June 4, 2012

Is It L’Oreal Luminous Lips or is it L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Sticks?

Here’s a terribly confusing bit of information about the new L’Oreal Caresse Sticks.

You may recall I blogged that Target had the new L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Sticks showing up online. I decided to venture into my store to see if they had them and indeed they do but the problem is…

The display reads L’Oreal Luminous Lips, online it says L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Stick, and the actual packaging simply reads L’Oreal Colour Rich. Quite confusing to me…! Since the formula (I haven’t tried the shades I picked up yet) appears vastly different from the UK version I already own I’m unsure if these are indeed Caresse Sticks and if so they REALLY revamped the formula for our market.

Quite confusing to me!

Why wouldn’t they put the name of the product on the display as “Caresse Sticks” and why not put it on the actual packaging?

The packaging, formula, and overall appearance seems vastly different from the one I tried from the UK…!

Review upcoming on these shortly…just wish I can figure out the name?


Do share!

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  • Amy

    I know! I had the same confusion, I was so excited to see them at the store, but the lids looked different from online pictures and the name was all wrong. But, I recognized the color options from one of your early posts, so I bought the sunset angora (it’s super bright, but pretty). The display was nearly cleaned out, so I guess the confusion isn’t slowing anyone down, haha! I kinda wanted this to be like Clinique’s almost lipstick, and it *almost* is, I guess.

    • the Muse

      very very odd…they refer to them online as Caresse sticks but the display says nothing of the sort and the packaging lacks a name as well. yay for great marketing of a product..”what are you wearing on your lips?” “I dunno…something by L’Oreal” lol!

  • Agata

    I don’t know what’s the name but I saw them at my target too and unfortunately the colors i wanted were sold out but the formula seems to be really creamy and nice.

  • Icequeen81

    I had one I give it to my mom cause this has a plumping something, and I don’t need plumping have enough au natural. Hope the shades are good and long lasting

  • Michelle

    I feel the same way! I was really confused and honestly, the formula seems different from what the UK blogs were showing me. I hope I get to try more than one color (Target was sold out by the time I got there.)

    • the Muse

      i’m hoping drugstores get a better display so I can understand what the product is actually called?!

  • Jen B

    I’ve actually seen two displays at my Target. One for the Caresse Sticks and one for Luminous Lips. It’s my impression they are not the same thing…

      • Jessica

        Also, wanted to add, they’re listed as Caresse sticks on the website, and also on the price sticker under the display and on the rack.

        • Jessica

          Oops, that meant to be an addition to my previous comment, but I guess it’s relevant there too! haha

  • Corey

    the formula doesnot compare to the Revlon Lip Butters thats for sure (its was I was hoping for) I got the Fucshia Sequin, and it is super bright, and after about 2 minutes, pretty drying-works better with a large dose of balm under or on top of I thought…

  • vivi

    my target confused the hell outta me because they have none of these in the display setup…….buuuut then i found them below that on the VERY BOTTOM SHELF and there were only 3 shades! i was insanely confused. what’s going on with the distribution setup here?

    also thought i will say i don’t think ‘luminous lips’ is intended to be the product name. you know how sometimes displays have stuff written like ‘sky high lashes’ ‘luminous lips’ ‘lovely liner’ etc??? i think it’s just meant to be a sort of product pull, like “want luminous lips? try this!!”

    • the Muse

      I think you’re right vivi but someone mentioned below there was another display with Caresse Sticks in it…ODD! I’m confused as hell! So what exactly are these called?! ;-D

  • Jessica

    I’m equally confused about this release. Several people mentioned their stores were “sold out” of most of the shades, well, the truth is, most of the shades were never put in the display to begin with! I asked an employee when I first saw the display if they wouldbe restocked soon – and he said they hadn’t come in yet – that the shipment was delayed, and that was true for all the Targets in my area. To this day, i’ve only seen a few shades (I advise checking the racks, too, because the racks have contained more product than the display, in my experience). I’m just really getting frustrated, because none of the shades I’ve seen are ones I want to try! :p

    • Rebecca

      I’ve had issues with Target’s cosmetics stock for awhile now, even if they claim on their website that it’s in stock in my store.

  • Jessica

    Oh my god, comment spam, but I forgot to vent about the formula! They are very slippery and don’t feel like they sink into the lips – it drives me crazy!

  • NeenaJ

    I wasn’t able to get the shade I wanted (Blushing Sequin) but I did get Sunset Angora and Cherry Tulle and they are gorgeous.

    Sunset Angora is absolutely my summer lip. Period. It’s like NARS Orgasm blush on your lips. These are much more pigmented than any of the lip butters I’ve tried and they’re really glossy. Another blog mentioned that these are drugstore dupes of the Dior Addict line and that’s seems very likely as they are quite similar in texture, duration and pigment.

  • Harshleen

    I remember the name Caresse sticks at the Target display where I picked a couple of shades and yes it was half empty just like others mentioned. I like them overall mainly because of good staying power….just posted my review.

  • Rebecca

    These were also being shelved at my Target with the rest of Loreal’s cosmetics, and they’re Colour Riche Caresse.

  • Kitten

    Guys! I spotted em at Walgreens this past weekend on an end cap and the other, older formulas were all on clearance and mostly gone, so looked like they were making room for them! 🙂 Was a little bummed out though that they were $2 MORE than the Revlon lip butters! Sad face!