August 21, 2012

Forsaken Shimmering Body Veil with Powder Puff Giveaway

Congrats to Kaitlin, the winner of the shimmering body veil!

We totes need a giveaway to get me out of my slow slump! I feel behind on everything and the week hasn’t even started yet.

How about a little True Blood giveaway? Seriously, we need something to perk up True Blood because I’m so bored with it I’m going out of my mind. I’m four episodes behind or maybe it’s five? And I’m just terribly snoozing through it all. Why did they kill off Chris Meloni so fast? They had all this hype surrounding him joining the cast and proceed to kill him right away.


Today we need a little True Blood giveaway.

Jump to join in!

Today I have a brand new Forsaken Shimmering Body Veil to give away. Inspired by the True Blood series and scented like the new Forsaken Eau de Parfum I recently featured in a review, this shimmering body powder is a luxurious treat for skin. It includes a large powder puff to dust the veil on!

How can you win it?

Leave a comment! Tell me why you are or aren’t liking this season of True Blood.

For a second chance to win just head over to Twitter, cut and paste and tweet the following:

Follow @musingsofamuse and RT to Win a True Blood Forsaken Shimmering Body Veil with Powder Puff!

A random winner will be selected Monday, August 27th, 2012.

Good Luck!

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  • Michelle

    Hey Muse…I’m not liking this season of True Blood because…well…I’ve never seen the show before! (hangs head in shame)

    • Samantha

      I’m not a huge fan of this season, but can’t keep myself from watching it anyway because I’ve seen every other one… This season is just ridiculous though, there’s so much going on and so many plot lines it’s impossible to keep everything straight and too much work to care. And it’s even more outlandish than usual, which is saying something. I thought the first episode was a joke for the first 5 minutes!

  • Ashley Renee

    I used to love it now it just sucks! It doesn’t keep my attention at all anymore. The writers must have ran out of story telling skills or something. They need to remember how they got a big fan base in the first place.

  • Jo

    There have been better seasons of the show. It’s weird now that almost everyone is some type of paranormal. I never really liked Bill(weird I know)and this season hasn’t really changed that for me. I still like Eric and Sam, LC has grown on me immensely. Alexander Skarsgard is a gorgeous hunk of man and I think Eric has quite a bit of humanity left in him for his age. Sam has a huge heart and he’s the guy you’d be proud to have meet your dad. LC seems like the good ol’ boy to me, also that body is to die for. Lafayette remains the character I’d most want to be friends with.

  • Emily

    I’m watching and I like it. The middle of the season was slow but it picks up! I promise’

  • Amy Amethyst

    Everyone seems to not be liking TB this season. I’ve been enjoying it though. But honestly as long as I get to see Eric and Pam, I’d watch it no matter what! Not that I’m obsessed with Eric or anything like that…

  • Toni

    Oh my! Anything shimmering and True Blood related I’m “dying” for! 🙂

  • S.

    Oooo! I’m really curious about this but am hesitant to purchase something only to have to return it.

    I’m completely caught up on this season, and it’s not the best season, but it’s definitely interesting as there is more vampire action going on. You should catch up! It’s getting good!

  • Stephanie

    I’m actually enjoying this season for the most part. The pacing is a little different, it’s a lot slower than seasons 3 and 4. Book 4 was my favorite and season 4 was a let down for me. I didn’t enjoy book 5, so I wasn’t expecting much. Also, I usually try to devour every spoiler I can, but this season I didn’t and it made watching it a lot more fun.

    Some things I love –
    Russel and Steve
    Eric trying to pull things back together
    Pam and Tara
    Jason – hated him in season 1, now he’s grown on me and one of my favorites

    Some things I’ve hated –
    Nora and Salome
    killing off Roman too soon
    killing off Molly
    Terry’s storyline – so glad that’s over though
    Bill – what the hell is he playing anyway

    Jury is still out on the fairies – I loved them in the books but in the show…something is kinda lost in translation. We’ll see how they shape up for next season.
    Can’t believe there’s only one episode left! Feels like it just started. 🙁

  • Kaitlin

    Aww, yay! Thanks for the giveaway! I’m not watching True Blood, sadly. However, my neighbors and I created a drink that they have dubbed The Sookie. Whipped vodka with pomegranate-cherry Crystal Lite. It’s actually reallllly good!

  • Dannie

    I’m curious about the fragrance. I might have to just order it and hope I love it.
    This season hasn’t been one of my favorites but hopefully the season finale will change my mind.

  • Amber H.

    I love True Blood but I have to admit that this season is a little “strange” and that is saying something for TB. It’s almost like there is too many story lines to follow this season. But I don’t care I will watch it anyway and I am soooooo glad they didn’t kill Lafayette, like in the books, he is one of my favorites. Besides Eric of course 🙂

  • Ally

    I gave up on True Blood last season, tbh :/ I’m a huge fan of the novels (well, except the last one or two…) and I’m just tired of all the massive changes. Plus, sometime around the third season the show jumped from “campy summer fun” to “trying really hard to be campy summer fun” and it’s kind of cringe-worthy. I’ll just stick to re-reading the books.

  • Hillary

    I don’t even know why I quit watching True Blood this season. I just one day realized that I had totally stopped watching. I guess it just doesn’t hold my interest anymore. I think I’ve been uninterested since Sookie became a fairy. That just seems kinda lame.

  • Nicole

    I;m unhappy with how whimsical and sweet they’ve made the fairies. They just don’t fit in with all the other supernaturals.

  • layla

    I can’t comment as they aren’t playing the show here in kuwait! i’m sure i’m the only one who hasn’t seen at least one episode! lol.. am i still eligible to enter? lol 😉

  • Elyana

    I love True Blood and I’m so excited for this giveaway because I actually use shimmer body powder!

    I’ll admit, I was pretty bored with it too until recently when all of the side plots started to come together.


    I’m actually liking this season because even though there were a ton of side plots, it seems like they are all finally starting to come together for one big season finale; Jessica and Jason, Sam and Luna and Emma, Sookie and Warlow and Russell Edgington and the Faeries, Andy and Morella, Alcide and his dad fighting off baby vamps, Eric and Nora finally getting their shit together, and Lillith somehow manipulating Bill and the rest of the authority… it seems like all of it is going to climax at the same time and I have a feeling it’s going to be AWESOME. I also REALLY REALLY love the idea of Bill being a bad guy for next season. He’s been such a boring character for the past couple of seasons and it would be great to see him as the major villain.


    Okay, I’m done. Sorry for rambling!

  • Lisa B.

    I’ve only watched a tiny bit of the show because I’m kinda just sick of vampires.

  • Stacy

    Hi Muse!! I’m a huge fan of True Blood and like you I’m a little behind this season. We don’t have HBO at my house so I have to go over to my parents to catch up on episodes or watch it on HBOGO (which freezes like every 5 min. so it’s tough!). I was confused too about Chris Meloni getting killed off so early on. I remember reading about him in Entertainment Weekly when the season started and they were saying he is just amazing and how he is one of the star characters on the show for season 5…Weird. Hope you had a great vacay! : )

  • breyerchic04

    I actually like this season. I know I’m a freak, but there’s some fun stuff going on. I am liking Tara so much better than I did when she was human and Pam is great. There’s not really enough Eric or Alcide but they are still sort of going with the books, and they were lacking in book 5.

  • Bianca

    man, this season is such a downer. everyones gone completely bonkers because of this Lilith chick. i would love to see more Roman and am so mad that Russel stayed longer than Roman did. OH! and can i jut tell you that Emma is supposed to be a wolf pup and not a Husky puppy! did they think that people wouldnt notice that? im so done with the whole Authority! UGH!

  • Glitterati

    It does get a bit better as you catch up but I kind of feel like they took too long to build up to the good stuff this season. And I agree they totally killed off meloni too fast. Tara went from being one of my least favorite characters to one I look forward to this year, never seen that coming.

  • TK

    I was super excited about Christopher meloni being on true blood as well! I was super bummed that he was killed so soon in the season and so easily at that. Although I had heard a theory that maybe his character roman is actually this warlow guy. Its only a theory but the main reason behind it was that Christopher’s character was so short lived that maybe he is this warlow guy since that would allow him to still be present in the series in a way. But I’m a bit skeptical because I’m not sure that roman really looks like warlow, but we haven’t really seen much of warlow, so who can say?

  • TheMakeupism

    I love true blood. The Alcide story line looked so promising. I wanted to see Sookie and him together. The show keeps my entertained and guessing what’s going to happen next.

  • Lily

    What a odd packaging, my ex boyfriend loves to watch true bloods, so I of course avoid that show.

  • Annie

    The first two episodes got me excited, then the dreaded mid-season slump, but it’s finally pick up again.
    It was weird taking the vampires focus out of Bon Tomp. I dont care about the Lilith conflict at all and could do without it. Bill is going in a direction I don’t like to see. There are so many little story line going on, in which i don’t care about most of them.
    What surprises me is the relationship between Tara and Pam. I love Pam, she can do no wrong in my book. And i’m glad they are finally doing something with the fairy plotline. It’s about time.
    This season is a little meh :/ for me. It’s probably a 4/10. My favorite season is still season 1 and 2.

  • Ashley

    I’m not looking forward to this season of true blood…the reality is that I’m not to fond of the series.

  • Lulle

    Hey, I love body powders! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

    I can’t say if I like Trueblood or not, cause I’ve never watched it… I know, shame on me! Well, by choice, we don’t have a TV at home, and we only watch movies/TV shows on the computer through Netflix and the like. And somehow, we never searched for Trueblood!

  • melissa

    im loving this new season because russel edginton is in it..he always keeps things exciting with his crazy self!

  • Liz

    I haven’t watched True Blood at all, need to catch up via Netflix first!

  • Prairie Peg

    I’m obsessed with powders right now and would love to win this. So sorry to say I’m still stuck on watching Season 1 – my bad!!I love a good vampire tale so I’m looking forward to seeing Chris Meloni on upcoming missed episodes!

  • Cindy

    Okay, so I’m posting not even to enter the giveaway, but to gripe about how awful the show is this season!!!!! I’m the same way, I’m a few episodes behind, but I really don’t have the desire to watch it anymore! Lafayette is the only thing that makes me laugh/be interested in the show (Gosh do I just feel so bad for him, I feel like he’s really gotten it the worst in the show..)! The whole fairy/fae thing is just getting so cheesy… And don’t get me started on that awful Lilith part. I felt like I was watching a bad 80’s sci-fi/porn flick.

    • the Muse

      hey cindy AGREED on all accounts, haven’t gotten to the lilith part yet but the entire lilith thing/religion whatever they got going on is confusing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ggggg

    I am saddened and disappointed that they have strayed from the storyline of the books. I often wonder why Hollywood does that as there are reasons why a book is so successful – BECAUSE OF THE ORIGINAL STORY THAT WAS WRITTEN. Stick to the storyline and you won’t have a series that people are losing interest in. I am off my soapbox now!

    • Cindy

      I’ve read all the books in the series, minus the newest one, and at first I really liked what True Blood was doing. I felt like they were fixing the things I disliked about the books, but sticking pretty close to the main story lines. That is sooo not the case now! I use to like the show better than the books, but now it’s the other way around.

  • Amy

    I love true blood so much! I’m really liking the Tara vampire stuff right now. I read the first book, but I hear it’s far from the actual story line this season. I would continue reading the books, but I fear it would turn me into a purist. I love me TV Eric Northman too much right now to do that!!

  • kharanya

    Great giveaway Muse, once again. I gotta say, I love TB, I love the books, but man it’s gone down the crapper. This season was so arbitrary the bam, everything starts happening with 1 episode to go. I’ll still watch it, but more because of the genre and for some of my faves : Pam, Eric, Tara than for anything else.

  • Eliza

    I’m a huge True Blood fan but I’ve kind of been disliking this season for the most part, which is strange; you’d think that this season being Alan Ball’s last season producing the show he’d want to go out with a bang… although there is still one episode left this season 🙂

  • Pau

    oh nooo!!! don’t say it sucks, cause I just got hooked on true blood 3 weeks ago and blazed through seasons 1-4 in that time, I’m about to start watching this season and hope to love it as much as the past 4 🙂 team Eric all the way!

  • Suzanne

    I wouldn’t know, I’m still on the first season >.< It's alright so far though, definitely better than the twilight craziness that's been going around.

  • OzarksUSA

    I haven’t actually watched True Blood before, but I want to! I hope it is on Netflix, I’m definitely interested now. 😀

  • Wendy

    I honestly don’t really watch True Blood, I tried to get into it but just couldn’t! But this product looks kinda neat!

  • Diana Thompson

    I am not liking this season because I LOVE Bill and I don’t like them making him dark. Plus its weird to have Bill be the bad guy and Eric the good guy, just something not right about that. And that they brought in new cool characters this year and then killed them off , that sucks. They also aren’t showing enough Alcide, and continuing on with the Sookie/Alcide hookup, disappointing that didn’t happen 🙁

    Thank you for the cool giveaway, good luck to all! 🙂

  • SB

    I have still enjoyed this season, because I love True Blood so darn much. The Stephen Moyer-directed episode was really well done I thought. Sure I was disappointed about Christopher Meloni but I extra love Eric this season (but I say that every season).

  • Maria Oller

    I love true blood and I’m all team Erick plus he is gorgeous <3

  • Phoebe

    I am way behind on True Blood. I am only on season 1 and heading into season 2 on DVD.

  • Sophie

    Gosh, I’m so annoyed ! Season 5 haven’t come to Norway yet, so I don’t know. I loved the first seasons, then I felt things got a bit repetitive. Oh well, I’m looking forward to season 5 all the same. ^^

  • Shellie

    I LIKE this season of True Blood, but it keeps getting weirder and weirder like they’re really having to search. I do like the fact that they stick to the story line of the books but make it different enough that the people who have read the books don’t get bored with the show.

  • tinatre

    I’m regretably, not watching this season or last since I cut out HBO. I need to rent the vids & catch up.

  • GK

    I watched it until I got bored. It just doesn’t hold any fascination for me.

  • Tiffany Martin

    I’m not caught up on the new season, but in general I love watching all the sexy vampires. Cheesy I know but I like what I like!

  • Nicky

    i am a huge fan of true blood… unfortunately cause i live in the UK, i haven’t been able to see the new series 🙁 but i’m sure it’ll be awesome

  • Joy D

    I’m conflicted this season with TB. I don’t really like this Lilith story line. And I am sad that Bill is turning and wanting to kill innocent people. He used to be my favorite vampire, now not so much. Now I actually like Eric because he seems to be changing into a good vamp.
    I’m glad Hoyt’s gone. I didn’t like him. Jessica is great with Jason, and I hope they eventually get together, and stay together.
    I’ve never liked Sooki. And this whole fairy blood and being sold or promised to that weirdo vamp is lame. Hopefully it turns into something better.
    I like Tara as a vamp. And I am glad that Pam is taking a liking to her, even though she is pretending she isn’t. All in all I can’t say I love this season, but at the same time I do like watching it. Oh one last thing, for goodness sakes, someone please kill Russell for good!!! Lol.

  • Alys Kayser

    I don’t like how Eric isn’t going anywhere with Sookie and just gave up on her. The aren’t sticking to the storyline much, but go figure since the writers have ‘creative rights’ to change it up.

  • Belinda W.

    I’ve watched it before, but I’m interested in trying out body powder =)

  • Violet

    Sadly very disappointed with this season. I keep waiting for something exciting to happen! And look we’re already at the finale! More Eric + Sookie next season please! <3

  • Bridget

    Love how Bill is going in a direction I think none of us ever thought. I want to keep thinking he’s got a motive and will turn around, but now, I’m just not too sure.

  • Majick

    I still LOVE TB. This past week was HILARIOUS! I think things “turned” around when they “turned” Tara. I don’t give a rats patoot about the Lilith storyline – kind of like a bad communal acid trip for the vamps. Weird – unless you like cherry jello coated naked bodies. (I say it really depends on who’s wearing the jello. LOL)

    Some of the shows have left me wanting a bit but this last one was good. I love the banter between Tara and Pam, they are both endearing bad-asses. LOL

  • Cassie

    I’ve been hearing not such great things about this season so I haven’t gotten around to watching it quite yet… however, I have heard that there are many sexy Eric moments so I’m definitely tempted to watch just for those >:)

  • Vanilla

    I haven’t gotten around to watching True Blood season whatever it is on now… I stopped in the middle of season 2 when it started getting a bit ridiculous. I admit I have the books, though I never really enjoyed those that much either but I do like them better than HBO’s version. These beauty products for True Blood however… mmmm now these I do have a thing for!

  • Dana

    I am liking this season because we are finally finding out more about what happened with Sookie’s parents and her family history.

  • Anne

    of course i love it! i love everything about it 🙂
    it’s fun dramatic and thrilling

  • Hilde

    I wouldn’t know if I liked it or not, I haven’t seen any episodes of this season yet! I really need to start watching again!

  • Christina D

    Season 5 wasn’t my favorite, too much about the authority & Lilith…”Only one can lead us”.

  • Samantha L

    Hey Muse,
    I don’t think I really like this season, but I think there is too many story going on and it is just a little to focused on. But I will still continue watching it because I really like Eric Northman!!!!

  • Kristina

    I actually haven’t seen True Blood, but I am about to start reading the books so I’m really excited about that.

  • Robin B.

    I have mixed feelings about this season. I like that they are explaining the politics involved with being a vampire and also a werewolf but, that’s about it. I can’t stop watching it because there has never been a series that has soooo many HOT men in it……

  • Ada

    I haven’t watched it before, but the makeup line looks great! Pick me, pick me!