea and a few select Asian countries however E-bay is a good place to start searching for decently priced products as well as

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  • Angela

    Actually, if you live in southern California (specifically
    Orange County), you can find Skinfood at the Los Cerritos Center in Cerritos, CA and also at the Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, CA. The products are pretty pricey, though. I think they retail for about 2x more than in Korea.

    Hope that helped for people who don’t prefer online shopping!

    • the Muse

      thanks angela, already mentioned it in a pass review for residents of CA 🙂

  • blu3java

    or if you’re living in san francisco, a skinfood store will be opening at the stonestown galleria mall. no date’s been given tho, just a big “coming soon” on the boards surrounding the store front.

  • valentinasugar

    Hi Muse!,

    I’m pretty new to Skinfood. I just discovered it. A store opened near my neighborhood. Is there any product from theirs that you would highly recommend? I would really appreciate any info. Thanks!

  • Melissa

    come on skinfood open a store in AZ I really dont wanna drive 5 hours to the Cali for one store hahaha … guess i could make a beach weekend out of it

  • Melissa

    oh i forgot to mention – tried this like it, but I like the grape one better.

    • the Muse

      hi cindy, the only common trait they share is they are both peeling gels

  • JoElla

    How would this compare to Freeman’s Pineapple Enzyme peel?

    That one does smell like a juicy bit of pineapple.

  • christmas

    I like peeling exfoliators. I use the missha super aqua one and the ZA-NY megavoltage whitening one. hehe

  • Avalith

    OH. MY. GOD. Do you know “Natural Aqua Gel Cure” from Japan? It’s a gentle exfoliator such as this Skinfood product, and very popular and famous all over the world. But I’m sure it’s much cheaper. I bought my Cure for about $40 including shipping. I’ve been using it every other week to save it because it’s expensive for my wallet X_X Now I must go to my nearest Skinfood and snag this and use to my hearts content!

    • the Muse

      sure do, one of my favs ;-D great stuff…! skinfood is a little cheaper which is always good ;D!

  • Margaret

    Question – how often would you use this? I bought this recently, love it! A few years ago, I bought this insanely expensive peeling gel from one of those kiosks in a mall – like dead sea or something like that.. I loved it.. and have been trying to find a similar product.. and I think I found it at the fraction of the price with this.. I think we have similar skin types (mine is a bit sensitive at times, dry and dull)… I don’t want to overdo it LOL.. I have overexfoliated to the point where my forehead is shiny (not from oil – it’s pretty scary when that happens).. but your thoughts? How often do you use these types of products?

    • the Muse

      if you’re dry I’d say once a week is fine…you don’t want to over exfoliate, it’ll just make you drier. I used to use it once a week in the Winter months and twice a week in the Summer when my skin was a little more combination. I tend to get drier if I over exfoliate ;-D you def don’t want to over do it though ;-D