August 9, 2012

Show Me Your Too Faced 3 Way Lash Lining Tool Looks and Win Some Swag!

Did you pick up the new Too Faced 3 Way Lash Lining Tool yet? I’m kinda obsessed with. Who knew those words would leave these lips? Let me try that again.

I’m kinda obsessed with a liquid liner…

Naaaa I must be nuts, invasion of the body snatchers because seriously when have I ever been obsessed with liquid liner anything? It’s more along the lines of, “OMG I’ll poke my eye out if I use that!” but nope, the Too Faced 3 Way Lash Lining Tool is so bloody easy to use even I can get it right, that’s saying something people.

For years now, I’ve read how dotting liquid liner on and going over those dots is the easiest way to get a precise, smooth, straight line and Too Faced captured the technique with their 3 Way Lash Lining tool!

Too Faced put together a project using the liner where they took three girl’s at their office who created three different eye looks based on Too Faced’s signature Day, Classic, and Fashion style looks.

I thought we’d try a few looks too and have a little giveaway while doing it!

Jump ahead!

If you have the Too Faced 3 Way Lash Lining Tool I’d love for you to send me three of your own looks using it. Anyone who sends me the three looks will me automatically entered to win a little swag beauty bag (contents=TOP SECRET). I’ll re-post the images in one post and maybe we can have a little voting session to see which looks reader’s like the best. You can e-mail them to me at musings.of.a.muse AT gmail DOT COM.

Here are the looks the girl’s at Too Faced created, maybe you can get some inspiration from them.

You can follow Too Faced at Pinterest to see more looks and get ideas for for looks using their Fall 2012 Collection.

I look forward to seeing your looks!

The Too Faced 3 Way Lash Lining Tool is available now at

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  • Vanilla

    Darn, I’d love to enter the contest but I was planning to pick up the 3 way lash lining tool during the next Sephora FF sale. Read a number of good reviews on it and I figured it might work well for tightlining… even for a noob like me. Excited to see what people come up with and even more excited to know what’s in this mystery prize.

    • the Muse

      awww boo that’s ages away vanilla 🙂 hehe! love that you have an FF list already hehehe! haha it shall remain a mystery but I may just tell you soon *wink*

      • Vanilla

        The only reason it’s on my FFlist and not in my make up bag already, is because I have sooooooo many eyeliners that are half used. I’m not a make up blogger or artist or anything, but the average person always goes into shock when they see how much make up and skin care I own. I can’t use them fast enough before they dry out or expire, so trying to hold off on new purchases. Every time I finish a product, I do a lil cheer and say “finally!” It’s a great feeling, almost as good as finding your size at a shoe sale. Almost.

  • Camille

    found something weird out last night. well, weird since too faced has been treating this 3-way lash lining tool as a huge innovation. holika holika, etude house and clairins have had some identical looking tools for a while now. i feel a little ripped off just because too faced was acting like they invented this, but maybe that’s just me.

    • the Muse

      mmm I knew about the holika holika one, I actually have it, KATE also has one available and yes Clarins is also introducing one for Fall 2012 😀 I think these ideas catch on quick so you’ll see plenty of brands doing the same.

    • blue

      don’t worry camille, i feel similarly about this. its a given that brands will copy off of each other (to one extent or another) but to make it seem like they’re the first to introduce this idea (when they’re not) is a bit…much? but i get what you were saying and it’s best to let it go because this is just how our world works.

      hey Muse, how about a post that lists the different brands (and its price) that carries this type of 3 prong liner? since they all vary in prices, maybe it’ll help those who want to try this type of liner if they can’t afford the Too Faced one?

      • the Muse

        I don’t have time to round them up at the moment plus I don’t have all of them but maybe in a future post blue!

        • blue

          thanks for considering muse. ^_^ i took some pics of the individual tarte brushes when you did that post and tried to send it to you, but couldn’t get through. 🙁

          • the Muse

            no problem at all, no need for thanks!!! odd, did it bounce back or something!??! I’m a bit behind on email maybe I got them and didn’t see?

  • yelena

    hey muse this is a good idea. not to be difficult but i hate that this is only open to ppl that actually already have this product. i would never pay that much for a liquid liner. I use an inexpensive DS , its my HG and I can still do all these looks with it. oh well. :S

    • the Muse

      hi yelena I thought it would be fun for people that own the eyeliner to create a few looks using it so people can get a better idea of how it works. I know I reviewed it but I think seeing/hearing other people’s thoughts and opinions and even photos is always great too. I’m sorry you dislike the idea but I have a dozen other giveaways ongoing, one of which is open right now. I’m def trying to keep the giveaways constant to every Friday, hopefully you entered some of those as well. I just thought it would be a nice way for folk’s to understand the product as since my review I’ve gotten quite a few emails asking how it exactly worked and what sort of looks can be created.

      • yelena

        thanks muse, wasnt trying to be ungrateful. sorry for being so complicated haha. love ur work. I read ur page everyday with my morning coffee or when i am stressed and need to relax and think of makeup and products 🙂

        • the Muse

          no need to apologize yelena, you have nothing to be sorry about 🙂 aw <3! hope I'm a little stress relief for you!

  • blue

    must it be the Too Faced one muse? what about the people who have the holika holika, etude house, etc three prong liners? the formulation may be different for each, but they all have 3 prongs. can those people enter?

    • the Muse

      Hi blue! it’s for anyone that own the Too Faced 🙂 I needed a photo of you using the Too Faced one and looks created using it.

  • Victoria

    I am so obsessed with this eyeliner! I love it! I’ll be entering soon!

  • Kiss & Make-up

    I haven’t ordered it yet. But I’m definitely going to! I’m pretty sure I’m gonna love it 🙂

  • Majick

    I don’t have this. When I saw it I thought it would be just another gimmicky thing that I do not need. HOWEVER, I am not eyeliner challenged liquid, tight line, or otherwise. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE entering, can’t wait to see your looks.

    Easy Peasy LIquid liner with a regular brush: after getting the liquid on the brush hold it horizontally and drag the brush kind of sideways actually resting it on your lashes. It will be so close to your lid that the side of the brush will put the skinniest of black lines very close and in the lashes so it looks like you tightlined and lined the top.
    I’m not sure if I explained it right but it’s been the easiest way for me to do it. WHen ever I try to free hand with the tip of the brush? OMGAWD! Looks like my cat helped. LOL

  • Angel

    Mine is in the mail! Can’t wait to get it. I’ll definitely send ya some pics. I have a feeling I’ll be channeling Siouxsie Sioux 😉