August 20, 2012

Kat Von D Shade Shifter Eyeshadow Fall 2012

Kate Von D Shade Shifter Eyeshadow are a newly single color eyeshadow launch from the brand for Fall 2012. Since doing away with her duos, Kat hasn’t had any single eyeshadows available in her collection and has concentrated solely on palettes.

Hey, I don’t technically mind the palettes and enjoy them very much but single shades excite me.

Take a look at the new Shade Shifter Eyeshadow and see what you think!

Kat Von D Shade Shifter Eyeshadow ($16) are actually color shifting shades. These multidimensional shadows change color depending on the angle they are view and the available lightening. They colors are activated by water so a single swipe gives rich color pay off with a duochrome effect. Each shade comes with a large flat-sponge brush for application.


  • Love Letter (purple)
  • On the Road (brown)
  • Devotion (cooper)
  • Stockholm (blue)

I’m not a terribly big fan of duochromes so I can probably safely skip these but I’d be willing to try ’em if they passed by my desk.

What do you think?

Interested in this effect/idea?

Do share!

Available now at Sephora and

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  • Flavia Signori

    WoW! I love the duochrome effect <3 I would like to have Stockholm, such a pretty blue!


  • Musebeliever

    YEaaaaaaaaah! I love that type of eyeshadows ! I love dragon scales (lime crime) and Omen (UD) for that.
    When I’m in a hurry I just dab it on my eyelid and it looks sophisticated.

    These are really pretty ! I love the fisrt two. I guess I’ll have to wait for them to appear on ebay. ^^

  • Jen

    I bought Devotion – the color shifting effect is WAY more noticeable than the pictures make it look. It’s pretty dramatic. The shadow is rich, buttery, gorgeous, and it wears well – like her palettes. But in the pics it looks like something you could wear to a fairly conservative office, and in reality… not so much. It’s a lot of fun, though!

  • Lily

    Isn’t On The Road almost exactly like that Wet n Wild 8 pan palette in Comfort Zone?

    • the Muse

      i dunno lily I haven’t seen these in person yet so I can’t compare the two shades :-/

  • Sandi

    On the Road looks like that same duochrome that so many companies put out. Pretty sure I have 2 or 3 of this shade floating around. I always love duochromes in the pot and swatches but not so much on the eye. I need to stop buy them. 🙂

  • Amy Amethyst

    Oooh these sound neat! I like duochrome in polish but don’t think I’ve ever had a duochrome shadow. I have one of her palettes and like it, even though I always forget I have it and it doesn’t get used much.

  • Cindy

    I’m going to have to pop into my local Sephora and check these out! They look really pretty, and I’m not a big fan of duochromes! They do look pretty velvety.

  • Vanilla

    I took a risk and just bought On the Road this Friday without seeing any swatches or even a sample at the store. The product was very new and they didn’t even have testers out… I just wanted to buy something because of that Sephora VIB samples bag and decided on this since it looked neat. Used it both Sat and Sun… loving it so far! The duo-chrome is very noticeable and the shadow itself is soft, velvety and very pigmented. I find the sponge applicator a lil hard to wield, but when I used an eyeshadow brush I had some trouble with the colour blending out too much and I had a bit of the “bruised eye” look because the base colour is a very red-toned rusty brown. I think some people mentioned that it is similar to UD lounge and MAC blue-brown pigment (both of which has similar dupes on the market), but this is the first of it’s kind that I have (I don’t have access to a lot of things in Canada). Looks better over a dark base (less red and the colour will lean more towards the green sheen), but will play around with it some more to see what I can do with it. I’m interested in getting the other colours now.

  • theRothstanator

    I saw these at Sephora a couple days ago. I was gonna say that On the Road was the only one with a noticeable effect (yeah, it’s in the same vein as Label Whore/Club/Lounge). I didn’t know the effect depended on water, though! I’m interested now.

  • breyerchic04

    I like duochromes, I’m not sure I’ll buy these but I love that there is a line that is entirely duochromes.

  • Debster

    Devotion looks like a sibling of a very old UD eyeshadow called Rust, but the UD colour is more of a peachy orange instead of going coppery. The chrome effect is similar. I should get some pics of it when I get the Kat one and compare. 😀 I rarely use it since it’s been discontinued for as long as I can remember. Must get!! Duochromes rock my world.

  • Phyrra

    I love duochromes. I’m most interested in Stockholm and Devotion, but I want to see swatches first. I’ve been unable to find any online so far.

  • Michelle

    Love the On The Road brown duochrome, but I’d just buy the WnW Comfort Zone palette for their duochrome shade instead.

    I hope Kat has some lovely palettes planned for this fall or winter 2012!

  • Stephanie T

    I think they look beautiful in the pictures! I would definitely be interested in getting these!

  • diane

    i was in Sephora getting samples of her tattoo foundation bc i love the coverage but have to find my shade…spotted them on hand…all 4 came home with me! was such an impulse buy! they are GORGEOUS!!! i love how they change color in different lighting. i really dig the brown which is weird for me since i am usually not crazy about browns. they are pigmented and lasted on my eyes all day with tarte eye primer underneath =)

  • Kim

    The effect is a lot prettier in person than in those photos. I bought On the Road the other day and it is so pretty (my first KVD purchase ever). I have the WnW Comfort Zone palette but I do not think that color is anywhere near as pretty as the KVD one. I’m also thinking about buying Stockholm and Devotion. I’d say that Love Letter and Stockholm don’t show their duochrome as easily as On the Road and Devotion though. Oh, and the shade shifting works even without the water too. Water just makes them more pigmented (but they are in no way lacking in pigement).

    • social_butterfly

      i love the On The Road shadow, but i’m curious to see how it compares to the others. like someone said, that is a popular shade, and it’s gorgeous. the newest one i’ve seen is in the maybelline eye studio palette ‘olive martini’ for fall. then, wet n wild has one, urban decay (loaded) and my fav of all thus far MAC blue brown pigment. i’ve never seen the wet n wild and kat von d, but UD’s loaded is a nice satin/velvet not as shimmery as Maybelline and MAC. surprisingly the maybelline is really compared to MAC… i hope no one else comes out with another one so i’m not tempted to buy another. :/

  • Bink

    I purchased all of the shades. I haven’t opened the boxes yet. I will be opening them today. So far I know I will be returning, “On the Road”. There are too many dupes listed for it online. I’ll scour the Internet more for dupes.

  • Elizabeth

    I have On The Road, and I love it!

    The color shifting works very well in many lights and offers great highlights without having to spend the time adding additional shadows.

    The applicator it comes with is too big to wield with precession. However, I’ve had luck with using foam tip applicators from other pallets (UD Ammo pallet). Brushes work, but the foam tips work much better. Or Walgreens has 12 packs of foam applicators for $2.50. You can rinse them off and get several uses out.

    The directions also state that the applicator should be wet. Damp is better, and there is a nice difference when doing it wet versus dry. When it dries a bit the color blends out nicely.

    The color lasts all day, but it will begin to crease about hour 12 with primer. So not as long lasting as Urban Decay shadows, but I think 12 hours is pretty awesome.

    The mirror is quite handy to have as well.